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CLB453 Marine Corps Challenge Coins
CLB453 Marine Corps Challenge Coins
2.5" Soft Enamel CLB453 Marine Corps Challenge Coins, Polished with Silver Finish.
Vest Marine Corps Challenge Coins
Vest Marine Corps Challenge Coins
2.0" Soft Enamel 3D Vest Marine Corps Challenge Coins, Polished with Gold Finish.
Marine Corps Vets Challenge Coins
Marine Corps Vets Challenge Coins
1.95" Silk Screen Printing Marine Corps Coins and Polished with Silver Finish.
US Marine Corps Challenge Coins
US Marine Corps Challenge Coins
1.50" Antique US Marine Corps Challenge Coins, Polished with Antique Silver Finish.
Task Force Southwest Marine Corps Challenge Coins
Task Force Southwest Marine Corps Challenge Coins
1.5 " Task Force Marine Corps Challenge Coins with Gold Finish and standard edge.
Marine Corps Challenge Coins
Marine Corps Challenge Coins
2" Soft enamel coins with rope edges, polished with silver finish.
Maritime Raid Force Custom Award Coins
Maritime Raid Force Custom Award Coins
1.6" Die struck coins, polished with antique silver finish.
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        What are the Marine Corps Challenge Coins?

marine corps challenge coins

The United States Marine Corps (USMC), also known as the United States Marines, is a branch of the United States Armed Forces responsible for conducting amphibious operations with the United States Navy.

Since its founding in 1775, Marine Corps Unit Coins have been a key part of maintaining freedom in the United States and around the world.

Having quality Marine Corps challenge coins or custom medals made to commemorate the proud men and women who serve in the corps is nothing short of Marine’s tradition and expectation. The Marine challenge coin is a perfect way to spread the team and a perfect keepsake to remember to remind all the veterans of the once-grand time that they spent in the Marine Corps.

How to Design Marine Corps Challenge Coins?

        The US Marine Corps Challenge Coins are crafted by skilled and talented craftsmen who have been producing prestigious custom made challenge coins for over a decade. And you won’t find much better quality anywhere else at a better price. We will work with you to design and craft the challenge coins that your Marine Corps unit deserves with unlimited revisions without any charges. Please look at our gallery for Marine Corps Coins as a sample that we work with other Marine Corps units and we are glad to answer any questions about what design best suits your USMC coins.

        Our over 20 years of experience has summed up the following information that can serve as a design guide for creating your custom Marine Corps challenge coins, click our challenge coin gallery to see the design. We can truly make any challenge coins you exactly want and we are looking forward to working with you to design the perfect Custom Marine Corps challenge coins. Let us show you the different terms of making unique challenge coins.

how to design marine corps challenge coins

Coin Sizes

● About forty percent (30%) of the coins we produced for Marine Corps Challenge Coins were of the two-inch (2”) round variety and this has been the most popular coin size for the last few years.

● There are a couple of reasons for its popularity: one is 2-inch coins that are easy to carry in your pocket, the other is the most traditional. Larger Marine Corps challenge coins are common across all branches of the Marine Corps units as it allows units to show more artwork & the Marine Corps motto.

Coin Shape

● Round coin shapes are still the most traditional and most popular coins we produce, but the reality is Marine Corps challenge coins are available in custom shapes and sizes.

● If there is an image or item that really represents what your Marine Corps unit is, then think about challenge coins in that shape. Of course, if there is any shape you want to customize, we can achieve it for you.

Coin Plating

● Brass is our most common type of plating for Marine Corps challenge coins. As is known to all, Marine Corps is world-renowned for brass polishing skills.

● And the most common special option is Dual plating, a technique that applies two different metal plating on the same coin in order to craft truly noticeable custom coins. We also provide less common plating like shiny gold, antique gold, antique brass, shiny silver, antique silver, shiny copper, antique copper, shiny black nickel.

Coin Edge

● Most Marine Corps challenge coins we produce will use the default straight cut at no extra charge. The next most common edging options are Rope and Diamond cross-cut.

● For more information on special edging options, please refer to our Automated Quotation System or ask our online sales representative. We also provide laser engraving text and sequential numbering to show the exclusivity of your Marine Corps challenge coins.

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Why is it Important to Give
Marine Corps Challenge Coins?

Performing impossible missions

us marine corps

● The USMC Marine Corps is the ultimate force projection instrument of the United States military. The missions, operations, and objectives of the Marine Corps are simply the toughest and the most challenging. They are dispersed across the globe on various US Navy ships near strategic locations.

● The Marine Corps primarily executes amphibious missions in coordination with the US Navy. The custom USMC coins are the sharp end of the stick of the US military.

The evolutionary process

marine corps unit

● The evolution of the Marine Corps into a near-celebrity status came during WWII. They were engaged heavily across the Asia-Pacific theatre, which was home to a large number of small islands that were used as launch pads and military bases by the Japanese troops. The Marine Corps secured the islands.

● Therefore, the Marine Unit Coins have become a matter of great pride among the troops. And their spirit has to be celebrated by USMC challenge coins. Each of the custom Marine Corps challenge coins evokes enormous pride, team spirit, and warmth of unity within the Corps.

Why Choose GS-JJ.com?

GS-JJ has emerged as the exclusive source of magnificent, exquisite, and outstanding quality custom coins for all military purposes. The custom military challenge coins we produce feature such a fine design and superior craftsmanship that they are an absolute pleasure to hold in one’s hands. Inevitably, their recipients find themselves mesmerized by their supreme quality and attention to detail. Their incredible design will evoke strong emotions of camaraderie, team spirit, loyalty, pride, and shared love for the country in their recipients.

US Marine Corps Challenge Coins

Incredible Design for Free

● How to make your Marine Corps Challenge Coins outstanding? Coin Design is the most important factor. We promise you that we will offer you custom coins cheap and with the best of designs.

● Our designers and craftsmen are skilled and fully equipped to handle the most complex of designs. There is a reason that we have so many custom made Marine Corps challenge coins for sale. Their designs are a hit and they are all the work of our talented designers. Besides, we offer various kinds of options to display your challenge coins.

Best Product You’ve Ever Seen

● Our purpose is to ensure that your Marine Corps challenge coins exactly meet your needs and reciprocate the same commitment, honor, and readiness as the Marine Corps. We offer Free Shipping - delivered via DHL or FedEx air service. All the products we sell provide the lowest price and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

● When marine challenge coins for sale leave our premises, we make sure that the ultimate custom coins are so breathtaking that their recipients always carry them, brimming with pride.

Task Force Southwest Marine Corps Challenge Coins

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