Military Medals
Military Medals


Military medals are the highest honor in the military, including the army, air force, navy, marine corps, and so on. Military medals are distinguished from other custom medals. You will clearly find that there are fewer medal ribbons used. Because soldiers don’t wear them on the neck but in front of their chest. Usually, lots of military award medals are worn. Military medals have magnificent meaning for each soldier.

The size of custom military medals is small for wearing easily and beauty. Too large seems to be stiff.

1) When Do You Wear Military Medals?

Retirees, veterans, and active service members can wear military medals on their civilian clothes in some events and meetings basing on a military theme, like the commendation conference, memorial day, veterans day, etc. You should wear military medals in your military uniform. Do not wear medals casually, especially in the daily cloth.

2)What to Choose?

Sometimes, soldiers wear lapel pins, which will also express awards. Miniature medals also are used in formal events and create a less cluttered appearance.

3) How to Wear?

These medals are worn over the left lapel or the left chest of a formal jacket or coat. That is to say, firstly, the center of the holding bar should be parallel to the ground; secondly, from right to left, the most senior medal should be further while the least senior medal should be near the left shoulder. Remember: Don’t wear military medals with a handkerchief at the same time. Don’t wear other people’s award medals. Nonofficial or commemorative awards are worn on the right side.

4) Notes

There is no limit about the number of custom military medals only if your medals are not overlapping. Usually, it won’t more than five medals. If you have to wear all medals, each medal should be overlapped gradually and make sure the senior medal is visible completely. Different medal ribbons should be chosen carefully. It should be 4 inches from the top of the ribbon to the bottom of the medal.

Different countries have different wearing rules. Most western countries observe the rule. GS-JJ can customize military medals for you. Each U.S. military medals will be designed carefully because we know that it is very important and treated strictly. If you are interested, you can email at

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