Challenge Coin is a popular and delicate small coin medallion.  Many buyers have some questions about challenge coins. Now, we specially write this article to solve customers’ confusion about challenge coins.

No.1 How to Get Challenge Coins?

  • Organization: Some departments, association or organizations will prepare custom challenge coins for their members, volunteers or staff like military coins, in order to express gratitude for their specific contributions.
 Veterans Military Challenge Coins
Veterans Military Challenge Coins
  • Companies: Companies usually encourage their staff or award one’s outstanding contribution, so they will customize some award coins. Of course, they may promote their company by sending corporate challenge coins if they have enough budgets.
 MGM Corporate Challenge Coins
MGM Corporate Challenge Coins
  • Competition: Join some races like sports, running or other sports, and you will get relevant challenge coins. For instance, soccer coins, gold coins, baseball coins and so on.
Travel Sports Baseball Challenge Coins
Travel Sports Baseball Challenge Coins
  • Personal: You can prepare personal coins for yourself as a souvenir. This is a recent trend. For example, more people start to prepare wedding coins in their weddings. Birthday coins and festival coins are also popular.
Royal Wedding Coins
Royal Wedding Coins

No.2 How Do Challenge Coins Work?

Due to the small size and delicate design on the two tone sides, challenge coins are popular. Their main works can be as follows:

  • Awarding: for your brave behaviors or excellent contribution in the specific area.
  • Commemorating: for collecting and memorizing one thing/ activity.
  • Encouraging: for motivating you to keep up the good work.

No.3 How Much do Challenge Coins Cost?

Challenge coins’ cost includes molding fees and design parts. Molding fees are free if you customize at the second time during two years. Design parts are mainly up to these 7 elements.

  • Size: bigger size, higher cost.
  • Thickness: thicker, higher cost.
  • Shape: more complex shape, higher cost.
  • Color: many colors, higher cost.
  • Edge: personalized edge, higher cost.
  • Engraving: having engraving, higher cost.
  • Printing: having printing, higher cost.
  • Crafts: 3D / Cut out, higher cost.

No.4 How to Choose the Proper Edge for Your Challenge Coins?

Introducing briefly how to choose in the part, if you want to know more information about challenge coins edge, you can read carefully – << How to Choose the Proper Edge for Your Challenge Coins >>.

  • Standard Edge: Suitable for limited budget and you want to simple design.
  • Rope Edge: presenting work in unity and help each other. It is common for Navy challenge coins to use rope edge.
  • Cross Cut Edge: very delicate way to make your custom coins stand out.
  • Spur Edge: Usually combined with 3D to “spurt sparks”.
  • Oblique Line Edge: if you need to present the “extend beauty”.
  • Bezel Edge: showing the effect between standard edge and cross cut edge.
Different Edges of Coins
Different Edges of Coins

No.5 How to Display Challenge Coins?

When you get your challenge coins from factory or sellers, how to display your challenge coins? There are two popular ways.

  • Wooden Display

Wooden display is a good place to store your challenge coins, because wood are associated with classy and elegance, which wonderfully matches the style of challenge coins. You can hang the wood on the walls or keep it on the desk or store it on the box.

Wooden Display
Wooden Display
  • Glass Display

Glass has reflection, so glass display can perfect present the coins as well as protect the coins because the challenge coins won’t be expose in the air in this way.

Glass Display
Glass Display

No.6 Where to Buy Challenge Coins?

You can buy challenge coins from physical store or e-commerce store. If you go physical store, you can feel the quality and bargain. More information can be quickly got by offline shopping. If you choose e-commerce store, you can communicate and order online from which you can save money and time. But note: you should open your eyes and select the best challenge coins maker, otherwise, your challenge coins a great disappointment. I will recommend three popular e-commerce stores.

  • is a humanized e-commerce. Why do I say that? When you go to this page, you will find some relevant articles and blog about types of challenge coins. This is a good way for beginners. Their convenient automated quotation system can save you much time. In addition, their special offer usually is between 20%-40%. Best sales, right? In addition, GS-JJ has physical store on the 20829 Valley Blvd, Walnut, Los Angeles, USA. Moreover, if you need to customize lapel pins, medals, patches and so on, GS-JJ must be your first choice because you can customize here all the time.


customchallengecoins is a No.1 e-commerce maker when you search the keywords” custom challenge coins”. Their interface is clean and you will find what you want. If you have customized many times or you just need challenge coins, this must be your wonderful choice. Because you needn’t look much information. It is the specialized challenge coin maker.


When you search the keyword – ” challenge coins “, challengecoinsltd occupies the first place in search results. It usually customizes military challenge coins. They choose air shipping. So it is fast in the delivery. If you are in a hurry, this website must be your selection.

No.7  How to Make Challenge Coins?

Generally speaking, the steps can be classified into 7 parts.

Step 1: Design Drawing

Design Drawing

Step 2: Finishing 3D Model

Finishing 3D Model

Step 3 :Die Struck

Die Struck

Step 4: Polishing


Step 5: Plating or Dyeing

Plating Or Dyeing

Step 6: Coloring


Step 7: Package


Notes: according to different crafts, the step 4,5.6 can be changed. And After step 6, you should polish again.

No.8  How to Cut Challenge Coins?

How to cut challenge coins? We can classify these two types briefly. If you want to know more cut out coins, you can browse << Making cut out custom coins: So unique >>.

  • Internal Cutting

No matter which circle is, it can be cut out. It doesn’t look so rigid. You can cut any signals or logo in the internal.

Internal Cutting
Internal Cutting
  • External Cutting

External Cutting usually is used in the bottle opener or some irregular size.

External Cutting
External Cutting

N0.9  How to Paint Coins?

Usually, Some people who love to DIY will ask this question – how to paint coins?

Step 1: washing your coins with warm water and soap. Wiping away the stain and water.

Step 2: adding eye drops of warm water to make it smooth .

Step 3: Putting the coin on the waste paper. And Coloring carefully (Tips: you can exercise in the paper before coloring) .

Step 4: Drying for 3-4 hours. If you think it is not enough, you can wait for a longer time.

Now, any questions about challenge coins? If you have, you can comment here and I will solve them.










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