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USDD Custom Challenge Coins
USDD Custom Challenge Coins
1.75" USDD Custom Challenge Coins with Soft Enamel Crafts, Polished with Gold Finish.
VFW Custom Challenge Coins
VFW Custom Challenge Coins
1.5" Rope Edge Antique VFW Custom Challenge Coins, Polished with Antique Gold Finish.
Vet Center Military Challenge Coins
Vet Center Military Challenge Coins
1.5" Soft Enamel Vet Center Military Challenge Coins, Polished with Gold Finish.
California Air Guard Challenge Coins
California Air Guard Challenge Coins
2.3" Shiny California Air Guard Challenge Coins, Polished with Silver Finish.
341st Munitions Squadron Military Coins
341st Munitions Squadron Military Coins
1.75" Soft enamel coins with rope edges, polished with antique brass finish.
341 Munitions Squadron Custom Military Coins
341 Munitions Squadron Custom Military Coins
1.75" Soft enamel coins, polished with antique gold finish.
Eagle Challenge Coins for Sale
Eagle Challenge Coins for Sale
1.75" Antique Eagle Challenge Coins for Sale with 3D Crafts, Polished with Antique Silver Finish.
NAWCWD Military Coins
NAWCWD Military Coins
1.7" NAWCWD Military Coins with Soft Enamel Crafts, Polished with Silver Finish.
General Dynamics Custom Challenge Coins
General Dynamics Custom Challenge Coins
2" General Dynamics Custom Challenge Coins with Rope Edge, polished with Gold Finish.
VANCHCS Custom Challenge Coins
VANCHCS Custom Challenge Coins
1.7" Antique VANCHCS Custom Challenge Coins, Polished with Antique Brass Finish.
35th Infantry Regiment Military Coins
35th Infantry Regiment Military Coins
1.2" Antique 35th Infantry Regiment Military Coins, Polished with Antique Silver Finish.
Air Force JROTC Military Coins
Air Force JROTC Military Coins
1.75" Soft enamel coins, polished with silver finish.
VA NCHCS Veteran Challenge Coins
VA NCHCS Veteran Challenge Coins
1.75" Soft enamel challenge coins, polished with antique brass finish.
U.S. Military Custom Coins
U.S. Military Custom Coins
1.5" Soft enamel coins, polished with gold finish.
U.S. Military Thank You Coins
U.S. Military Thank You Coins
1.5" Hard enamel coins, polished with gold finish.
USA Veterans Affairs Custom Challenge Coins
USA Veterans Affairs Custom Challenge Coins
1.5" Hard enamel coins, polished with shiny gold finish.
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Challenge Coins
Military Coins

Military Coins

What Are Military Coins / Military Challenge Coins? / Custom Coins

Military coins also named Military Challenge coins are a very special Custom Coins that typically the US military members carry with them. It symbolizes the identity of their own units and their solidarity. Each Military coins are usually engraved with a unique logo or insignia of the regiment or battalion to identify the group in which they represent.

Military coins capture the quintessence of military and its strong pride of being member of a special unit. These coins were first awarded to those who shine in their particular branch of military on the battlefield as a mark of appreciation of their valor. Though these coins were usually circulating currency coins, the soldiers refused to part with them as they had a special significance. Therefore, Military challenge coins were born. Soon, these military challenge coins became the identify proof for a soldier, which can help in prove to others that he belonged to a particular regiment or battalion. Military challenge coins were sometimes exchanged between soldiers because of bets or simply as a sign of bonds of brotherhood. Every branch of the U.S. Armed Services has their own unique set of challenge coins. From Air Force challenge coins to the Navy challenge coins, there are so many different types of military challenge coins.

custom coins, military challenge coins for sale

The Origin Story

Now you know what military coins are and what they signify. But, are you privy to the origins of this great tradition that the military holds in such high regard? Only a few military coins are in circulation in the ‘outside’ civilian world and yet, the mystery around them continues. It is the emotions, the stories and the rich history that makes the military coins invaluable to their owners.

Where did it all begin?

It is impossible to trace down the first challenge coin that came into existence. There is no recorded history, but only stories that provide breadcrumbs that go as far back as Ancient Rome. That’s right! All challenge coins lead to Rome. It is Rome that began the tradition of rewarding an enlisted soldier with a precious coin for their bravery. Think of it as a bonus over and above the day’s pay on the battleground. According to a few stories, these ‘bonus’ coins were specially minted and featured the symbol of the soldier’s legion. This prompted many soldiers to save them as souvenirs and not use them as currency to spend on their spoils.

