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US Coast Guard Challenge Coins
US Coast Guard Challenge Coins
1.75" Shiny US Coast Guard Challenge Coins with 3D and Sandblast Crafts, Polished with Gold and Silver Two Tone Finish.
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Challenge Coins
Coast Guard Challenge Coins

Coast Guard Challenge Coins

What are Coast Guard Challenge Coins?

The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG), a branch of the U.S. Armed Forces, is one of seven United States service agencies. The United States was founded by Alexander Hamilton in 1790 as a important role of maritime safety, security and stewardship, and is the oldest continuous maritime service in the United States. The Coast Guard has been defending the territory and preventing the invading enemy countries. Coast Guard units are often heroes in their hometowns. Coast Guard Challenge Coins are a perfect way to commemorate and showcase appreciation for the dedication and sacrifices to those that Coast Guard members serve. They are also a fine way to recognize and honor the long tradition of Coast Guard service and a symbol of the bond you share with fellow coastguardsman.

History of Coast Guards

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) has the mandate to protect maritime law in domestic and international waters, protect America’s economic interests, its national security, enforce boating and fishing regulations in their jurisdictions, and carry out military missions for the US Navy, among its many responsibilities.

In addition to all of these peacetime missions, USCG works directly under the US Navy and participates in the wars. It played a significant role in the WWII, when they sunk more than 15 German and Japanese vessels, including submarines, and surface vessels. Much before that, it was USCG that fired the first shots during the Civil War of 1861–1865. From the late 18th century to the late 19th century, USCG captured well over 500 ships that were transporting slaves from Africa to the US. After the civil war, the United States Government realized how crucial and integral the Coast Guard is to their national security and promptly brought it under the umbrellaof the United States Navy.

Their motto – Always Ready – is definitely not an exaggeration for an agency that is always ready to serve.

Clearly, the USCGis an organization that deserves all the praise and celebration in the world. The US Coast Guard Challenge Coins are just a small way of thanking these brave, intrepid, and selfless people for their priceless contribution to the American people and for protecting their way of life.Their actions keep the people and the coasts of the US safe from threats – be it natural or man-made.

Features of Coast Guard Challenge Coins

Making USCG’s Insignia or Seals as Coast Guard Challenge Coins

Every military organization, unit, department, and even private organizations have their own approach and design conventions for custom challenge coins. As each of them handle different types of challenges in different environments, their custom challenge coins often contain insignia, seals of their operations, and so on, that are representative of their respective organizations and units. The US Coast Guard challenge coins follow this tradition too.

Making USCG’s Tools as Coast Guard Challenge Coins

The United States is trying to make the Coast Guard the sharp end of the stick in its mission to combat deep-water threats that arise from the deep sea. To meet their new and growing threats, the Coast Guard is being equipped with a multitude of cutting-edge surveillance tools, reconnaissance crafts, intelligence gathering tools, and so on. Often, these include some of the most modern ships and aircraft that are equipped with the latest tech in the US arsenal. The Coast Guard is very proud of these tools and naturally, they often make it into their very own custom coins.

Various Occasion to Give Coast Guard Challenge Coin

Perhaps, the most important feature of any Coast Guard challenge coin is the occasion for which it is being presented. Because of the vast nature of the activities of the US Coast Guard, the occasion for the award of these custom coast guard challenge coins can be anything. It could be for making a major drug bust in the oceans, for capturing pirates, for providing timely support to the US Navy during a war far away from home, or something else. The fact that they face life and death situations routinely makes them some of the most celebrated heroes, especially in their hometowns, where they are practically legends. They carry their custom made coins proudly with them. Some of them share the stories behind their challenge coin award and some are more private about it. In either case, the challenge coin itself must do all the talking and let the audience know about the occasion on which a hero, this hero, rose to their call of duty.

Why GS-JJ is Your Best Choice for Ordering Custom Coast Guard Challenge Coins?

The men and women who serve in the United States Coast Guard are people of exceptional character and discipline. They risk their lives on a routine basis to protect the lives of the people and the interests of the country they serve. It is only befitting that their achievements be commemorated by the finest quality custom coast guard challenge coins.

GS-JJ is a leading challenge coin maker in the US and a supplier qualified, equipped, and specialized enough to produce custom coins cheap and of unparalleled quality, which is what every deserving member of US Coast Guard should be awarded with. The challenge coins they receive must be as exceptional as the men and women who serve the esteemed organization.

Most important of all, GS-JJ is equipped to handle even the most complex challenge coin designs that require extraordinary attention to detail. We are the only company that has the talent, expertise, and the knowledge to meet all the unique needs of our customers. No wonder that we have become the top challenge coin maker for military challenge coins, be it the Navy Challenge Coins, Coast Guard Challenge Coins, or other challenge coins.

Designing Your Custom Coast Guard Challenge Coins

The sacrifices and dedications made by members of the United States Coast Guard were honored by the Coast Guard Challenge Coins, which represents the particular aircraft or ships, squadrons, units and individuals for outstanding performance. Coast Guard Challenges Coins are delicately designed with insignia, seals, standards, mottoes, stripes and other graphics that represent specific actions. 2 inches(2) is our most common size for Coast Guard challenge coins, but 3 inches(3)or lager size are also popular. And GS-JJ can create Coast Guard challenge coins of all sizes, shapes and styles that meet the highest standard. We offer a wide range of plating finishes including gold, brass, nickel, silver and copper. A popular special option that we offers is double plating that applies two different metal plating on the same coin in order to craft truly noticeable custom coins. Our talented custom challenge coins designers team are glad to help you create and design Coast Guard Coins. They spend time doing some research on your history of Coast Guard and understanding what type of look and feel you want the Coast Guard challenge coins. Each Custom Coast Guard Challenge coins we made are unique, you and your crew will carry and display with pride!

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GS-JJ provide Free design with unlimited revisions. We hope you are satisfied with your Coast Guard challenge coins ordering experience at GS-JJ and we pride ourselves on customer service. You will find our quality and price are the best around. Because we use the highest quality materials and the most advanced manufacturing processes available to produce your Coast Guard coins. Before we ship your challenge coins to you, we inspect carefully each coins by hand. All the products we sell offer the lowest price and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If any product have a flaw in either materials or workmanship, we will replace it for you without any charge until you are satisfied with your order. Now simply complete our quick and convenient Automated Quotation System or Email us, and our online sales representative will contact you regarding your request to begin the process of creating your perfect Custom Coast Guard Challenge Coins!

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