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PVC Dog Tags

PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride is one of the most widely used and promising materials currently. Many PVC products are coming up which are not just good looking and strong, but extremely comfortable too. PVC Dog tags, PVC labels, and  PVC zipper pulls are only a few examples of PVC products.

In case you are intending to get one or more of such products for yourself, it would be best to get soft PVC dog tags. In addition to that, it is even better if you customize your PVC dog tags for a more personalized and long-lasting effect.

What is PVC Dog Tags?

As is common knowledge, pet dogs need to be labeled with the identity of their owners. This is important to present a kind of recognition in case your dog wanders away on its own. Getting your dog a tag is necessary if your dog belongs to one of those rare breeds and you let it out on its own without a leash.

Custom PVC dog tags need not be too loud or attracting attention. They only must carry the information of its owners like the name and address or any other contact details. PVC dog tags are quite a trend these days due to the excellent durability and performance of the product.

How can it be used?

·         PVC dog tags are solely meant to be used to be able to recognize the dog and its owners in case the dog strays away or is stolen.

·         Many people use dog tags to promote their business or any other sort of product or service. Using custom PVC dog tags is a good way and a cheap marketing tactic to demonstrate and expose one’s certain business. 

·         Getting 3D PVC dog tags is a sure-shot way to up your dog’s look and draw attention towards it.

·         If nothing else, you can choose a trendy and stylish dog tag as a decorative piece for your dog so that it looks classy and stylish as well.

There are no limits as to how one can use and customize PVC dog tags to gain the utmost benefit and advantages from this process.

The various advantages of using it.

Many people are of the opinion that PVC dog tags are only meant to be used as identification of dog owners. Although that is not completely false, there are other variations of ways too by which one can use dog tags.

·         You may provide dog-walking services or dog food products, or any other dog product or service. There is no better way to make sure your business gets noticed other than to sport it upon soft PVC dog tags. Your dog will carry that message with it wherever it goes bringing you more clients and prospects in its wake.

·         Customised PVC dog tags are the best alternative to improve your dog’s looks by a couple of notches instantly. You can get a bow-tie or a bone-shaped dog tag, or whatever you may please for your dog. 

Why Choose GS-JJ?

GS-JJ is one of the best sites to buy your customized PVC dog tags from. Getting your personalized PVC dog tags made from GS-JJ will ensure that they pose certain advantages that few or none other online stores can give you.

·         You can decide the size of your dog tag. There are multiple dogs of varied different sizes. This is why dog tags at GS-JJ.COM are also available in plenty of different sizes for dogs small or big.

·         You can choose the design for your dog tag. There are many trendy designs available on the site to choose from. If not, you can even place a few of your own personalized suggestions and your PVC dog tag will be made accordingly.

·         At GS-JJ, the design and looks of the dog tags are all taken care of. However, the strength of the dog tag is not compromised at all. The standard thickness is 3mm. But you can get it made thicker or thinner as per your preference.

·         3D and 2D designs are all available for PVC dog tags so that your dog tends to look classy and stylish along with giving out the necessary contact details. 

·         The custom soft PVC dog tag material is quite soft and skin-friendly so that your dog does not suffer undue trouble of skin rashes or other allergies.


True that there are many more such online stores that sell personalized PVC products, GS-JJ is the ultimate store to make your purchase from. Enjoy your promotional PVC dog tags! Given their excellent verities in store, and the impressive customer-service, they are well-qualified to be called the best website not just for custom soft PVC dog tags, but for any other customized PVC labels.

There is every possible design for this store to satisfy almost everyone’s needs and preferences. Make sure that you do check out the website and choose according to your likes. 

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