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Custom Labels

It was in the 1500s that the first labels appeared during the strengthening of the West. Its purpose includes the marking packages in transit, identifying medicines and other related goods. Today, the seemingly simple label is much more than just a sticker. It is a means of professional marketing, brand representation and helps monitor products in storage or delivery. Looking at custom labels, it transitions from basic paper and plastic to stretch and digital prints have contributed to its powerful professional appeal.

The Modern Custom Labels

The custom label recognized today is primarily used for business promotion. Die-cut labels, round and square roll labels retain their primary functionality. It includes distinguishing goods and supporting promotions. Custom labels have undergone significant transformation since its 16th-century inception. The modern custom label available at GS-JJ.com includes digital print, die-cut, roll labels are all produced in various styles, sizes and colors.

Custom labels have become relevant to all businesses. From the regular circle roll label to the die-cut label, we can take a look at why labels have become such an important part of production and brand development today. 

Durable: Lamination and strong adherence to an array of surfaces are part of the custom roll label. A protective seal prevents heat and moisture from causing damage, fade and deterioration. Fully customized labeling can last for many years only with quality print and design technology. High-grade materials in the production of die-cut labels, rectangular labels and rounded edge roll labels create durability. This ensures label rolls remain on products and packages without peel or disintegration.

Anti-Reflective: Labels include the die-cut design, oval, circle or square roll labels that are produced with anti-glare properties. This prevents compromised light from obscuring the logo or image making it easier to read.

Labels must be bold and efficiently identified. It makes for faster service delivery. Packages and products are distinguished without straining to read the label. 

Types of Custom Labels:

Die-Cut Labels: Die-cut labels involves the custom cut of labels into its targeted size and shape. It is a popular branding tool allowing businesses to design, print and cut logos with precision. Die-cut stickers steer away from square corners and include rounded or kiss-cut edges.

Round, Square and Rectangular Roll Labels: Rolled labels include the manufacture of adhesive labels in various shapes on a single roll.

This includes the production of labels with a square shape and adhesive backing on an entire roll, making for fast and easy application. The addition of anti-reflective and laminate features will protect from glare, sunlight and rain.

What Makes a Good Custom Label?

Lasting Material: Communication is an important part of any business and customizable business labels are a smart way to ensure everyone knows what’s going on. A good custom label must, however, stand the test of time. 

Some labels such as BOPP are plastic-based label and are ideal for labeling products that require extra durability. These types of labels are made with lasting materials that are water-resistant, oil-resistant, UV fade resistant, heat resistant and abrasion resistant which makes them really rugged and durable. They also last well on products that will be used outside. These types of materials are recommended for products from the health and beauty, beverage or industrial application needs. Regardless of where you want to use your custom label, we guarantee only the best materials.

Color Selection: Shopping at GS-JJ.com, we give you the opportunity to choose labels with bold colors that best represent your business and capture consumers' attention.  Whether rounded corner labels or oval roll labels, it all invest in appealing color combinations.

Why You Should Choose GS-JJ? 

Select GS-JJ uniquely designed and quality custom roll labels. Our valuable sticker range best supports cost-effective brand development and promotional opportunities. Improve upon your services and receive the recognition you deserve with durable and fully custom labels including die-cut, oval, round and rectangular edging by GS-JJ.

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