Baseball is not very popular in China, and we don’t know much about it here, but a lot of people around the world know something about it. Popular areas where people love baseball are mainly North America, Central America, the Caribbean and East Asia. From this vast area, you can see that baseball is indeed a popular game. I bet you must know the popularity of baseball. However, do you know what make the baseball so tough? Most important reason is the material and the method of stitching. Here’s the official version.

There are two kinds of hard baseball balls. They used to be made of horseshoes and oxen. But now professional baseball and amateur baseball are both made of oxen. It is stipulated that this kind of hard ball use wooden peg, balata or similar material as small core, with line coil bag. And the surface is made with two pieces of white horsehide (cowhide), firm ground bag is sewed.

We can see that all the surface of the baseball is covered with a layer of cowhide or horse skin. Their toughness is very good, only the baseball made of this material to ensure its life, to provide a strong guarantee for the smooth conduct of the event.

Baseball Picture

The upper picture shows a baseball, and the sewing method is very strong, called a baseball sewing, which belongs to one kind of seam, which can bring two pieces of leather material side by side and be closely connected together. It also ensures baseball fight played an important factor.

Language is pale, we see directly on the video, how to make a baseball.

The video how to make a baseball

Does this video a better understanding of baseball?


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