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Field Artillery Regiment Army Coins
Field Artillery Regiment Army Coins
2.0" Soft Enamel Army Coins with Deep Spur Wave Edge and Antique Gold Finish.
Backbone Army Challenge Coins
Backbone Army Challenge Coins
4.4" 3D Backbone Army Challenge Coins with Soft Enamel & Two-tone Finish.
NANG Army Challenge Coins
NANG Army Challenge Coins
1.50" Antique NANG Army Challenge Coins, Polished with Antique Brass Finish.
AMVETS Veterans Challenge Coins
AMVETS Veterans Challenge Coins
1.5" Soft Enamel AMVETS Veterans Challenge Coins, Polished with Gold Finish.
Nigerian Army Military Coins
Nigerian Army Military Coins
2" Soft enamel coins with sandblasting process, polished with shiny gold finish.
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US Army

What are Army Challenge Coins?

As the largest military branch, the mission of the U.S. Army is to fight and win our Nation's wars. The army challenge coins are often used to recognize this feat as the Army can successfully organize equips and train its troops to fulfill their mission.

The United States Army is one of the biggest sources of challenge coins. Just like the military medals, the US Army challenge coins are also usually to celebrate a change in rank or awards and the completion of training.

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What Makes the Army Coins So Special?

Although army Challenge Coins have been around for many decades, their popularity has exploded over the past decade on account of many reasons. At their core, Army Coins are a badge of honor. They are a reminder of a person, event, or achievement and have immense emotional value to their recipients.

Durable and Timeless

More importantly, they are timeless. Army’s serving members and veterans alike carry them all the time on themselves and display them proudly to share their exceptional legacy. Quite naturally, these coins must be befitting of their pride and last with them a long time.

The army honor challenge coins’ unique features and properties make them the best choice for such glory. For all these following reasons, people cherish the army challenge coins with great pride.


Tangible Remembrance

An army challenge coin is the most tangible memento of people’s experiences in the army. It leaves a lasting impact on you and brings about profound changes in your worldview. An army challenge coin is the most tangible form of crystallizing all those memories, experiences, and achievements.

You can regale your kids and grandkids with your adventures from your time in the army and show them your army challenge coins that you received for your service and sacrifices.


Strong and Lightweight

Army challenge coins are made out of high-quality, sturdy metals that do not bend, break, cut, fold, or get damaged in any way. For this reason, they can be carried by their recipients all the time, wherever they go.

There are many options to display the challenge coins. For example, you can display the precious US army coin in the most prominent place in your bookcase. The US army challenge coins are not cumbersome either. They are rugged, lightweight, and durable.


Symbol of Eternal Loyalty

Chasing materialistic things and pleasures often leaves us without our center of gravity. It is not uncommon at all to feel lost in civilian life. We all crave and need to be part of something bigger.

But, your army challenge coin will be a constant reminder to you that you were not only part of something very big, which happened to be awesome too. You are a loyal, disciplined, and brave defender of this great nation. The coin is a constant reminder of your service that is eternal.

How to Obtain the Army Challenge Coins?

The Army has a vast collection of challenge coins. In fact, among all the military organizations, it is the Army that has the biggest collection of challenge coins. In the army, cohesion, unity, and team spirit between the members of a division, base, battalion, or other groups. They must work like well-oiled machines in tandem with each other to produce the results expected of them.

Army challenge coins are a great way to foster that team spirit. Even the non-combat groups within the army, such as the engineer corps are often awarded the US Army Engineer Challenge Coins for their service, commitment, and loyalty to the nation. Primarily, you can get your hands on an Army challenge coin in these ways:

How to Obtain the Army Challenge Coins

Be a Participant

● The most common way of getting an army challenge coin is to get assigned to a specific army base. When you get posted at an army base or even an international base, soldiers can be awarded a challenge coin.

● Likewise, soldiers also get awarded rare army challenge coins as part of their missions, operations, and other functions on foreign lands. Because these missions are exclusive and are not repeated, mission-specific custom coins tend to be rare and prized.

Trade Coins

● It is quite common in the Army for officers to hand down their challenge coin to a subordinate who they deem worthy of it.

● Alternatively, it is also not uncommon among the soldiers to trade their army challenge coins with each other. The two-way trade could be a product of a friendship between them, to remember each other by, or as a mark of respect for each other.

Buy from Dealers

● This is by far the most common way that civilians can get their hands on the army challenge coins. Often, either the military personnel owning them or their kin give up their army challenge coins either for sale or for donation.

● Eventually, they end up in the market for a variety of reasons. Numismatists, amateur admirers, and the rich-looking to add the rare prized possessions into their collection purchase the army challenge coins.

Order Army Coins

● You can get custom army challenge coins the way you want to commemorate a person or an event. The custom made army challenge coins can be manufactured to the exact specifications of the buyer.

● Good quality is paramount, but you can get the custom military coins cheap if you approach the right service provider. Why not choose the industry-leading GS-JJ company to customize your army coins?

How to Design Army Challenge Coins?

Select Proper Style

Select Proper Style

● When deciding on how to build your custom army challenge coins, the first thing you should keep in mind is that the challenge coins should represent the pride and tradition of your troops.

● So, maybe you can spend more time researching your unit's historical origins to get inspiration. Also adding a few elements such as the logos, seals and mottos could be part of your army coin design. Then, size, shape, side options, and plating options are necessary to complete your challenge coin.

Choose Your Favorite Size

Choose Favorite Size

● GS-JJ offers sizes from 1.5 inches on up, and for you to use as a reference, nearly 40% of all the rare military challenge coins for sale we produce are normally the 2-inch size.

● Having the perfect size for your coin is also important, make them fit into your pocket or wallet and easy to carry on everywhere! A three-inch or larger Army challenge coin looks great on displays and lately has become more and more popular.

Why Choose GS-JJ?

Highest Quality

Highest Quality

Our over 20 years of manufacturing and design experience provide you the best quality you want. GS-JJ, a qualified army coin maker, can create your custom army challenge coins to represent your deployment location, specific unit, a particular base, or any other aspect of Army life that you would like to commemorate.

Lowest Price

Lowest Price

In GS-JJ, the price of our custom army coins will definitely surprise you. Primarily, we provide every customer with free & considerate services for the design and modification of your cheap challenge coins. And we will arrange free air transportation for your bulk coins. Furthermore, all custom made coins are sold at factory-direct cheap prices.

Excellent Service

Excellent Service

We're committed to providing excellent service for every level of customers, and we strive to win your repeat business for all of your custom challenge coins needs. Fill out our Automated Quotation System today or Call us and let us show you the finest army challenge coins you can buy!

History of Army Challenge Coins

Nowadays, custom challenge coins are normally given to members of the units and/or special visitors also as appreciation for their support, excellent work performance, boost their morale, and reward service members. Create your army challenge coins and tell your unit's story from generation to generation!

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