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Chief Firefighter Challenge Coins
Chief Firefighter Challenge Coins
2" Soft enamel coins with sandblasting, polished with shiny gold finish.
Female Fire Chief Challenge Coins
Female Fire Chief Challenge Coins
1.5" Sandblast Soft Enamel Female Fire Chief Challenge Coins, Polished with Silver Finish.
Burlington Firefighter Challenge Coins
Burlington Firefighter Challenge Coins
2" Soft enamel coins with cross cut edges, polished with silver finish.
Nashville Fire Department Challenge Coins
Nashville Fire Department Challenge Coins
1.2" Soft enamel coins, polished with gold finish.
Lacofd Firefighter Challenge Coins
Lacofd Firefighter Challenge Coins
2" Soft Enamel Lacofd Firefighter Challenge Coins, polished with Silver Finish.
Spartan Firefighter Challenge Coins
Spartan Firefighter Challenge Coins
1.6" Spartan Firefighter Challenge Coins with standard edge, Plated by Gold Finish
North Providence Firefighters Custom Coins Cheap
North Providence Firefighters Custom Coins Cheap
1.75" Soft enamel coins, polished with gold finish.
Poole Fire Protection Custom Challenge Coins
Poole Fire Protection Custom Challenge Coins
1.75" Soft enamel coins, polished with antique gold finish.
Fire Department Custom Challenge Coins
Fire Department Custom Challenge Coins
1.8" Soft enamel coins, polished with silver finish.
Custom Fire Department Challenge Coins
Custom Fire Department Challenge Coins
1.8" Soft enamel coins, polished with gold finish.
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Firefighter Challenge Coins
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Challenge Coins

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Challenge Coins

Firefighter Challenge Coins

What are Firefighter Challenge Coins

A firefighter (also known as a fireman) is a rescuer extensively trained in firefighting, whose main purpose is to extinguish hazardous fires that threaten property and civilians or natural populations and to rescue people in other disaster, such as collapsed or burning buildings or crashed vehicles. It is a career that really deserves the greatest recognition to whom put their lives in danger to save others' lives. The only better way to acknowledge the contribution of fighters is to give them an honor with Firefighter Challenge Coins. These challenge coins are easy to carry, shiny and engraved with honorable words. Firefighter Challenge Coins are to carried as a symbol of honor and pride, and a sense of brotherhood that is recognized by the fire departments around the world.

Nowadays, custom firefighter challenge coins are created also for specific causes. Fundraising activities affiliated with a local fire department are gaining in popularity. Customized firefighter challenge coins are not only simply asking for donations, but it can be designed to reflect both the fire department and its cause, and then be sold to promote fundraising activities and awareness of the cause or organization. Firefighter Challenge Coins are remembered as a token of love, honor and something that depicts the highest degree of appreciation. These challenge coins serve as timeless memory and a lasting reminder of fireman service and dedication. You can create an amazing selection of personalized Coins to express your gratitude or award them that greatly aid in encouraging the firefighters for their great work. Whichever great coin you design, GS-JJ can engrave it with any special message. You can see our challenge coin gallery.

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A Brief History of Firefighter Challenge Coins

Custom Challenge Coins are an "August" way to honor law enforcement officers and other public officials. This include brave firefighters who are continually risking their lives to keep other’s property and lives in safety. But you might be pleasantly surprised by this distinguished and interesting history of firefighting. From the beginning we mentioned "August", and that is actually where firefighting started! Namely, the first ever organized Roman fire brigade of which we have any substantial history began in ancient Rome while under the rule of Augustus. In 6 A.D. after a catastrophic fire in Rome, the first organized fire fighting force was established by Augustus Caesar, known as the Vigiles. With 7,190 members, the Corp of Vigiles has gradually become one of the most powerful and respected elite organizations in the Roman Empire. As known, the fire service is a direct result of the Vigiles. However, Firefighting remained rudimentary in scope for a long time afterwards without any improvement. It wasn't until 1673 that Dutch inventor Jan Van der Heyden developed the first fire hose. And in the United States at the time, the first fire company came into service in Boston. Benjamin Franklin established the Union Fire Company in Philadelphia next year. There was a kind and heroic volunteer firefighter called George Washington in Alexandria, he even bought a new fire engine and gave it free to the town. However, it wouldn’t be until the Civil War when fire departments became universal nationwide and fully received money and mentoring support from the local, state, and federal governments. That’s all the stately history of firefighting. But certainly enough to consider when realizing the importance of firefighters, especially when honored them with custom challenge coins.

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Firefighter Challenge Coins Designs

There are different designs for the firefighter coins. Most of the fire department coins are based on the following designs:

Ø The Saint Florien

The fire service can turn dangerous any moment. That is why a prayer never hurts. The Saint Florien firefighter coin encapsulates the hope and strength that exists in the prayers. It is more of a blessing that anything else. The coin derives its origin from the Europeantale of Saint Florian, who once saved a whole village of people by dousing a fire with just a single container of water. He was later made the General of the Roman Fire Brigade. However, he was asked to renounce Christianity and refusing to do so got him a death sentence.

Firefighters and the fire service, in general, consider Saint Florian as their patron saint. Saint Florian watches over the firefighters, who watch over the general public – us.The Saint Florian firefighter coin is beautiful. On one side of the coin is Saint Florian watching over the firemen in gold. The saint bestows the firemen with the strength to protect those who are in need of their help. On the other side of the coin is the Fireman’s prayer. These words give comfort and hope to the brave men, who put their lives in line to save those of the others, during the most testing of times.

