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0ustom Signs

The number of custom signs in the market today is simply overwhelming. And while this can be advantageous, there are times when it is the exact opposite, as buyers can easily be confused about which ones to buy. It is for this reason that we write this article, to help you choose the best custom signs specific to your purpose.

But first things first, do you really know custom signs?

What are Custom Signs?

Custom signs are simply signs but have been customized to suit your individual needs. They can be to show direction, some danger ahead or anything else.

Customized signs are created and selected with a specific purpose. When you have something that you need people to know specifically, you choose a sign for it.

For a custom sign to be effective, you have come up with a message that is clear and on-point. And this is the whole purpose of having custom signs, as they are clear and to the point. If the message intended is not clear, then it loses the whole meaning.

One great thing about custom signs is that you can make it yourself, as long as you have all the materials. Alternatively, you can hire designers such as the GS-JJ that have specialized in custom signs, and you will get a quality sign for your purpose.

What are the Types of Custom Signs?

As already mentioned, the number of signs available in the market today is overwhelming. The type of sign you choose depends on several factors, top among them is the purpose. But even before you start shopping for a custom sign, it is nice to know the various types of signs at your disposal.

Custom Wood Signs

These are custom signs made from wood. They are easy to make as you can simply curve wood and place it where you want people to see. The wood should be very strong and protected from termites; otherwise, they will not last for long.

As already mentioned, custom wood signs are not made from ordinary wood. These signs are characterized by strong wood. Those who create custom wood signs do so by considering the best wood from different places.

If you want them to last long, those custom wood signs have to be curved from hardwood. Also note that the kind of wood you use to curve them will depend on your location, given that there are areas with termites that can easily destroy the custom wood signs.

While it is easy to create these types of signs, having the help of professionals can be a plus if you are looking for high-quality and long-lasting signs.

Custom Metal Signs

Custom metal signs are signs made from metal. You can also make them from any type of metal. Just use paint to create the message and make it as clear as possible.

Characteristics of custom metal signs;

--They are very strong and long-lasting

--They are made from the finest material

--Curving through metal is not as easy as using wood.

There are many types of metals. Each type serves a specific purpose and is used in a specific place. For example, stainless steel extremely strong and works best for outdoor metal signs. Brass and copper, on the other hand, serve best for signs to be placed on the table in offices.

You only need to identify the material that fulfills your desires.

Custom Street Signs

As suggested by the name, custom street signs are those found along the streets. They serve various purposes, but top among them is to offer directions. Given that these signs serve a very unique and crucial purpose, they are only curved and installed by experts.

In most cases, custom street signs are found in major cities and towns to help travelers identify where they are and where they are going. They have also been used as landmarks in many countries.

Characteristic of custom streets signs

-         These signs are made with different types of materials. In most cases, they are made from metal.

-         Each color on custom street signs has a purpose; they are not just there for fun.

Custom Yard Signs

These are the signs found in the yards of individuals. Usually, custom yard signs are wooden given that they are changed from time to time. Within your yard, you might want to direct people to the garden, to the cowshed or any other place. These purposes can be temporary, thus the need to use wooden materials.

If you are looking to sell your yard, the custom yard signs are the best tool for marketing. The best part of these signs is that you can put them almost anywhere.

It is noteworthy to mention that the purpose of the custom wood signs dictates where to put them. If you need them to showcase that you are selling your yard, for example, you will have to strategically put them in places where many people pass. It is not uncommon to find many custom yard signs put in various strategic points.

Custom Parking Signs

Then there are custom parking signs. These are signs placed in parking spaces. Usually, custom parking signs are made metal, but it is not uncommon to find those made from the plastic materials.

Custom parking signs serve different purposes; among them to show reserved parking, no parking, and many others.

For example, a reserved parking sign is placed to keep a sport for someone special.

Custom parking signs for disabled people are often made from the plastic material. They are used to show a place that is reserved for such individuals.

You can create reserved parking signs from any material. The best ones are made of metal. These signs can be customized to create a message that sends out the best signals.

You can also find no parking signs in parking lots. Such signs are customized for places where people are not allowed to park their vehicles.

Custom Made Signs

These signs can be for anything and are made as per your instructions. A visit to the GS-JJ store will give you a chance to see how the custom made signs are popular, as people come with their own message, for their unique purposes.

Custom Aluminum Signs

The custom aluminum signs are special signs made from aluminum material. They are used for specific purposes in places with specific types of weather.

To get the best out these signs needs a strategy. The way you put them up will determine how useful they are.

Custom Business Signs   

Another type of common sign is custom business signs. As the name suggests, they are signs made specifically for businesses. These signs are most important for startup businesses, though even well-established ones still use them. You can find them along the roads, indicating the location of the business as well as what they do.

