Recently, the WRPF Europe Championships were hosted in Moscow, Russia on April 27-30th. Russian powerlifting athlete Sapozhonkov, a regular competitor in the 90kg (198 lb) weight class, broke the long-standing 1986 all-time world record of 256kg (565 lbs) set by Larry Danaher and got 260kg (572 lbs) on the bar. The first powerlifting continental competition will be held in Berck-Sur-Mer, France, from 25-29 May, with some of the world’s strongest Para athletes competing.

Powerlifting is also called as weightlifting. There are three ways- squat, bench press, and deadlift. It is a combination of art and strength. The disabled can also take powerlifting competition. For example, Nigeria Para Powerlifting Federation has begun preparations to ensure a successful outing in the forthcoming World Powerlifting Championships. Nigeria won nine medals, comprising four gold, three silver, and two bronze, in the 2017 World Championships held in Mexico. Of course, women can join in the powerlifting competition. In the powerlifting, the movement of a cry lets us full of strength. When the barbell was lifted highly, we were as excited as the athletes; When the barbell fell, we were disappointed as athletes felt. Nowadays, powerlifting becomes a common sport in people’s lives.

Feature of Powerlifting

  • Basing on the Strength of Legs

In the snatch, the first step is mainly to rely on strength of legs. Because Summoning their strength is related to the strength of legs.

  • High-intensity Training

Powerlifting players have high-intensity training, especially in the basic power project. Many players exercise back squat and front squat each day. Of course, they pay more attention to training recovery. They usually enjoy massage and hydrotherapy after exercise.

  • Basing on Full-body Training

It turns out that basing on full-body training with the strength of legs plus Upper body auxiliary power is beneficial to the growth of strength. Firstly, because the body parts form the collaborative power model; Next, because each part can get the coordination of training, and won’t be ignored; Thirdly, because coordinated power can lift more weight, and more weight, in turn, can create more power.

Benefits of Powerlifting

  • Building Your Body

For men, you will get much muscle to reveal charm. For women, you will be thin and have good shape.

  • Protecting Yourself

Because you exercise yourself every day, you will get more strength. If you are attacked, you can protect yourself.

  • Promoting Healthy

The sports will build up your cardiovascular systems like relieving hypertension and physical coordination. It also can reduce the risk of diabetes.

Disadvantages of Powerlifting

  • Pulling a Muscle

Long-time exercise will cause ligament injury because it gives more pressure on hands.

  • Influencing Development

When the human body is not mature if the cartilage between the joints is not suitable for the amount of weight lifting, which is easy to cause the cartilage to be stressed, obstructing the normal growth of the bone, and affecting the development of the height.

  • Injuring Lumbar

When lifting weights, the pressure on the waist is quite large. Long-term excessive load of the waist or long-term waist posture is bad, keeping waist muscle and ligament in a constant tension state, causing the waist ache or swelling, and easily producing injury to the waist.

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