Saint Florian coins hold a special place among the firefighter challenge coins. They are beautiful to look at and come with a rich history and heritage that celebrates theinvaluable work of firefighters. These coins can be kept as a proud reminder of the noble service the firefighters are a part of or it can be passed down as a challenge to those who deserve.

Ø Star of Life

This coin is shared by the Emergency Response Services including firefighter departments,. Both emergency medical services and the fire service use them as challenge coins. The Star of Life coin provides hope to their recipients. The prayer on the coin keeps the emergency services providers going, even when they come across so much misery and suffering. The coin reminds them about the reason they do what they do – to rescue those in difficult situations.

The Star of Life custom challenge coins have the symbol of medical services on one side and a prayer on the other. With a base of a gold-plated coin, the Star of Life custom made coins can have many different colors, with blue being the most common.

Ø The Maltese Cross

Maltese Cross is another popular design choice for custom firefighter challenge coins. The Maltese cross is a bright red design that points towards the center. The Maltese cross has a very distinct appearance that makes it stand out among the other designs for the custom coins. The vibrant red color of the coin and the narrow arms make it a favorite among the services.

The Maltese cross originally belonged to the Knights of Malta. Today it has evolved into a symbol of valor and strength for emergency responders the world over. The eight points of the Maltese cross speak of the eight aspirations of a Knight – upholding truth, having faith, commitment to justice, repenting the sins, being merciful, being sincere, giving proof of humility, and persistence.

Maltese cross fire department challenge coins are for those who have had their mettle tested. They are for those who know the meaning of the eight virtues and are committed to practicing them everyday.

Ø Fire Chief Engrave Coin

Among the fire department challenge coins, Fire Chief Engravable coin holds a special place. It is awarded to the Fire Chief under whose able guidance so many brave men and women fight the flames to protect those in distress. The coin has an artistic array of bugles on one side and a message on the other. The bugles were the tools used by the Fire Chief to announce to the firefighters that there is an emergency situation. These were at a time when fire alarms were not in place. Fire Chief engravable custom coins are earned over a lifetime of service to the people and only a few deserve this highly regarded coin.

Ø The Fire fighter Helmet

There is nothing more recognizable than a firefighter helmet. It is a symbol of hope to those who are trapped in a fire, and a source of pride to those who wear it. Firefighters can carry that hope and pride with them wherever they want by making custom coins inspired from the firefighter’s helmet. They can either get a regular coin with a firefighter helmet engraved on it or they can make it extra special by getting custom coins shaped like a firefighter helmet.Either way, these coins come out pretty well. They make for a true firefighter challenge coin. Given the universal nature of the firefighter’s helmet, no matter where you are, you will be recognizable as a firefighter. That is the reason these coins work best as challenge coins.

Ø Fire Chief Nickel Coin

Fire Chief Nickel Coin is another one of the exclusively Fire Chief’s custom challenge coins. Made in Nickel, this coin too flaunts the revered bugles on one of the sides. These bugles are a part of every Fire Chief coin because they hold such a historically significant place in a Fire Chief’s life.

The other side of the coin comes with a Maltese cross engraved on it. The cross is the universal symbol of life-saving services across the globe. Among the fire department challenge coins, the nickel coin holds a special place. Its distinct appearance makes it noticeable. This is a sophisticated coin that is worthy of the exclusive club of the Fire Chiefs it belongs to.

These designs are among the most popular and traditional ones used while forging fire department challenge coins. All of them have some historic value attached to them, which gives them a universal appeal. However, each fire department and each fireman is different. So, challenge coins need not be the same. But, it will serve any fire department well to use thesetraditional coin designs as a starting point for their own coins. They can then go on to add their own touches to make their custom made coins unique.A traditional and personalized design is definitely the best combination.

Suggestions For Making Your Firefighter Challenge Coins Stand Out

Here are some ways that you can make your commemorative firefighter challenge coins stand out:

Optto include a 3D image. A firefighter's hat or ax is three-dimensional on a challenge coin that look more realistic

Use decorative edges to highlight your design. You can choose from a flat edge, rope edge, cross cut edge, spur edge, oblique line edge or bezel edge.

Sequential numbering the coins. Because limited edition coins are considered the highest of honors. Firefighter challenge coins can be numbered, which makes them more highly collectible.

Get Personalized Firefighter Challenge Coins for your Brave Firefighters Now

Custom firefighter challenge coins for your brave firefighters or Fire Department celebrates the accomplishments of men and women who put their lives on the line to keep us safe. GS-JJ offer you superior quality firefighter challenge coins at cost affordable prices. Ordering from our Automated Quotation System is easy, smooth and hassle-free. We keep in touch with you throughout the process to let you know how things are going, from the approval of artwork and proof approval, through to production and delivery. We keep in touch with you throughout the whole process from the approval of digital proof through changes, production and shipping. Although most firefighter challenge coins are round in shape, but we are willing to create any shape, size or color you wish, including metal colors gold, silver, cooper, black nickel and brass. You can select to have colors on one side or both sides, and add wave-cut, rope-cut and cross cut edge. Artwork and revisions are free for you to get the firefighter challenge coins you really want. GS-JJ offers 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. If any product have a flaw in either materials or workmanship, we will replace it for you without any charge until you are satisfied with your order. Let us show you how great your firefighter department coins can be!

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