As a fresh college graduate, I can deeply feel your anxiety and confusion when you are about to graduate from your college. And most graduating college students must have an ideal company they want to work for. When we go out of college and enter into society in our twenties, we are faced with the problem of finding a job. During the process of sending out resumes, we will receive various interview notices. So, how to handle these situations and give the interviewer a good impression with ease? Based on my limited experience and my research, I can give you some suggestions about the interview tips you should know. At first, I will tell you that you should put yourself in the job interviewer’s shoes if you want to get your dream job. If you can understand the interviewer’s intention, you will have a better opportunity to get the job. Would you be envious when you see that somebody is wearing the lanyards belong to your ideal company? Please follow my footsteps to learn more interview tips now.


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A. Don’t spray perfume or smoke before the interview

Today, with the continuous improvement of the living standard, people pay more attention to dressing and enjoyment. Both men and women spray themselves with perfume and cologne. Some men smoke to relieve their stress, which caused a smell of smoke on their bodies. However, when we have an interview, we have noticed that some people are allergic to perfumes, colognes and smoke. There are even some organizations that prohibit the use of perfumes in the workplace. Remember, any smell can create invisible pressure in a closed interview environment and can give the interviewer a bad impression. Even if you always use perfumes in daily life, please skip it on your interview day.

B. Keep Confidence when in interview

Your performance can directly influence others’ judgment of you. If you lose confidence when expressing yourself, your interviewer will feel it as well. You can consider the difference between “I think I can” versus “I know I can”. Give your interviewer a clear thought, and speak in a firm tone. It can give you more confidence and let your interviewer feel your confidence. At this point, you have created a good impression on the mind of the interviewer. We suggested that you can practice your pronunciation and intonation in advance.

C. Talk about the information on your resume

Many candidates often ignore talking about the information on your resume, and they think it is unnecessary. This is incorrect. During the interview time, the interviewer won’t spend more time seeing your resume. Also, it is the first time for him to look at it. Actually, you can talk about your achievement and experience when the interviewer asks your questions. Or you can add some information that has written on your resume. It can make the interviewer know you more in a short time.

D. Prepare something in your hands

Always remember to bring several copies of your resume to your interview. In addition, you should bring a notebook and pen. During the interview, you have the opportunity to fill in some material or do some tests. You can take notes in the interview. It can reinforce the impression of the interviewer for you and show how much you care about the job. If you take nothing in your hands to the interview, the interviewer will think you are unprepared or not interested in the job offer. So, you must prepare carefully for the interview, and show your advantages to the interviewer.

E. Don’t be indifferent to the interview results

Sometimes, people think that if they are recruited to apply for the position, the recruiter will send the position to them, and then they will easily pass it. That is not the case. Your popularity in the job market is not an excuse for apathy. Showing a lack of interest in the company, failing to ask questions of the interviewer and showing boredom will get you out of the contention.

F. Don’t put the cart before the horse

Asking questions like how long it takes to get a promotion, vacation or telecommuting is not appropriate at in earlier time of the process. Asking these questions before you discuss your job position is premature and will send the wrong message to the interviewer. So when is it appropriate to ask the question you care about? Generally speaking, you’d better ask them in the last part of the interview. After the interviewer has got a basic understanding for you, you can ask questions about your own interests at this time.

G. Notice the Lanyards ID badges of the interviewer

You should pay attention to the lanyards ID badges of the interviewer when you talk with him. It can help you know more information about the interviewer. When you know his job, you can make judgments faster, and then get closer to the interview. In the process of the interview, remember to notice some small details, which often played an important role in the interview.

Last but not least, a full situational interview can help you find your problems and solve them before the actual interview. When it comes to job interviews, nothing is more important than practice and preparation. Do enough preparation, keep relax in the process of interview and put the right attitude that can make you closer to your ideal job. We are really hoped all of you can find the ideal job. The best lanyards that belong to you will come to your side. GS-JJ has provided and designed many customize lanyards for different companies. We can understand your temper when you get your ideal job. Of course, if you have some thoughts on designing personalized lanyards cheap, you can communicate with us and we can make it for you. There is no limit on using the place. Negotiation, convention, sports meeting and even family party can use the lanyards. After all this verbosity, GS-JJ really wishes you can get your ideal job and wear the customize lanyards of your ideal company. A bright future is waiting for you.


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