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North Texas Custom Made Keychains
North Texas Custom Made Keychains
3.8” North Texas Custom Made Keychains crafted by Soft Enamel, polished with Gold Finish.
Love Shack Custom Metal Keychains
Love Shack Custom Metal Keychains
3.2" Love Shack Custom Metal Keychains crafted by Soft Enamel, polished with Gold Finish.
Shark Bottle Opener Keychain
Shark Bottle Opener Keychain
5.5" 3D Shiny Shark Bottle Opener Keychain, polished with Silver Finish.
Airplane Custom Keychains
Airplane Custom Keychains
2.3’’ Hard Enamel Custom Keychains, polished with Gold Finish.
Boy In The Hat Custom Keychains
Boy In The Hat Custom Keychains
3’’ Hard Enamel Custom Keychains, polished with Gold Finish.
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***Why You Should Choose GS-JJ Custom Keychains***

The Power of Custom Keychains:

Everyone has a keychain. As long as we have keys for our cars, our houses, our businesses and nearly everything else in our lives, we will need keychains.

As a promotional product, custom keychains are everywhere. We can buy a keychain with our favorite superhero on it or our car brand on it or even our favorite sports team on it.

With, you can order customized keychains for any purposes. In this article, we’ll review what these keychains are and how you can use them for all sort of reasons such as from business to family to sports.

What are custom keychains?

One of the most popular and durable styles of the keychain is enameled metal keychains. Designed to last for years, these keychains are ideal for nearly any use.

The best part of these keychains is their durability. The metal last for decades and the enamel design will keep its color and freshness for years. There are so many different types of custom key chains for you to choose. Since these keychains are customized, every one of them can be made to be however you want and here are a few ideas and suggestions:

Personalized Keychains - Getting a keychain made with a family name, personal name or even a family crest is a great way to share and celebrate your heritage and your individuality. Using either script or images or both, you can easily create exactly the keychain that you want for everyone.

● Bottle Opener Keychains- Forget the twist off types and let's give everyone a bottle opener that they can keep in their pocket. Emblazon it with the name of your favorite bar, band or even a picture of a family member. Consider using bottle opener keychains as a gift instead of cigars when a baby is born. No one will forget that.

● Couple Keychains - One of the most popular wedding keepsakes are couple keychains. The His and Her keychains given as gifts gifts to the wedding attendees will be a one of a kind. It’s practical and everyone will see it every day. You may also give these as gifts during wedding anniversaries for all the couple you know.

● Car Brand Keychains - Over the years, logos for car's companies change. You can easily order keychains with that logo or an image of your favorite car or even a tire. You can order anything that reminds of your favorite driving machine.

● Hobby Keychains - Do you like to go fishing as a group? Keychains with a fish on them would be a great holiday gift. What about for your quilting group? Perfect. No matter what your hobby is, you can get a keychain made to let the world know and put a little smile on your face every time you use it.

Custom Keychains for Business Teams:

When your company goes on a retreat for any reason, they will often give you a goodie bag with a pen, note pads, etc. How nice would it be to have a keychain that says, “2018 National Conference,” or “CEO’s Conference, Cancun.”

Keychains are a great way to let employees know that you value their ideas and their presence at an event. They can carry the keychain for years, reminding them of the times that they share together and the things that they learned.

Custom Keychains for Sports:

Every professional sports team sells keychains, but there’s no reason that little league teams, soccer teams and many other amateur teams can have their own keychains lesser than anyone might imagine.

Almost everyone can find a useful way to use these keychain and most people are willing to pay for one when asked. Since they are made to your specifications, they will be exactly how you want them to be. The team mascot, the team name or an image of the award that you go when you won.

No matter what the sport or what the occasion is, you can always have a custom keychain made that anyone can use.

Custom Keychains for Marketing:

Looking back through the days, we use to carry a certain type of keychains. They were only made of soft rubber with the company’s logo, phone number, and address printed on them.

Now a days, we’re able to make metal and enamel keychains at a great price that allows you to market your business to customers.

Handing out keychains is a novel way to get customers to think of your company all the time.

Here are some of the ways to use customer's keychains to market your company:

● Give one to every customer after you complete a job. This is great for plumbers, painters and anyone whose job consist of working in someone’s home. They are tens of thousands of businesse on hundreds of websites that could help grow their business by simply giving out a keychain.

