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Custom Magnets

Custom magnets are powerful. A few years back we used magnets with pictures and artwork just for the sake of decoration. But the trend of custom magnets recently gained a lot of popularity. Custom magnets are a lot more than just simple decoration objects. Now a day, these can actually be use to send a message or a small conversation message. Yes you read it right, custom magnets can be interactive and can at times be more powerful than just oral communication. Here we will highlights the history, role in marketing and the immense importance associated with custom magnets.

Brief History of Custom Magnets

Let’s take a look at how the magnets came into existence and hence made a foundation for custom magnets. An elderly Cretan shepherd named Magnets is the most well known legend who is responsible for the discovery of magnets. It is said that about 4000 years ago, the shepherd was herding his cattle somewhere in an area of Northern Greece known as Magnesia. He was standing on a black large rock. A nail from his shoe and the metal part of the stick he was holding got stuck to that rock. Then he started to look for the source of attraction and found some lodestones while searching for the cause. Lodestones contain magnetite in them, which is basically a natural magnetic substance Fe304. These kind of rock was named Magnetite. The name was given to the rock either after Magnet himself or the place of Magnesia.

The term magnetism was therefore used to describe the ability of lodestones to attract iron. Today, after extensive research in this area, we are now pretty aware of the repulsive and attractive nature of magnets. The advance research and awareness has also made us familiar with other things that have a magnetic sense of direction. Some of them include MIR scans, television and telephones and computer chips.

Role of Custom Magnets in Marketing

Custom magnets are one of the incredible ways to get your business more appreciated by the customers. You just need to give your customers an amazing magnet to get them attracted to your business. Give them a few cool custom magnets along with your business cards so that you can always stay in touch. Be innovative and exhibit the true personality of your business using magnets. If you give away a few custom magnets that has a reflection of your business, customers can put them on their fridge. This way these magnets can always draw their attention and remind them of you. Put some relevant details such as your logo, website or contact details so that customers can reach you conveniently.

Importance of Custom Magnets

Magnets can be more powerful than just a thing you can put on your fridge. Custom magnets are a great tool for various promotional programs and also have very high visibility. They are best for bringing out your creative mind and can be combined with various creations such as, a flower, geometrical shape, an animal and so forth. Be very experimental and don’t limit your thoughts and imaginations while designing a custom magnet. We have a lot of variety in custom magnets that come in different shapes, looks and sizes. All the magnets are made up of best quality materials and are produced with great accuracy. We can make some awesome fridge magnets for you in any color without any additional costs. We also promise to deliver our work to you right on time.

Your custom magnets campaigns need to be crafted with high quality printing along with the best material for improved business results. You can create personalized magnets with a number of purposes in mind. We offer a large of different type of custom magnets such as die cut magnets, refrigerator magnets, photo magnets, postcard magnets, car magnets, save the date magnets, business card magnets. Our services use a 30 mil standard magnet for transforming your ideas into reality. We use digital as well as offset presses for producing exciting and high quality images. Our regular time to deliver orders of custom magnets is around, 5 days but it can be rearrange with any urgent rush orders.

What Kind of Magnets Styles do We Offer?

Die Cut Magnets

We have die cut magnets in every color shape that you need. You can either choose from a wide collection of die cut shapes and designs or you can also design a custom die cut for magnet printing. We have a few standard shapes you can choose from. However, we can also design any shape that you wish for. Just provide us with the details and we can design the optimum quality die cut magnets for you.

Refridgerator Magnets

You can place a few refridgerator magnets to achieve various goals. In addition to adding glamour to your homes, refridgerator magnets can serve as a great gift to your valued customers and clients.

Photo Magnets

Photo magnets can help in a number of ways. They can help you relive your memories every time you look at them. Get photos of yourself or your loved ones on photo magnets to reflect on them in an unique way.

Postcard Magnets

Postcard magnets ;are neither too big nor too small. They are best for event promotion, advertising schedules, restaurant menus and art shows. The sizes include 3*5, 4*6 and 5*7 or you can get them customized based on your requirements.

Car Magnets

If you intend to engage in outdoor branding, these custom magnets can prove to be of great value. Car magnet are weather resistant and durable for the outdoor environment. They also offer flexibility and are better than car decals and wraps.

Save the Date Magnets

Save the date magnets can be crafted with an aim to assist people in keeping track of important events. Such events can include a party, birthday, weddings and a lot more significant days.

Business Card Magnets

Business card magnets work as a great tool for promotional purposes. You can easily market yourself to the customers in an affordable manner. Conventional printed business cards are usually lost and misplaced by people. However, business card magnets can always be posted on something with high visibility. The frequent contact with these magnets will always remind the customer of you and will able to provide information to them to contact you whenever needed.

Why You Should Choose Us?

We have a wide variety of custom magnets in terms of colors, designs and shapes. We also give our customers chances to come up with their own ideal design and can bring that into reality in the form of a custom magnets.

Such custom magnets can be u  se for a number of purposes effectively. Whatever the purpose is, we assure you of its achievement with our high quality services. Either you want us to be creative or you want your innovation to appear on the magnets, we have always got your back covered.    

If you are interested in our personalized products and hope to get an inquiry or questions, you can call at 1-888-864-4755 or email us at Info@gs-jj.com . We will respond to you within 24 hours or as soon as possible

Every Custom Magnets Include:

FREE       Artwork and design with unlimited revisions

FREE      Full color proof delivered via email

FREE     Shipping delivered via DHL or FedEx air service

100%     Satisfaction Guarantee 

FAST     Production Ready to ship in 7 days or less

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