More than half of Americans want to lose weight by controlling their diet, according to the latest US survey, the Daily Mail of London reported. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says at least 160 million Americans are now registered to lose weight through diet control. From 2013 to 2016, these people kept in shape and reduced blood pressure and blood lipids by eating more vegetables, drinking more water, eating less, or even not eating fried food and meat, while the other half continued to grow weight in the past few years.

But according to the National Health and Nutrition Survey in the US, most people think that eating more vegetables and less fried and meat is a very torment, still reluctant to reduce high-fat food for a long time, and more of them choose to eat less than to choose food. Talking about this, we can find that the overall “eats little food” weight-loss strategy violates the biggest avoid of weight loss. Because the diet is unavoidable to cause malnutrition, and the appropriate amount of protein, vitamins, and minerals are essential, diet is certainly possible, but the so-called diet, must take away those high calories and low nutrition food, not all food is identical.

Weight loss does not always eat less, but “pick food”, pick those low-calorie high nutrition foods to eat. Those methods that can make you lose weight healthy and long-term can be called the effective method. Then how to pick the right food and form healthy eating habits?


  • Having a good breakfast, having enough lunch, and having a little supper.

According to the American physiologist’s Research Report, the metabolic rate of the human body is better in the morning than in the afternoon; and better in the afternoon than in the evening. In other words, it is easier to eat “fat” at night, so it is beneficial to eat breakfast to lose weight, and breakfast is the energy source of the day, we must eat it!

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  • Replacing staple foods with coarse foods.

The American diet is characterized by its quickness and convenience. Pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, and sandwiches are the favorite foods for Americans which are mostly made from exquisite wheat flour; but the wheat flour was screened out wheat bran and left only exquisite flour part. While, the whole wheat flour is including wheat bran, which is not screened. Its nutrition level is higher than exquisite wheat flour.

So, you’d better replace exquisite food with coarse food such as brown rice and whole wheat. They can not only help you lose weight and give you more nutrients & dietary fiber but also prevent you from constipation, colorectal cancer, and cardiovascular disease.

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(Avocado Custom Enamel Pins of GS-JJ)


  • Making your taste as insipidity as possible and adding fewer seasoners.

Although lettuce salad, boiled green vegetables are indeed the ideal food for the dieters, if there is a thick layer of salad dressing, soy sauce, the weight loss plan can completely come to nothing. Because those oils, salts, sugars are all high-calorie seasoners, if you are a person who is used to heavy tastes, you can choose onions, ginger, garlic, and pepper, those natural spices who make food taste more distinct and healthier.

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(Vegetable Box Custom Enamel Pins of GS-JJ)


  • Before your meal, drinking a bowl of soup or a cup of water firstly.

An after-meal soup is easy to make people eat too much, and can dilute stomach fluid, affect digestion; If you used to eat your most-loved food at the end, you may easily to increase your food intake. It is better to start by changing the habit of eating. Before your meal, drinking a small bowl of soup or a cup of water, eating the food you like firstly; so that you can reduce your food intake virtually.


  • Choosing the “troublesome” foods.

Such as chicken with bone which is better than diced chicken. The more time you spend on picking bones and thorns, the more time you can delay your eating; then you can be easier to satisfy your desire to chew and feel full early.


  • Chewing your every bite of food at least 10 to 20 times before swallowing.

The smart method is lengthening your meal time as long as possible (at least 20 minutes for a meal); chewing slowly is also important, at least 10-20 times chewing before swallowing. Both of these two methods can easier produce your feeling of satiety and reduce the burden of your stomach.

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(American Coffee Custom Enamel Pins of GS-JJ)


  • Do not eat anymore after eating “eighty percent” fully.

Eating only “eighty percent” fully is the secret of many longevity people. For people want to lose weight, “eighty percent” full is more convenient and effective than calculating the calories. If limiting the calorie intake excessively, we will be starving, but if choosing the nutritious food to “eighty percent” full, we will not be starving, and we can lose at least 500kcal per day naturally.


  • After finishing your meal, brushing your teeth or gargling immediately.

When you feel full, brushing your teeth immediately can help you prevent oral diseases, make your mouth refreshing, and is easier to eat the food right along. You can prepare a set of travel brushing in your office; keep the health and freshness of your mouth and keep away from the idea of eating food all the time. If it is not convenient to brush your teeth, gargling is also a good choice.

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(Cherry Custom Enamel Pins of GS-JJ)


  • Keeping away from snacks as much as possible, especially your TV time.

Snacks are extreme high calories food. If you really want to lose weight, you should stop putting those potato chips and chocolate in your mouth in packages. In particular, when watching TV, do not let snacks appear in a place where you can easily reach.


  • When you feel hungry, it is better to eat a few healthy foods.

When you feel hungry, choose something that you can eat at once, such as tomatoes, skimmed milk, or boiled eggs, to avoid eating and drinking too much when you are hungry. Because an abundant meal is more likely to make people fat than 3 to 4 times meals, people eat more in an abundant meal and secrete more digestive juice; the fat is more likely to store in your body after the food is digested and absorbed.

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(Lemon Custom Enamel Pins of GS-JJ)

PS: If you implement the correct eating-concept and the above 10 practical tips in your daily life, you will find that it is very easy to weight and we don’t need to tolerate hungry anymore!


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