PVC coaster is made of PVC material and can be used for thermal insulation. It is generally used in public dining places such as restaurants, cafes, and hotels. It can also be used as a souvenir for tourism promotion, peripheral product about animation. The brightly colored PVC coaster added with company LOGO can highlight the corporate culture. This type of PVC coaster is closer to people’s lives, and the strong friction prevents the glass and porcelain cup from slipping off and also protects the table from burns.

The common sense of PVC Coasters

  1. It can withstand high temperatures and low temperatures and can be used in any season.
  2. Oil resistant, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean.
  3. It is made by the process of hydraulic press molding. The production process is safe and sanitary, and it is made of PVC soft rubber, which is safer and more environmentally friendly than other materials.
  4. The product’s flexibility is good, it is not easy to change the shape, it is very firm, and it won’t deform.
  5. PVC soft rubber coaster is easy to carry, and it always glamorous and bright.

How to customize PVC Coasters?

Customizing PVC coaster is generally divided into two forms:

One is the PVC coaster with the current(premade/ existing)model. The customer can design the LOGO or pattern to print it.

The other is a PVC coaster needs to open the mold. The coaster size and brush pattern are provided by the customer.

For a small number of PVC coasters with fewer budgets, we recommend using the current mold customization, so that the customer does not have to bear the cost of the mold, but the diameter of the coaster is 9cm, the size and thickness cannot be changed.

If you need to purchase an amount of PVC coasters, we recommend opening the mold, because the number of molds will reduce the cost of the mold. Customers can choose the size, thickness, etc., and it will be more flexible.

What is open the mold?

The current model means that the manufacturer has already opened the mold, and the customer only needs to provide the pattern design. Opening the mold means that the customer can specify the size and thickness, and re-open a set of molds. The cost of the mold opening is reduced for the customer. If the requirements are not so strict, then you can choose the current mold to customize the PVC coaster. Open a new mold is not cost-effective for fewer products, the unit price will be expensive. If the customer is willing to bear the cost of the mold, he can choose to open the mold. With a large number, you can choose to open the mold to meet the different needs of your PVC coaster. The larger the order quantity, the more cost-effective the mold customization, the lower the unit price of the product will be.

GS-JJ is a professional manufacturer of PVC soft rubber products, we can produce PVC patches, PVC keychains, PVC labels, PVC coaster, and more. We can provide customers with complete solutions according to the actual situation of customers. We suggest customers find the superior manufacturers, do not covet the price of cheap to find some small generation of the processing plant so that the quality and delivery date are not guaranteed. Our GS-JJ company has our own PVC production factory, and we are able to monitor the production and operation of our products at all times. Products produced by good manufacturers have the following characteristics.

GS-JJ PVC Coasters 1
GS-JJ PVC Coasters 1

Characteristics of Superior PVC Coaster

  1. Environmentally Friendly: PVC coasters use medical-grade PVC soft rubber raw materials, through ROHS, LFGB international testing. Non-toxic and tasteless, not allergic to the skin, burning white smoke, without any odor.
  2. Good Stability: PVC soft rubber raw materials have good chemical stability, PVC coasters can be used for 2 years without discoloration, no deformation, wear-resistant, easy to clean, long service life.
  3. Firm Color: The color of the PVC coaster is strong, and the washing test does not fall off. It overcomes the problem of double-layer dispensing degumming, so that it can’t be smashed, can’t be pulled, and can’t be washed off.

New procedures added by the GS-JJ Company

GS-JJ Company is an experienced PVC patch maker. In order to produce a high-quality PVC coaster, we added some new procedures in our production line.

  1. Clean procedure: In order to ensure the cleanliness of the PVC coaster, the process of manually wiping the mold is added to ensure the cleanliness of the surface of the product.
  2. Fine Management: We have a group of professional personnel to ensure that the PVC coaster mold line is neat, without any burrs. The supervisor supervises each production procedure and strives for perfection.
  3. Advanced Machine: We have mature mold engineers and the latest carved engraving machine. Mold production using the top brand CNC engraving machine, product error control at 0.008.
GS-JJ PVC Coasters 2
GS-JJ PVC Coasters 2

Now PVC soft rubber products are becoming more and more popular, and the application in life is more and more extensive! The main advantage of PVC soft rubber material is environmental protection. The PVC coaster itself is also environmentally friendly, is also used by the Food Safety Bureau for the use of tableware coasters. Therefore, you can use this good quality PVC coaster without worrying. Compared with other materials, the PVC coaster is also very good in heat insulation. It is wear-resistant and has a long service life. It is also convenient and clean because of its softness. The shape can be designed to be diversified so that every user can feel the magical feeling it brings.

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