For example, a business can put up a sign to show that they have moved to a different place. They also put up for people to know the name of the business and where they are. Business signs also appear as signposts along the roads

Custom business signs are the best marketing agents for any business.

Note that custom business signs are for business, and if they are designed or installed wrongly, then they might not serve their purpose well. The best way to get the most out of your custom business signs is to create them with experts. They know the best way to create them and the message that attracts your customers the best.

Custom Outdoor Signs

These types of signs do not serve any one particular purpose. As suggested by the name, custom outdoor signs are put outside, whether within your yard, or in the woods, or wherever. They could be at a campsite showing campers routes to follow or simply signs outside a shop.

Custom outdoor signs can be used to represent any message. When you want to show people for example that you have put up a recreational park, you can use custom outdoor signs.

They can be made from any material. Some people prefer to use wood for these signs because they can be easily turned into the most amazing signs.

The message you on your custom outdoor signs determines whether or not they serve the purpose.

Custom business signs, custom yard signs and many others can all be classified as outdoor signs.

If you want to offer discounts on your goods and beat competition, simply display them on custom outdoor signs. This is the easiest way to provide information to the customers that walk by your shop.

Custom Laser Cut Metal Signs

These are custom signs that have been designed using lasers. The custom laser cut metal signs are made from metals and serve very unique purposes. It is for this reason that they have to be designed by experts, like the GS-JJ, or any other that has been tested and proven.

These signs can be created into the most amazing representation of your message. All you need is to identify an expert that knows what they are doing.

It is not easy to create custom laser cut metal signs. As much as they are quite attractive, they only serve best when you use the best material.

Custom Door Signs

Doors also receive custom door signs. The signs are placed on the doors, for example, to show who the office belongs to. Door signs are essential to help remove any confusion in case you want to enter any office.

If you walk in buildings that have very many door offices, you can know the office you want to get to by looking at the door signs. In hospitals, for example, they send patients to meet experts in different rooms. It is not however easy to find the rooms unless they are clearly labeled using custom door signs.

Custom door signs are not just found in businesses alone, you will also see them in hospitals, government offices and many other places. People who live in apartment buildings, in particular, find custom door signs particularly very helpful.

Custom Plastic Signs

These are signs designed using plastic materials. They are widely used in various places. The reason why custom plastic signs are widely accepted is that they are resistant to weather conditions, and are unreactive. This is not always the case with custom metal signs.

In most cases, custom plastic signs are used indoors for particular purposes.

Considerations of Custom Signs

When shopping around for the best custom signs, there are a number of things you need to remember. Below are some of the must-haves, if you want your purpose to be achieved effectively:

Start by Establishing Your Need

Make your goals clear. There is always something that drives you to want custom signs, use that as your motivation. Note that every sign serves its purpose. Signs are supposed to show clearly what they are meant for. For this reason, the first thing you want to do is ensure the signs are made very clear. The message should be clear enough to achieve its purpose

The Material of the Sign

The purpose of the sign will always inform the kind of material from which the sign is made. If your sign will be used for outdoor purposes, then you might have to consider buying custom metal signs.

The Climate of Your Area

In most cases, outdoor signs are determined by the weather. Note that there are many metals that are reactive to the various weather elements, and thus getting them to rust is easy. Before you purchase a custom made sign, you have to be sure of the weather within your locality.

Position of the Signs

Custom signs cannot be placed just anywhere. Before you place your order, start by establishing where the signs should be placed. Signs are supposed to be viewed, and you must identify a place where they get viewed.

Irrespective of how attractive your custom sign is, positioning it wrongly would only help to render it useless. The intention of the signs is best achieved when it is positioned correctly. To get the most out of the signs, ensure that you place the sign in an open place where it can be seen clearly.

If you position them in hidden places, people will not be able to see them. And for that, you will have failed completely.


Custom signs are not something new today. They have become very common because of the service they give.

Choosing the right signage service provider is always an issue. And one simple mistake when selecting a signage designer can mess everything up for you. This is why we always recommend the GS-JJ experts, and for a purpose:

        The GS-JJ has been around for so long, thus know exactly how to design your signs.

       They are not as costly as every other designer, they value their work more than money

        The GS-JJ designs can be trusted, as millions of customers keep coming back for more.

        You get unforgettable customer service, treating you with lots of humility and listening to each one of your needs.

Put simply, there is no better place to get your custom signs from other than the GS-JJ designers.

You can confirm this by looking at their portfolio, and reading through the reviews written by many other customers that have worked with GS-JJ.

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