The Firsts of the Modern Times!

The first mention of a challenge coin in the modern times comes from the World War I.

The legend goes that a French officer gave away a novelty bronze coin to each member of his flying squad during the World War I. Unfortunately, one of the members of the squad crashed into the German territory and he was captured. The Germans stripped the pilot except for the leather pouch hanging around his neck. Luckily, it was in this pouch that he had kept the coin. Later, the pilot successfully escaped into France. But, given the tensions between countries at that time, he was perceived as a spy sent by Germany to infiltrate their ranks. The pilot was imprisoned and awaited execution. It was at this point that the pilot presented the coin and a fellow French pilot recognizes it. It was a novelty piece that only the members of his squad knew about. It was the coin that saved the pilot’s life.

One of the later, but a more corroborated story comes from the 17th Infantry Regiment of the United States. The account comes from the period of the Korean War, when a Colonel, nicknamed Buffalo Bill, minted coins for his regiment. The coin had a buffalo engraved on one side, while the other side featured the insignia of the regiment. It also had a small hole on the top to make it easier for the soldiers to wear it around their necks.

There is another ‘origins story’ for challenge coins that comes from Germany. Most accounts say that the ‘challenge’ associated with the coins was started out by American soldiers stationed in Germany after the World War II. At the time, they used to carry out what were called ‘phennig checks’. Phennig was actually the lowest coin available in the German currency at that time. The idea was that if a soldier did not have a coin during a Phennig check, he had to buy beers for everyone. It was this Phennig check that then graduated to the military coins. Soldiers would come to a bar and slam their coin. If any soldier did not have their regiment’s coin, then they had to buy beer for the challenger who called for the coins and also for other soldiers who were carrying their coins. But, if everyone was carrying their coins, then it would be the challenger’s turn to buy the drinks for everyone.

It’s a Secret Rite of Passage

The challenge coins are passed down in the military, generally using a Secret Handshake. It is definitely not the only way, but it has become more of a tradition. The most recent example of the Secret Handshake was seen during the Afghanistan tour of the Secretary of State Robert Gates in 2011. He met many valiant men and women who were serving the country and shook hands with them. To everyone, it was a simple ceremonious act. But, what many do not know is that they were the famed Secret Handshakes. Each and every serving serviceman received a special challenge coin from the Secretary of State.

Always Listen to the Story

There are many challenge coins out there – made of different metals and featuring different insignias. But, it is not the metal that bestows value on the military coins. It is actually the stories behind those coins that matter the most. You must know the history behind the awarding of the military coin – what were the circumstances under which special navy coins were minted? What were the stories of the soldiers who had the honor of owning them?

There might be military challenge coins for sale, but they are not ordinary coins that can be used for transactions. They carry rich history that can fill museums and it is their story that makes them so unique. So, try to hear it, embrace it, and be a part of the lineage of its proud owners.

They are Survivors

With custom coins now available to people, the tradition of military coins has become a part of the civilian society too. Challenge coins are a great way for organizations to instill a tradition of excellence and allegiance among their workforce. These custom coins, which are specially minted for a select few star performers, allow organizations to show their gratitude towards people who have illustrated the best of talents and the highest standards of service for the organizations. This allows them to create a sense of camaraderie and loyalty.

Military Coins are a memory, they are a symbol of commitment, they are heirlooms, and so much more. People who held those coins once are not here today, but their stories survive among us and this is what makes challenge coins larger than life. Custom coins have made it possible for everyone to be a part of this noble tradition and no one should miss such a chance.

Hundreds of years of history has not taken away the sheen of challenge coins. If anything, they are becoming more popular with the times.

custom coins, military challenge coins for sale

Types of Military Coins

Army challenge coins

Army Challenge Coins are specialized custom made coins that Army personnel habitually carry bearing the insignia or emblem of a particular squadron or unit of the U.S. Army. Army Challenge Coins are a proud tradition, dated back a full century to the original Army Air Corps, as the significance of the coins pertains to a legend since World War I. For more than a century, they have been a way to honor the sacrifice and dedication of the men and women who keep our country free.

Air force challenge coins

Air Force challenge coins are customized coins bearing the logo or emblem of a particular squadron. The different commands can create their special coin to identify themselves, and affiliates of a particular squadron carry the coin in order to prove membership when challenged. It is rumored that the first challenge coins were made for members of the Army Air corps. So, probably the custom coins have been part of the Air Force from the very beginning. Air Force Challenge Coins is a model of all modern challenge coins. They are now used by all branches of the military, as well as businesses and other organization.