● Mechanics are an obvious choice for keychains. Every customer who comes in can have a free keychain that has the mechanics name and phone number on it. That’s the easiest way to make sure that everyone calls you again and again.

● Politicians often give away buttons and pins, but a keychain is a great way to get everyone to follow you and vote for you. They last a long time and rather just being a button, they are actually useful.

● Doctors might get some great responses from patients who take home a keychain with the name of the doctor’s office and phone number. Many doctor’s office give away pens and other items, but a keychain is an unique gift.

Using key chains to market a business is a cost effective and fun way to get customers to carry your phone number, address, business name and more around in their pocket every day.

Custom Keychains for Events and Keychains:

Whether it's a business conference, a family reunion, or any other event, a keychain is a great gift to give to attendees or to sell during the event.

Keychains For Family Reunions - When the family only gets together once every few years, a keychain for everyone can be a memorable gift. You can choose the family crest or just the family's name. No matter what you choose, the family is guaranteed to love.

Keychains For A Tournament - A tournament is a great event to commemorate. If you’re hosting a tournament, a keychain is a great way to let everyone take a piece of the event home with them.

Memorial Events - Whether you’re doing a large memorial for a group or simply remembering a family member who has passed, a keychain can be a classy way to share the event with everyone.

Advantages of Keychains:

The biggest advantage of keychains is longevity. In a world where everything can be found from our cell phones to our televisions are designed to be disposable, a keychain becomes a constant.

This makes a keychain that costs you less than a couple of dollars an outstanding investment. You can get thousands of impressions from a single person carrying it around.

Trends in Keychains:

Everyone loves to carry something that tells the world more about who they are. From an emoji to the Chevy logo to Hello Kitty, keychains are a tiny snapshot of who someone is and some aspect of their personality.

The most popular keychain style these days are custom keychains. Nearly everyone likes to have a keychain made just for them. That’s where specializes in.

Why You Should Choose is the nation’s leading custom gift item manufacturer. Because we partner with the largest manufacturer in China, we are able to supply the finest quality for the best prices.

● High Quality - Low quality metal, inaccurate coloring, and weak enamel can all be frustrating and expensive. GS-JJ custom keychains are able to provide better service with two important differences. 1) We have two offices, one in Los Angeles and Vancouver, BC. This makes us accessible and accountable to you. 2) We work with the largest manufacturer in China.

● Time Management - We deliver everything you need to you when we promise it. Our competitors often leave our customers hanging, waiting for deliveries and only give them promises. We have a streamlined delivery system that are certain that we can provide you your order when it’s due. You will enjoy cheap custom keychains at GS-JJ. In addition, custom keychains no minimum here !

● Price - Being less expensive is useless without real customer service. We make sure that our prices are great without ever compromising service. More important than price is value. You will enjoy cheap custom keychains at GS-JJ. In addition, custom keychains no minimum here !

Fundraising with keychains:

One of the most important things that any organization can do is to fundraise.The key to fundraising with any item is to be able to buy it at low price that you can resell it for a profit. offers keychains and many more promotional items at prices that can’t be beaten.

Here is an example of a fundraising plan that your organization may try:

● A local 4H group wants to raise money for a trip.

● They’ve decided what their budget is and how much to ask each family for.

● There will always be additional expenses and a need for additional money.

● The group’s director decided that selling keychains will be a great way to raise money.

● She contacts and to her surprise that we can make nearly anything she wants.

● The group host a meeting to see which design everyone voted on.

● The winning design is send to GS-JJ.

● Our designers digitize it so that they can send the director a copy to approve.

● Once it’s approved, we begin manufacturing it.

● In just a few days, we ship them from China. Free Shipping here !

● The 4H students received them and begin selling them.

Using’s customized keychains is an excellent way to make money for any organization. Each keychain can be designed to make them easily to sell. With a price point that is well below even those fundraising schemes that people sign onto.

Custom Keychains Automated Quotation System page will be coming soon. Please send an email to for art proof, quote and any ready to place orders. Thank you."

Custom Keychains

Custom Keychains

Custom Keychains

Custom Keychains

Custom Keychains

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