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Custom Cufflinks

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Custom Cufflinks
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Custom Cufflinks

There are very few items are as stylish as custom cufflinks. For men who wear suits and tuxedos, cufflinks are the ideal way to add a bit of distinctive style to one’s outfit.

With the ability to order and design custom cufflinks, every man can have cufflinks that were designed with him in mind. NO matter his interests, you can order anything you think he might love. Of course, gents, you can order them for yourselves as well.

Some ideas of what to put on a custom cufflink

Since you can put anything you want on to a cufflink, it can be a bit overwhelming. Here are some ideas that we’ve seen recently that our clients have asked us to create for them.

Outdoor Sports - If he likes to fish, you might choose a design with a fly or a fish on it. Of course, cufflinks with hunting gear or hiking boots.

Sports Teams - Cufflinks for men that show a man’s favorite sports teams can be a great way for him to be himself when he’s wearing a suit. There are lots of styles that you can choose from.

Movie - Sometimes that there are great symbols that one draw from movies for cufflinks.

Star Wars - Choose your side - the Rebel Alliance or the Empire - and let your cufflinks show everyone who you are.

Casablanca - Nothing is more symbolic than the plane from Casablanca or the sign for Rick’s. They would make perfect cufflinks.

Alien - The head of the xenomorph or the logo for the Weyland-Yutani Corp. is the perfect way to celebrate one of the most popular movie franchises in history.

Hello Kitty - Chef Geoffrey Zakarian wore Hello Kitty bandages on his fingers for years as an homage to his children. Hello Kitty cufflinks can make a statement for everyone to see.

Harry Potter - A magic wand or the symbol for Gryffindor is a great way to let everyone see that you love those movies and books.

Batman - The hero of Gotham City represents the complexity that many men are. Cufflinks are a great way to celebrate that complexity with something that is timeless and truly useful.

Book Interests - There are thousands of books, most of which have some symbol that can be used to make great cufflinks.

Politics - Many people like to wear their politics on their sleeves. Custom cufflinks are a great way to make that happen.

Military - Each branch of the military has its own symbols. They are amazing and spark great conversations as cufflinks.

Custom logo cufflinks- If the man has a business with it’s own logo, you can order custom logo cufflinks. These can be a great gift for an entire management. Custom made cufflinks aren’t just for men; women can wear cufflinks as ornamentation on dresses and shirts.

Custom made cufflinks - Having custom made cufflinks is a luxury that was once reserved for the wealthy, but with GS-JJ, you can order your own custom made cufflinks in nearly any design.

Occasions for Custom Cufflinks

There are many great occasions to give a man custom cufflinks.

Father’s Day - Forget ties. Give him a pair of custom engraved cufflinks that were made just for him. You can order them and have them in plenty of time to deliver them on Father’s Day.

Birthdays - Happy birthday! Here’s something that I had made just for you. It shows a lot of caring and affection. If it’s the thought that counts, a custom-made gift for dad’s birthday are a great way to show that you are really thinking of him.

Christmas - There are lots and lots of choices, but few things that you buy now will become heirlooms. Take the time to get some custom cufflinks made and he’ll think of this Christmas and the people he cares about who gave them to him.

Graduation - Nothing says “you’ve made it” like a gift that sets him up to look fantastic when he arrives at his new job.

Promotion - Getting that big promotion is a great feeling. A gift of custom cufflinks is an awesome way to pat them on the back and make it clear that you’re proud of them.

New baby - Cufflinks that celebrate the birth of a child will get handed down for generations. It might be worth getting two pairs of cufflinks, one for the baby books and one to wear.

Ordering Custom Cufflinks

Placing an order for custom cufflinks on is simple.

1. Find the base that you want.

2. Upload your design or choose one of ours.

3. See what it will look.

4. Pay for your order.

5. We a couple of weeks for you custom cufflinks to arrive.

This is the simplest, cheapest way to get great custom cufflinks quickly.

Why order cufflinks from GS-JJ?

GS-JJ is the world’s leading manufacturer of custom made items, including custom cufflinks, keychains, lapel pins, belt buckles and patches. With a powerful online ordering system, a massive factory and master craftspeople to do the work, and express shipping to North America, GS-JJ is able to provide you with every style of custom logo cufflinks and other custom cufflinks.

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