Every time I watch the 2 Broke Girls”, I am deeply attracted by the cupcakes made by MAX, and I always have a feeling of drooling, because the cupcakes look really beautiful and tasty. Later I find that we just need seven steps to make our own cupcakes.

The cupcakes are so cute and lovely to remind people of the fairy tales, they are also commonly called fairy cakes in Britain.


Compared with exquisite French desserts, Cupcake is full of Americanism-simple, free, and full of happiness. Cupcake is part of American life, and also the easiest dessert to make. The housewife took out the fresh and tasty cupcakes from the oven, and their kids could not wait to let these cupcakes cool; they burned their hands and ate the hot cupcakes. After growing up, Cupcake becomes the gift for a friend, the comfort to us, and also the nickname to call our lover.

The reason why people love cupcakes is that of its ultimate shape. Not to mention an artwork-like sugar-pasted cupcake, just the basic type wrapped in cream is enough to make people covet it for a long time. Pleasing to the eye and pleasing the taste buds, the positive energy is bursting instantly.

Although not everyone is a baking master, we can also make delicious cupcakes. Let’s have a look at the seven simple steps to make our own cupcakes now.

Cup cake

  • First, prepare materials and tools: low gluten flour, egg white, egg yolk, fine granulated sugar, milk, and other basic materials, if your condition allowed, you can add a little bit of baking powder, vegetable oil, fresh milk and so on, the quantity is gradually increased according to the cupcake’s quantity of that you prepare to make.
  • Part1. First, you need to separate the egg yolk from the egg white. The bowl filling the egg white shouldn’t have oil and water. After mixing the egg yolk and granulated sugar, use the egg beater to make the mixture bulk up, thicker and lighter.
  • Part2. Add the corn oil or other tasteless vegetable oils into the egg yolk mixture three times. Every time you adding it, mix them with egg beater evenly. Then add some milk and mix them gently.
  • Part3. Sift the low gluten flour and baking powder into the egg yolk mixture. Mix them evenly to become the egg yolk batter with a rubber spatula. Put the mixed egg yolk batter aside and standby.
  • Part4. Cleaned and dried the egg beater and began to whip the egg white part. When the egg white was whipped into the fish-eye bubble state, add one-third of the granulated sugar. Continue whipping and add the rest of the sugar two times.
  • Part5. Whip the egg white into the state of dry foaming, when the egg beater is lifted, the egg white icing is pulled out with an upright cusp.
  • Tip: The speed of an electric egg beater for egg white icing should be gradually changed, the arrangement is a low speed, medium speed, high speed then low speed, and we can’t always use the same speed to beat the egg white.
  • Part6. Take one-third of the egg white icing into the egg yolk bowl. Mix the mixture evenly and vertical from bottom to top instead of horizontal mixing. And then continue adding and mixing the rest of the egg white icing for two times.
  • Part7. Pour the finished batter into the cup to 80% filled state. Put the cup into the middle level of the oven. The oven was already preheated at 180℃ of Up and down fire. Bake for 20-25 minutes.

Just a few steps, you can eat your own cupcakes. Is it very simple?

However, if you are worried about the high calorie of the cupcakes, the high-calorie food will indeed make you fat, you are still really fond of the beautiful appearance of the cupcakes and you want to see the cupcakes every day.

cake pins
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