Marine Corps challenge coins

From the time the state was founded, a key part of maintaining state freedom has been the Marine Corps service. For more than 200 years, the traditions of loyalty, dedication and sacrifice have been a part of Marines Corps storied history. The custom marine corps challenge coinsare a way to commemorate the proud men and women who serve in the corps. Marine Corps challenge coins are custom made for the Marines Corps and typically engrave the marine corps insignia, the logo of the blue star and other significant designs that capture the essence of this elite defense group.

Navy challenge coins

Navy Challenge Coins dedicated to the U.S. Navy's proud traditions and heritage that offer many styles and options to a truly unique rewards for the Navy. Navy challenge coins can be designed with the insignia of the naval captains, anchor or other navy-related logos, these navy challenge coins serve as an identity for each and every defense sailor. The coins are classified based on the ship, rank, rate and awards. Some navy challenge coins are also presented as awards for services performed.

Coast Guard challenge coins

Just like the U.S. Coast Guard motto—Semper Paratus, is “always ready, always there” to meet your needs. Coast Guard challenge coins have become a tremendous source of pride to anyone who has one in our ever-changing world. As with all military branches, Coast Guard challenge coins is also presented for saluting Coast Guard, which protects homeland security and the nation's waters. Anyone who has been awarded a Coast Guard Coins will take great pride in receiving and displaying their Coast Guard challenge coins.

custom coins, military challenge coins for sale

Why Choose Military Challenge Coins?

Military Challenge Coins Are Highly Regarded

To a certain extent, due to their rich military history, military challenge coins are highly valued. Aside from nearly 100 years of use, these challenge coins honor teamwork, bravery, dedication and valor. Military Challenge Coins also serve as keepsakes to remind all the veteran of the once-grand time that they spent in the Army, Navy, Air Force or Marine Corps.

Military Challenge Coins Are Portable and Durable

Military Challenges Coins are long lasting and portable. This means that soldiers can participate in "challenges" no matter where they are. We sell plastic coin capsules to help prevent the challenge coins from being worn. Because it surrounds the coin and is transparent, people can view the image contained on it without removing the coin from the case.

Military challenge coins are double sided and can include 3D images.

Military challenge coins are double sided which allows plenty of room for images, photographs and text that give you twice the amount of space to get your message across. Military challenge coins can also include 3D images which add dimension and depth to a design. If you want to a realistic images on your challenge coins, you can choose to include 3D mold.

Military Challenge Coins Are Custom

Military Challenge coins can be customized, so they have personal meaning and rich emotional to their recipients. You can choose any shape size and color, as well as include in your design to add a message to make it unique and memorable. We can meet any requirement that you may need smaller, larger, cut out and dual plated challenge coins.

custom coins, military challenge coins for sale

Creating Military Challenge Coins in Three Easy Steps Now

Step 1: Free Quote

Our Automated Quotation System make it easy! You can provide all the necessary details and options you wish for the challenge coins. You can also can upload design ideas, artwork, logos and text. Most challenge coins are two sided, with a 1.5 "diameter and 3mm thick. We can help you designing the perfect custom challenge coins to meet your exact specifications. Once this information has been submitted, we will immediately start developing a free digital color proof and price quote of your project and email them to you within 24 to 48 hours.

Step 2: Proofing & Ordering

Received the color proof, carefully review the spelling, color and design in case of mistakes. Then, you can make as many changes as you want. Each project receives unlimited revisions until you are 100% satisfied. (Please note that if you select to have epoxy coating, the epoxy may alter the appearance of colors.) Large or small, square or circular, if you can come up with it, we can create it.

Step 3: Finished Coins

Once you approve your design, we'll produce your custom challenge coins and ship them to you in about two weeks in most cases. All challenge coins are shipped through FREE Air Shipping. Our quality and workmanship are 100% guaranteed. If you have any questions or seek advice on ways to make your custom challenge coins stand out, give us a call to speak directly with a knowledgeable representative at 1-888-864-4755

custom coins, military challenge coins for sale

And If you are interested in other challenge coins, such as Navy Challenge Coins, Air Force challenge coins, firefighter challenge coins, Police challenge coins, Corporate challenge coins, Bottle opener challenge coins, Law Enforcement Challenge Coins, Army challenge coins, Marine Corps challenge coins, Coast Guard Challenge Coins, Honor Coins, also do it.

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