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Custom Cowboy Hat Pins
Custom Cowboy Hat Pins
1.3" Hard enamel pins, die struck with gold finish.
Cup Boy Custom Enamel Pins
Cup Boy Custom Enamel Pins
1" Hard enamel pins, die struck with black nickel.
Barbecue Custom Pins
Barbecue Custom Pins
0.85"Soft enamel pins, die struck with dye black finish.
Baseball Cap Lapel Pins
Baseball Cap Lapel Pins
1" Hard enamel pins, die struck with gold finish.
Caps Custom Enamel Pins
Caps Custom Enamel Pins
1" Soft enamel pins, die struck with silver finish
Custom Lapel Pins for Pineapple
Custom Lapel Pins for Pineapple
1" Soft enamel lapel pins, die struck with dye black.
Custom Made Pins for Pink Paw
Custom Made Pins for Pink Paw
1.25" Soft enamel lapel pins. Custom made pins for Pink Paw with nickle finish.
Enamel pins for eyelashes
Enamel pins for eyelashes
1.5" Soft enamel pins for eyelashes with gold finish.
Soft lapel pins for fashionable
Soft lapel pins for fashionable
1" Soft enamel pins. Fashionable pins with gold finish.
Soft enamel for digital lapel pins
Soft enamel for digital lapel pins
0.75" Soft enamel pins, Soft enamel for digital lapel pins with ​brass plated.
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Lapel Pins
Hat Pins

Hat Pins

What are Hat Pins?

Hat Pins are a sort of functional and decorative pins for holding a hat to the head, usually by the hair, which are creative crafts. Hat pins origin from 1850s, then prevail from about 1890 to 1925. Although hat pins had a hard journey, they still developed. In western culture, hatpins are almost often worn in a pair, used by women. Hat pins are fashionable in the world like the United states and Europe. One of the most popular hat pins was made in Japan, called Satsuma. At length, They are about 500px with pin head. Certainly, no pin head is gradually accepted. Hat pins, to some degree, are metal hat pins. Generally speaking, designers want to use silver to make them. Of course, they can be used by gold or brass. They will gild over brass to make it a gold and silver wash. Sometimes, glass will be used like carnival glass and glass stones, for instance, hand blown molded glass, micro mosaic, rhinestones, porcelain. Satsuma is a sort of porcelain.

Lapel Hat Pins

Common Types Of Hat Pins

l Pearl Hat pins: it is made by pearl, which gives people a aristocratic and elegant feeling. At first sight, they are very delicate and attractive.

l Agate Hat pins: it is added with agate, giving people a mystery and majesty.

l Other Hat pins: according to occasions, there are creation hat pins, business hat pins, soiree hat pins and so on. According to users, there are military hat pins, king hat pins, kids hat pins, etc.

What are Lapel Hat Pins?

Lapel hat pins are different from hat pins with long needle. It is the same with lapel pins. It can be classified with Soft Enamel Pins, Hard Enamel Pins, Antique Pins, 3D or Cut Out Pins, Sandblast Enamel Pins, and Offset Printed Pins. Different crafts makes different efforts. Lapel hat pins will reduce the risk of stabbing one person. Usually, you can add your logo or some texts on it. When you put it on your hat, it will convey a special message or make you looks beauty. Especially, if you want to collect them and store them, lapel hat pins will be the best choice for you!

What are the use of Hat Pins?

l Traditionally, hat pins were used by women so that they can protect themselves from assault by men as a "weapon".

l Nowadays, hat pins are as a sort of accessories and prized by collectors and women who are favor of wearing big hats. Sometimes, hat pins will avoid your hat being blown away.

l Gradually, hat pins include a connotation in business. If you send hat pins, it means that you finalize a business successful.

How to Wear Hat Pins?

If you choose hat pins with hat head, you can attach your hat to your hairstyle, then hat pins hold your hat on securely. It also helps fix the hat high on your head so it’s not hiding your beautiful face or messing with your hair. When you wear a hat pin, you firstly set your position of hat as you desired, then thrust the hat pin from one side of your hat, be careful to slide it under your hair and finally push it back out the other side of the hat.

If you choose hat pins without hat head like common lapel pins, it is easy for you to wear. Just embed it on your hat like pasting it.

How to Make Custom Hat Pins?

If you have long, straight pins or hat pins, an assortment of beads and bead caps, and metal glue which can be purchased online. You may start to your design. Nowadays, Bakelite and celluloid become more efficient to mold.

At first, adding a bead cap; then lining up your beads in your chosen order ; finally ending with a small bead or cap. Once you have made a decision about your perfect combination, sliding the beads down the pin and adding some glue to the pin where the beads will sit. You should slide all but the last the bead back in place, ensuring that each one is adhered. Adding a small drop of glue to the bottom hole of the second to last bead, sliding your final piece into place and allowing the pin to dry. Then, your simply hat pin will be produced.

As for common hat pins, the crafts are the same to custom lapel pins. The kind of hat pins may be a little difficult for you to hand made because it needs to use professional machine.

How to Order Hat Pins From GS-JJ?

Automated Quotation System is the characteristics at GS-JJ. It is easy for you to operate. Firstly, selecting pin style, including size, metal finish and color. Secondly, Selecting attachment. Thirdly, choosing packaging. Finally, inputting your order number. Just simple steps and your product will be finished. Next, Our online sales representatives will email you with a detailed price quote and inquiry the designs if you want to design at your will. Design is for free. You can also submit your artwork and quotation request via email. Just attach the image or text that you want us to add in your item design as well as your instructions for the item layout. Once we received your payment proof, production will immediately start upon approval of the sample artwork.

Why Should You Order Hat Pins At GS-JJ?

As a custom hat pins manufacturer with more than 20 years experience, GS-JJ is capable of making kinds of hat pins like Mickey mouse hat pins, guitar hat pins, and so on. At the same time, it will provide a competitive price with high quality products because it owns highest quality materials and workmanship. GS-JJ is trusted by the World’s Biggest Brands as well as Small Business & Organizations. At the same time, GS-JJ has some highly trained and skilled pin designers. Moreover, you will meet friendly and responsive custom service. If you agree and 40 working days are permitted for any quality & shipped by Sea, you price are lowest to 40% off. Finally, free artwork and design consultation are provided for free.

Don’t hesitate! If you have any questions or need a quotation, you can contact us in any of the following ways.

1. Email us your Purchase Order or order details to

2. Call us at 1-888-864-4755.

3. Fax your Purchase Order or details to (909) 839-4501.

How to place your order?


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Perfect quality guarantee and excellent after-sales service

Every Hat Pins Includes:

FREE design and artwork with unlimited revisions

FREE full-color proof delivered via email

FREE Shipping - delivered via DHL or FedEx air service

FREE duty and tax.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for materials and workmanship

FAST Production - ready to ship in 5 days or less

Custom pins with no minimum order

Metal Plating Color Choices:

High polished gold metal

Antique gold

High polished silver metal

Antique silver

Polished copper

Antique copper

Black metal

Black nickel

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    Custom Pins Hots, No.1: Designing System Online that Professional Pin Manufacture Tools, No 2: Automated Quotation System for Custom Pins, you can easy to Select what your Lapel Pins needs online. Custom Enamel Pins Cheapest price Guarantee and No Minimum

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