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Red Shoes Custom Pins
Red Shoes Custom Pins
1.5”Soft enamel pins,with shinny red glitter, die struck with silver finish.
Covered Face Man Custom Pins
Covered Face Man Custom Pins
1.25”Soft enamel pins, die struck with dye black finish.
Briefs Soft Enamel Pins
Briefs Soft Enamel Pins
1.2’’ soft enamel pins with silver finish.
Oh My Gato Lapel Pins
Oh My Gato Lapel Pins
1”Soft enamel pins, with shinny blue glitter, die struck with dye black finish.
Coolest Jacket Custom Pins
Coolest Jacket Custom Pins
1.46"Hard enamel pins, die struck with gold finish.
Sexy Jester Custom Pins
Sexy Jester Custom Pins
2’’ soft enamel pins with dye black finish
Custom Shoe Pins
Custom Shoe Pins
1" Soft enamel pins, die struck with dye black.
Custom loafer Enamel Pins
Custom loafer Enamel Pins
2’’ hard enamel pins with gold finish
A globe Lapel Pins
A globe Lapel Pins
1.35"Soft enamel pins, die struck with silver finish
Masquerade Mask Lapel Pins
Masquerade Mask Lapel Pins
1” Soft enamel pins, die struck with silver finish.
Pterosaur Fossil Enamel Pins
Pterosaur Fossil Enamel Pins
1.5"Hard enamel pins, die struck with gold finish.
Facial Makeup Pins
Facial Makeup Pins
1 .25" Soft enamel pins, die struck with dye black finish
Glasses Custom Enamel Pins
Glasses Custom Enamel Pins
1.1" Soft enamel pins. Glasses Custom Enamel Pins with gold finish .
Enamel pin for Skeleton
Enamel pin for Skeleton
1" Soft enamel lapel pins, die struck with dye black.
Lapel Pins for Motorcycle
Lapel Pins for Motorcycle
1.25" Soft enamel lapel pins, die struck with gold finish.
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Cool Pins
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Lapel Pins

Cool Pins

There are many reasons why people these days opt to wear cool pins. Some may wear a pin of their country’s flag to show off their patriotism and some may wear a wine glass pin to let people know they are wine enthusiasts. In any case, cool pins enable you to put forward your personality and let you show off your sense of style. You can attach cool pins on your hat, pants, shirt, jumper, and jacket or wherever you feel comfortable wearing one. You also might wear a cool pin to demonstrate you are part of a group or you are supportive of a cause. Wearing a cool pin exemplifies that you are part of a community or group that enjoy, support and affiliate with the same thing.

Who wears cool pins?

Cool lapel pins are often small and worn on the lapel of a jacket. They can be ornamental but also show appreciation or affiliation with an item or a cause. There are many examples of this. A gamer who likes Age of Empires may wear a cool pin of a Roman soldier or one who likes Call of Duty may wear a pin with a scope on it. Those who are part of a political party or organisation may wear a cool pin showing off their party’s crest or symbol. Patriots will wear military pins and maybe cool enamel pins with their country’s flags on them. Religious people will wear cool pins with the main symbol of their religion, for example, Christians will wear a cool pin with a cross. Those who are fans of a sports team will wear a pin with the crest of that team to show their support for them. Therefore, custom pins not only enable you to put forward your personality and let you show off your sense of style, but also to let the rest of society know where you fit in the social sphere, what is important to you and what beliefs you hold.

Cool pins symbolise you are part of a community

I was at the cinema some time ago, taking my little cousin to watch the new Marvel Avengers movie during the school holidays, and the amount of Marvel lapel pins and custom lapel pins was unbelievable. It wasn’t just the kids wearing Marvel lapel pins; it was the adults in the ages of their thirties and forties wearing cool enamel pins with Marvel heroes on them. I thought the Avengers was supposed to be a kid’s movie, but it turns out it was a movie that was liked by all ages. The many lapel pins of the Marvel fans in the cinema foyer symbolised that they were part of the Marvel fan community and that they were proud of it. Many fans had Spiderman, Captain America and Ironman lapel pins on their jackets and their merchandise. One guy even had a hat with custom pins and cool hat pins of all the Avengers characters, and that was the most number of cool pins on one item of clothing that I had ever seen in my life. Therefore, wearing cool pins for jackets and custom pins are a great way to show that you are part of a group or community that have the same interest. Other than middle aged parents I was the only adult at the cinema without a Marvel pin or some sort of Marvel merchandise.

Cool pins and affiliation

In recent years around Western countries, due to political correctness making certain conservative opinions unpopular, many have decided to wear cool enamel pins to show their support or affiliation for conservative causes. These include custom pins that show their love for capitalism, gun rights, nationalism, Christianity and freedom of speech. Many conservatives are afraid to speak out, so they will wear a cool pin with their countries flag, a dollar sign, a cross, a gun or a symbol that shows off their political alignment. Cool pins let those with certain opinions, positions and affiliations demonstrate their views without saying anything.

Cool pins are simply cool because they are items that illustrate and uphold the right to freedom of expression, which is an important right and tenant of Western countries and Western civilisation. Therefore, when someone with conservative leanings on the street views a cool pin that demonstrates a conservative alignment, they know that they have the same or similar beliefs. They also know that it is safe to have a conversation about politics or topics that are often not talked about in polite society with that person. Literally and metaphorically, you could say that the social fabric of society is held together with cool lapel pins.

Cool pins and organisation

Cool Lapel pins are symbols of achievement and belonging. Many businesses use cool pins to demonstrate achievement and level of membership.

Cool lapel pins are an important physical element to many employee recognition programs within businesses and organisations.

They are presented to individuals as a symbol of accomplishment.

Cool lapel pins foster a great sense comrade, high morale and a hard work ethic between employees within business and organisations.

Each employee works hard striving to increase in the organisation’s ranks, so they can wear a certain cool pin to demonstrate their high level.

Cool pins demonstrate your individuality

Cool pins may be used to separate people into different groups and communities who have a similar interest, but they can also express individuality. Many people, especially young girls like to wear cool pins to make a fashion statement or to express their position in the friendship group or hierarchy. Some people may wear a cool pin to because they are proud of something they have achieved. My Indonesian teacher at school used to wear a lapel pin of a strawberry on his jacket. This is because one year many years ago he was the fastest Strawberry eater in Australia. Therefore, your individuality can also be expressed by wearing a cool pin.

Why Choose Us

At, we understand that, there are probably plenty of other manufacturers out there claiming to be the best choice for cool pins, but we truly believe that we are the best option if you want truly great custom cool pins. As a professional lapel pin maker, not only are we capable of crafting cool pins of any variety, we guarantee that all pins purchased from us will be of the best quality possible.

Furthermore, all of our products are very reasonably priced for what is offered, making us a great choice if you want to be cost effective when purchasing custom lapel pins. This can be particularly helpful if you are purchasing cool lapel pins for your group (or as a handout or gift at a community event), since it will allow you to buy a large number of high quality pins without spending too much money.

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