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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Privacy Policy
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Terms and Conditions
Friendship Custom Medals
Friendship Custom Medals
3" Friendship Custom Medals between America and Philippines, one of sandblast medals, Finished By Gold
Gold Military Medals
Gold Military Medals
2.5" Gold Military Medals, Divided into Two Parts, Connected with A Ring, With A Safety Pin on the Back
 Sino-soviet War Commemorative Medals
Sino-soviet War Commemorative Medals
2" Sino-soviet War Commemorative Medals with Brass Finish, Safety Pins as an Accessory.
Military Customized Medals
Military Customized Medals
2.5" Military Honor customized medals with antique brass finish.
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What are Military Medals?

Military Medals

Military medals represent every key moment in a soldier's career, every memorable moment, and honor in life. We are proud of the military style medals customized by the soldiers.

GS-JJ can customize unique military medals for soldiers, and there is no minimum quantity limit. There are a variety of sizes to choose from. Each custom military medal can be matched with a ribbon. Ancient plating, 3D, enamel, printing and other military craft medals for your choice.

● Various surface treatment plating options;
● Provide laser engraving on the medal back;
● Can specify ribbon color;
● Free design, free shipping.

        What are the Types of Military Medals?


Army Medals

● Army medals are created by the War Department in 1926. Kennedy said that the state of a country can be seen in its citizens and honorees. The army medals for sale should praise the hero for his heroic and sacrifice spirit.

● The army medal is awarded to any friendly foreign citizen working with the U.S. military or to any individual serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. Awarding medals for army decorations requires bravery.


Navy Medals

● Navy medals are minted for the United States Military Armed Forces. They were honored for the outstanding members of the U.S. Navy. Both active service members and

● The Military Navy Cross for Sale and the Navy Distinguished Service Medals and were both appeared in World War I. Awards medals like these are usually awarded to members who show a high degree of responsibility for commendable service.

Air Force

Air Force Medals

● Air Force medals were created in 1942 as a badge of military merit honor for a feat or act of heroism a member performed while flying in the air. There are three ways of receiving air force military medals. The first is heroism.

● The first soldiers to receive the air force Medal of Honor were those who engaged in any act of heroism in air combat. The second is a worthy service in the United States Air Force. The third one is for qualified individuals.

Marine Corps

Marine Corps Medals

● Marine Corps medals are the second-highest awards for heroism given to members of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. To receive the Marine Corps medal, the following needs must be met.

● One must perform special acts of heroism that involve no particular conflict. If the action is to save people's lives, it must be conditional on you being in danger. It is worth mentioning that one can only receive one Marine Corps medal.

How to Make Military Medals?

How to Design Military Coins

Design Artwork

The customer provides the manuscripts, and our designer will draw again by using Adobe Illustrator according to the production process requirements. Confirm the size, color and materials for your medals for sale.

Various Options

Totally, military medals are three-dimensional painting for artists. We adopt carving mold by computer and dull polish effect and add the caption in the back. Perhaps you can find some inspiration in the Soviet Patriotic War Military Medals.

Choose Accessories

Then, adopting the accessories by safety pins and using suitable size, we host stamping words. The military medal pins are popular and exquisite. It provides another way to wear custom military medals. Just contact GS-JJ and buy US military medals now!

Ordering Military Medals is Easy Here

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Friendship Custom Medals

When We Need Military Medals?

Today, people around the world are becoming more avid about military medals. We can learn more about military medals with three keywords: awards, war, and rules.

The decorations of military medals for sale include:

● Orders of Chivalry.
● Service medals are worn on a ribbon.
Campaign medals for sale with a ribbon.
● Bravery awards, in the form of a cross, star or medal on a ribbon.
● Distinguished service awards, in the form of a cross, star or medal on a ribbon.
● Awards for entire units, in the form of Battle honors, Campaign streamers or unit citations.

Why You Choose Military Medals in GS-JJ?

Are you still hesitating where to order military medals? GS-JJ.com is taken pride in providing military medals for your military service group. For all types of medals, we offer lots of colors, sizes for you to choose from. Whether you are buying military medals for the first time or you have already ordered military medals, we are here to guide you to enter every step and what will works best for your custom. GS-JJ has unparalleled quality and discounts. Just check out our military medals gallery for tips on creating custom medals and then order military medals online!

Convenient Systems

Convenient Systems

The two automated systems are so convenient that you can use them for free anytime, anywhere! All we do is to save you more time and money. If you have any questions or suggestions about our system, please keep us informed.

Design for Free

Design for Free

We offer free design and artwork with unlimited revisions for all of our customers, and most importantly, free shipping to anywhere in the continental United States.

Best Service

Best Service

We always provide the highest quality products and the best customer service on the market at the factory direct prices. We are proud to say that we have over 20 years of valuable production experience.

Check with GS-JJ!

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