The story behind the donut: actually, I didn’t have a hole.

Everything has a story behind it, and the delicious food is no exception. Donuts, a combination of beauty and delicacy, are loved by girls as the enjoyable afternoon snacks. Delicious is inevitable. Today we mainly talk about the hidden story behind the donuts.

The story behind the donut


1–Origin: donuts had no holes at the first.

The top fans of donuts are Americans, who own the world’s two most famous donut chain brands, Dunkin’Donuts and Krispy Kreme, but the donuts are not originating from the US. The deep-fried dough has appeared in ancient Rome, and a similar dessert called Zalabia was also found in the Middle East. After the practice was introduced into Europe, it became popular in Britain, Germany, Nordic Europe, and other places, and it was brought to Manhattan by the Dutch later.

However, the donuts had no holes at the first, but a round lump of dough. When such dough is fried, it is easy to get the surrounding part over-fried while the center part is not well-done. So that people began to cut a hole in the dough to make it be evenly heated.

The Donut Hat Pins of GS-JJ

(The Donut Hat Pins of GS-JJ)

There are many as like as chalk and cheese versions of the origin of the donut hole.

a. It is said that in 1947, a captain named Hanson Gregory, on a long voyage, tried to remove the center of the dough with the cap of a pepper jar, thereby frying an evenly heated donut.

b. Another more bizarre version was that he asked his mother to make the dough into a circle shape so that it could be strung on the spokes of the helm so that he could enjoy the food evenly while driving without hands.

In any case, the donut hole is a great milestone in the history of food.

(The Donut Custom Enamel Pins of GS-JJ)
(The Donut Custom Enamel Pins of GS-JJ)

2–The popularity of donuts owes to the First World War.

The popularity of donuts mainly owes to the First World War. In 1917, the United States declared war against Germany and sent the expeditionary force to Europe. At the same time, the charity Salvation Army recruited a group of female volunteers to the front line to provide food and basic living services for soldiers. The volunteers began making donuts with simple tools, those sweet and warm foods were the best way to soothe soldiers’ homesick, so that they had to rush out thousands of donuts a day to meet their needs, and so they were nicknamed “Donut Girls” by soldiers.

The popularity of donuts owes to the First World War

But by the time of World War II, the United States was involved in a substantive battle, probably because of a shortage of supplies, and the Salvation Army began selling papery fake donuts, giving it the spiritual meaning of “supporting the battlefront” and relying entirely on the appeal of patriotism to boost sales. Even so, the Salvation Army has raised nearly 100000 dollars through charity bazaars. To commemorate the importance of donuts in the war, the first Friday of June was designated as the “donut day” and still exists till today.


3–The popularity of donuts is not going smoothly.

During the Great Depression of the United States in 1930, donuts became the daily food of most people at its low price. At that time, an intimate shop owner often attached a note with the donut: “As you go through life make this your goal: watch the donut, not the hole.” It is advising people to “stare at your donut, not the hole all day.” In a depression, it’s obviously wiser to think of “I still have a donut” rather than “I’ve got a hole in my donut”.

(The Donut Lapel Pins of GS-JJ)
(The Donut Lapel Pins of GS-JJ)

The destiny of donuts is not going smoothly. Between the 70s and 80s of the Twentieth Century, Bagel was popular in the United States. Its shape resembles donuts, but it is much less sinful of the eating person to roast rather than fry. With the improvement of living standards, people pay more attention to their health. Bagel has gradually replaced donuts as the main choice for breakfast.

But in any case, the original desire for high calorie is rooted in human nature. The wave of rapid development has spawned a society of national anxiety, and donuts are undoubtedly one of the most soothing foods. Therefore, after entering the Twenty-First Century, the status of donuts has quietly returned.

(The Donut Custom Enamel Pins of GS-JJ)
(The Donut Custom Enamel Pins of GS-JJ)


4–In 2013, the Cronuts came out. A “circle” is hard to get.

In 2013, Cronuts was born. New York’s Dominique Ansel Bakery was the first shop to launch the dessert, saying it took three days to prepare a batch of donuts, which retailed for $5 and was limited to 300 pieces per day. As a “circle” is hard to get, its price has been risen up to 100 dollars by the scalpers. The Cronuts are like the high-calorie lovers’ revelry when you fold a lot of flaky butter and dough into puff pastry, fry them, roll on sugar, and coat chocolate on the surface.

In 2013, the Cronuts came out. A circle is hard to get


5–Today’s donuts are colorful and delicious.

Nowadays, donuts are dressed in colorful garments, shaped in a round, flat, long shapes, or cut in half, filled with butter, jam, even cheese, and bacon which attract people’s attention.

However, the BBC documentary says excessive calorie intake is the “culprit” of obesity, so weight loss requires controlling calorie intake and eating fewer high-calorie foods. The donut’s calories come mainly from the fat absorbed after frying. One has nearly 300 calories.

(The Donut Design Enamel Pins of GS-JJ)
(The Donut Design Enamel Pins of GS-JJ)

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