Tour De France is undoubtedly the world’s top road cycling event, attracting worldwide attention every July and being called the world’s third-biggest sporting event after the Olympics and World Cup. And Tour De France Custom Challenge Coins witnessed the development and glory of the race. To win the race and get an award coin is very excited.

Do You Know Anything About The Tour De France?


The Tour De France is an annual multi-stage road cycling race, held in France. Since its inception in 1903, the races have been held every summer for 23 days and averaged more than 3,500 kilometers. Recently, Tour De France organizers have unveiled the route to the Tour De France in 2019 at a press conference in Paris. The 106th Tour De France starts on July 6 and finishes on July 28. The starting point is in Brussels, the capital of Belgium.

With its elite riders, it is a must-see event held in the country’s idyllic landscape. Or you could say it’s the most beautiful race in the world. In recent years, the Tour De France has also begun to expand to other countries and cities, hoping to add a new look to the Tour De France. The long and difficult course starts from a different point of view each year, but in the end, the world-famous Champs-Elysees welcomes the return of the champions in the Arc De Triomphe.

As for the bonus payment, let us take the 2018 race as an example. The total prize money is about €2,287,750. The first prize is €500,000, €200,000 for the second and €100,000 for the third. In fact, there are prizes from the first to the 160th places, but only €1,000 for the 20th to the 160th places.


Cycling is a healthy and natural way of sports tourism. It can fully enjoy the beauty of the travel process, simple and environmentally friendly. Overcome the challenges and constant difficulties and gain success at the end. This is the biggest enjoyment of the bicycle race. Some riders see it as a chance to compete for glory and prove their worth, while others see it as a ride to enjoy.


What a Gorgeous 2019 Belgian Royal Custom Coin!

In order to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first Tour De France champion Eddy Merckx from Belgium, the central bank of Belgium issued a copper, aluminum and zinc alloy commemorative coin of “2019 tour De France starts in Brussels”. The personalized coins are legal tender of Belgium and minted by the royal mint of the Netherlands.

There is the map of Europe in the center and the name of Belgium on the left of the coins. On the left of the backside, it is the logo of the 2019 Tour De France which shows the figure of an athlete riding. The background is composed of abstract lines symbolizing the cycling movement. The top right is the Tour De France logo, the bottom is a shirt pattern, above the words “100 JAAR ANS” (100 years), symbolizing the 100th anniversary of the birth of the yellow Tour De France shirt.


There is no doubt that the coins will become popular coins based on the above-mentioned situation. Furthermore, the central bank of Belgium also issued the related cards along with the coins. This card is ingenious since the coins placed exactly where the bicycle wheels are, which is eye-catching and attractive.

The card features the handlebars of the bikes, symbolizing the direction of the riders. And see from the backside, there is the contestant who is cycling, representing perseverance to success.


Presumably, every contestant member who joins in the world-renowned competition and those enthusiastic audiences love to collect such kind of custom made coins and cards of great historical significance.

The Tour De France Custom Challenge Coins carry the meaning of the game commemoration coin and can be preserved for a long time. In interpersonal communication, the coins play a role in enhancing feelings and deepening impressions.

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