At 14:40 on December 25, the first order of licensed goods for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games was delivered. Ren Lei, a 33-year-old resident of Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, received this special “mail” and was awarded the No. 0001 Commemorative Pin.

On the evening of December 15, the emblem of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games and the emblem of the Winter Paralympic Games were officially issued. Afterwards, the first batch of licensed commodities printing with the emblem began to determine the design, production and transportation, and within 10 days, they were shipped smoothly.

The first limited edition emblem commemorative lapel pins were launched at 14:00 on December 16 and was open for pre-sale from 14:00 to 15:00. Our photographer recorded the whole process from design, production, quality inspection, packing to express delivery to the first purchaser.


▼The following pictures were taken at the factory from December 24 to 25.

△Designer has improved the design drawings of the commemorative pin into craftwork drawings for production. After the design was finalized on November 16, they made the craftwork drawings overnight.

△Technicians made moulds for commemorative lapel pins according to the craftwork drawings. All the moulds are completed by machines.

△In order to ensure the completion of production within the required time, two sets of moulds (one set as spare part) were manufactured at the same time.

△Workers are operating machines. According to the mould of the commemorative custom pins, the metal prototypes of the commemorative custom pins were die struck from the machines.

△Workers remove the surplus part of the metal prototype of the commemorative custom pins. Redundant parts will be converted back into metal liquids to produce other metal prototypes.

△The prototypes of the commemorative custom pins producing from the mould were finished.

△The workers clean and degrease the commemorative lapel pins before electroplating.

△In addition to manual oil removal twice and activation once, the commemorative custom pins will undergo automatic cleaning (ultrasonic oil removal four times, electric oil removal once, activation once).

△The commemorative custom enamel pins finishing the first step of electroplating (electroplating base copper) have changed their colors temporarily. The next step is to electroplate bright copper pyrophosphate (increasing copper fineness) →copper sulfate (increasing thickness and brightness) →white nickel (increasing hardness and dense anti-corrosion protection). It takes about one hour to complete the electroplating.

△The machine prints the emblem pattern through the transfer-print technology.

△The workers are coloring the commemorative metal pins. This commemorative metal pins is composed of eight colors, all of which are finished by manual coloring.

△Workers are adding colored glitter powder to part of the commemorative pins. It takes 90 minutes to bake in an oven at 110 degrees Celsius after coloring and adding powder.

△The two workers cooperate to rivet the commemorative metal pins. The commemorative metal pins are riveted by three parts of metals.

△Workers pick out those commemorative pins that not meet the quality standards and the qualified commemorative pins will be transferred to pack in boxes by other workers.

△The workers are packing the qualified commemorative pins by boxes.

△Before the commemorative pin is boxed, the worker is checking its quality again.

△Workers label the wrapped commemorative metal pins. Because they are the limited editions, each has a unique number, ranging from 2022/1 to 2022/2022.

△Workers are stepping up the packing in box of these completed commemorative pins. The already boxed commemorative pins will be sent to the Beijing warehouse that night.

△On December 24, after the first batch of commemorative pins arrived in Beijing; the staff carefully checked the metal pins one by one and picked out the defective ones.

△On December 24, in Beijing, staff attached labels to boxes.

△On December 25, in Beijing, staff of the express delivery company sub-packaged the first batch of commemorative pins in the warehouse.

△December 25, Beijing, after the pins’ expresses were packaged in the warehouse, the first batch of commemorative pins were ready to be delivered.

△On December 25, Beijing, express delivery staff sent the first commemorative pins to Zhangjiakou.

△At 14:40 on December 25, Ren Lei, a 33-year-old resident of Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, received the commemorative pin of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games which numbered “0001”. “When ordering, we were reminded that shipment can only be made in January. Unexpectedly, we were informed that the shipment was made two days ago. I was really surprised.” Ren Lei said that he had purchased 10 limited editions of Beijing Winter Olympics commemorative pins.

△On December 25, Zhangjiakou, as the first order souvenir, the memory card signed by Lin Cunzhen, the designer of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Emblem and the 2022 Winter Paralympic Emblem, was sent to Ren Lei on the same day.

△Dec. 25, Zhangjiakou, there is a collection of various Olympic commemorative pins in Ren Lei’s house. Ren Lei’s collection is enriched by the commemorative pin of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games. He has collected more than 500 commemorative metal pins for various sports events so far. Before today, the earliest is the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games commemorative pin, and the latest is the 2016 Rio Olympic Games commemorative pin.

△On December 25, Zhangjiakou, Ren Lei said, “I’ve been in the “pit of collection” since I collected the first Olympic medal in 2007. The 2022 Winter Olympics will come to my hometown, and I will continue to collect the commemorative medals of this session.

△On December 25, Zhangjiakou, Ren Lei displayed the commemorative pins and cards he received. He said he hoped to take part in the Winter Olympics and become a volunteer, even a torchbearer.


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