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Fantastic Elements

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Finding answers to your questions about customization and resolving your concerns promptly.

We also offer you the fastest route to get a thorough understanding of the customization sizes, options, PMS colors, and embroidery thread colors...

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Privacy Policy

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Terms and Conditions

Custom Lapel Pins Made in USA

Searching for Custom Lapel Pins proudly made in USA?

There is no denying that spending money on products created in your own country help the economy, no matter what country you are in.Being that we are in the United States, it gives us great pride to offer this great line of designs for those companies that want to remind their customers of the service they are doing by investing in their domestic economy.

GS-JJ offers custom Lapel Pins made in USA for your company, sports team, convention or trade show, club, military reunion, corporate event, religious function, and more.We have custom print lapel pins that will fit any budget!Take pride in GS-JJ custom personalized lapel pins as it was handmade by skilled craftsman in the USA. Order Now!

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  • Made in USA Workflow

    custom lapel pins made in usa

    1. Design

    Select the template, add the idea theme and logo of lapel pin to the template, and complete the design.

    custom lapel pins made in usa

    2. Order & Confirm Design

    Choose the craft, accessories, quantity of the lapel pin and pay. We will receive the design for precise adjustment, let the customer confirm.

    custom lapel pins made in usa

    3. Production

    After the customer approved the design, arrange the production, inspection and delivery.

    Customize Now

    Why Choose US?

    Here are the three advantages different from other companies:

    24 hours

    GS-JJ 24 hours printing services allows us to quickly deliver lapel pins to the customer without creating a mold.  All of custom lapel pins in 24 hours are with affordable price and fast production so that can be fullfilled on timely delivery needs.

    Made in USA

    Our factory is located in Los Angels, CA. All of our lapel pins are made by well-trained workers in USA with excellent quality.Trust in American made lapel pins, and purchase from GS-JJ to relieve U.S. employment pressure

    No minimum

    All of our custom lapel pins small order are available with no minimum order quantity , no hidden design charges and mold fees.A perfect choice for those who wants to customize a small quantity or even 1 piece with limited budgets.

    Other Custom Products Made in USA

    Custom baseball pins are produced by
    skilled worker in USA
    Top quality with high printing technology
    Lowest price include free air shipping
    Affordable price with delicate
    Made by skilled workers in American
    with advanced printing technology
    Perfect choice for urgent delivey date
    but low budgets

    Other Custom Lapel Pins

    Custom Soft Enamel Pins

    The custom soft enamel pina are great in texture and concave and convex to the touch, the raised areas are metal edges, while the concave areas are filled with enamel colors.

    Custom Hard Enamel Pins

    The custom hard enamel pins are one of most durable lapel pins, which have have higher luster, quality and are very durable, also the best selection for those event pins, political pins and corporate pins.

    Custom 3D or Cutout Lapel Pins

    GS-JJ custom 3D or cutout pins can show much delicate details and with intricate cut-outs and 3D sculpturing.  3D or cutout pins' raised areas are not only the metal edges, but also the whole pattern.

    Custom Antique Pins

    The custom antique pin looks very classic. It has raised and recessed areas. The recessed area is darker than raised areas so that the antique pin looks more three-dimensional. We can also fill in colors of your needs in recessed area to make antique pins more exquisite.

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