She believed she could, and finally, she did.

The role of women should never ignore, especially for family management and social development.

Women are always as special labor in all industries since they have the freedom and equal right. They have contributed a lot, what kind of fabulous gifts are proper for them?

GS-JJ is the gifts expert you’re looking for. We have metal crafts as perfect items to express your appreciation to others.


Gifts for the Feminist


Feminist is a specified group to strive for the equal rights women should have. The influence of women is similar to the man.

Lapel pins are fashion gifts for the feminist in your life at affordable prices. Your proud feminist friends are sure like them and wear on hats, jackets and bags to express their attitude.


What’s the better way to promote thinking than by giving the colorful lapel pins of feminism? Design your own lapel pins right now.

Feminist lapel pins can help you expand equal awareness in a fashion way, and be used for women club, community activities to honor excellence, etc.

Corporate lapel pins for women
Corporate lapel pins for women

Lapel pins are popular handmade gifts, you can design your own custom lapel pins with favorite enamel colors, shapes or finishes at GS-JJ. And they are also great additions to giveaway and promote your brand, promotions, and recognize your members with this type of awards.

Gifts for Women in the Army Forces


There is no limit to what we as can accomplish. This is the words from Michelle Obama. I think it’s the best description for the service girls in the Military units.


Women in the armed forces play an important role of supporter and backup force. Military coins are a tradition honor to each solider for their commitment. Service Girl challenge coin is specially produced and awarded to women veterans who served in Post 204.


This challenge coin is the first customized custom coin for women from GS-JJ. Minted by high-quality material, this challenge coin feature with a beautiful service girl figure and Post 204 symbol, designed with a special edge in shiny gold polishing.

They have sacrificed so much and take their lives at risk for the Nation, and this delicate challenge coin is a great recognition to express our appreciation by the military method. We specialize in various challenge coins, shop your customized gifts with confidence here.

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