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US Marine Corps Challenge Coins
US Marine Corps Challenge Coins
1.50" Antique US Marine Corps Challenge Coins, Polished with Antique Silver Finish.
Task Force Southwest Marine Corps Challenge Coins
Task Force Southwest Marine Corps Challenge Coins
1.5 " Task Force Southwest Marine Corps Challenge Coins with Gold Finish and standard edge.
Marine Corps Challenge Coins
Marine Corps Challenge Coins
2" Soft enamel coins with rope edges, polished with silver finish.
Maritime Raid Force Custom Award Coins
Maritime Raid Force Custom Award Coins
1.6" Die struck coins, polished with antique silver finish.
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Challenge Coins
Marine Corps Challenge Coins

Marine Corps Challenge Coins

What are Marine Corps Challenge Coins?

The United States Marine Corps (USMC), also known as the United States Marines, is a branch of the United States Armed Forces responsible for conducting amphibious operations with the United States Navy. Since its founding in 1775, Marine corps have been a key part of maintaining freedom in the United States and around the world. For more than 200 years, Marines vigorously are faithful to their mission, one another and the nation. The traditions of dedication, loyalty and sacrifice have been a part of Marines Corps storied history. Having Marine Corps challenge coins made to commemorate the proud men and women who serve in the corps is nothing short of a Marine’s tradition and expectation.Marine Corps challenge coins are a perfect way to spread team spirit and a perfect keepsake to remember remind all the veteran of the once-grand time that they spent in the Marine Corps. Whether you wish to commemorate base, deployment, a specific unit or any other aspect of Marine Corps life, our team of talented custom challenge coin designers can create Custom Marine Corps challenge coins that your unit will carry and display with pride!

USMC – The Legacy of Force Projection & Why is Important to Give Marine Corps Challenge Coins

The Marine Corps is the ultimate force projection instrument of the United States military. Despite being the smallest military branch in the US, they are the objects of immense respect and admiration even within the military organizations. The missions, operations, and objectives of the Marine Corps are simply the toughest and the most challenging. They are the real-life agents onimpossible missions.

The Marine Corps primarily executes amphibious missions in coordination with the US Navy. The mobile nature of the US Navy helps them to reach any hostile territory across the world, and launch the amphibious team of highly trained Marines. They attack and secure the positions which are then used by the other US armed forces as a base of operations in the hostile territory. In other words, the Marine Corps is the sharp end of the stick of the US military. It is for this reason that the USMC has evolved into to become the force project instrument of the nation’s armed forces.

The sharp end nature of their operations means that the Marine Corps must always be prepared to jump right into action on a moment’s notice and execute the mission for which they are called. Hence, they are dispersed across the globe on various US Navy ships near strategic locations. They always have access to all the tactical gear they need. They are full equipped, supplied the necessary logistical ground and air support, and provided all the tools required to execute their missions. When the call of duty comes, they spring into action, invade the hostile territory, and secure it aggressively, before the enemy even has theopportunity to realize their presence.

Theevolution of the Marine Corps into a near-celebrity status came during the WWII. They were engaged heavily across the Asia-Pacific theatre, which was home to a large number of small islands that were used aslaunch pads and military bases bythe Japanese troops. The Marine Corps landed on these islands, penetrated deep into them, fished out the troops, and secured the islands. The USMC took control of dozens of islands this way and in the process, lost thousands of its men. It was during these missions that the Marine Corps formulated and perfected its art of amphibious attacks. Their extraordinary sacrifices and efforts were forever immortalized by Joe Rosenthal in his iconic photograph of the Marines lifting the American flag on Iwo Jima.This photograph has become a centerpiece of various emblems, coins, and bodies related to or dedicated to the Marines.

The amphibious attack strategies perfected by the Marines during the WWII were put to extensive practice during the Korean War, Vietnam War, and the Middle-East offensives. In the recent years, the Marine Corps has rightly become the invaluable asset of the US military. Therefore, the Marine Corps Challenge Coins have become a matter of great pride among the troops. Great achievements have been made by them. They represent the honor, loyalty, and an unwavering commitment to the nation and its people displayed by the Marines during the most challenging circumstances. And their spirit has to be celebrated by marine corps challenge coins. Each of the custom Marine Corps challenge coins evokes enormous pride, team spirit, and warmth of unity within the Corps.

Design Marine Corps Challenge Coins Guide

Our Marine Corps Challenge coins are crafted by skilled and talented craftsmen who have been producing prestigious custom made challenge coins for over a decade. And you won’t find such better quality anywhere else at a better price. We will work with you to design and craft Marine Corps challenge coins that your Marine Corps unit deserves with unlimited revisions without any charges. Please look at our gallery for Marine Corps Coins as a sample that we work with other Marine Corps units and we are glad to answer any questions about what design best suits your coins. Our over 20 years of experience has summed up the following information that can serve as a design guide for creating your custom Marine Corps challenge coins,To click our challenge coin gallery to see design.

Marine Corps Challenge Coins Sizes:

About forty percent (40%) of the coins we produced for Marine Corps Challenge Coins were of the two-inch (2”) round variety and this has been the most popular coin size for the last few years. There is a couple of reasons for its popular: one is 2-inch coins that is easy to carry in your pocket, the other is the most traditional. As the larger-sized become more popular, we have seen a sharp increase in larger coins in recent years. Larger Marine Corps challenge coins are common across all branches of the Marine Corps units as it allow units to show more artwork, Marine Corps motto, and often create more unique challenge coins.

Marine Corps Challenge Coins shape:

Round coin shapes are still most traditional and most popular coins we produce, but the real is Marine Corps challenge coins are available in custom shapes and sizes. If there is an image or item that really represents what your Marine Corps unit is, then think about challenge coins in that shape.

Marine Corps Challenge Coins Plating:

Brass is our most common type of plating for Marine Corps challenge coins. As is known to all, Marine Corps are world-renowned for brass polishing skills. And the most common special option is Dual plating, a technique that applies two different metal plating on the same coin in order to craft truly noticeable custom coins. We also provide less common plating like Shiny gold, Antique gold, Antique brass, Shiny silver, Antique silver, Shiny copper, Antique copper, Shiny black nickel.

Marine Corp Challenge Coins Edging Options:

Most of Marine Corps challenge coins we produce will use the default straight cut at no extra charge. The next most common edging options are Rope and Diamond cross cut. For more information on special edging options, please refer to our Automated Quotation System or ask our online sales representative. We also provide laser engraving text and sequential numbering to show the exclusivity of your Marine Corps challenge coins. We can truly make any challenge coins you exactly want and we are looking forward to work with you to design the perfect Custom Marine Corps challenge coins.

GS-JJ Custom Marine Coins to Boost Morale and Team Spirit

As the most active, accomplished, and critical element of our nation’s security establishment, the Marines deserve to be celebrated with the highest of honors. That means, commemorating their achievements with some of the finest quality custom challenge coins available in the entire land. Over the years, GS-JJ has emerged as the exclusive source of magnificent, exquisite, and outstanding qualitycustom coins for all military purposes. The custom challenge coins we produce feature such a fine design and superior craftsmanship that they are an absolute pleasure to hold in one’s hands. Inevitably, their recipients find themselvesmesmerized by their supreme quality and attention to detail.Their incredible design will evoke strong emotions of camaraderie, team spirit, loyalty, pride, and shared love for the country in their recipients.

We like to think that we are not a coin-making company, but a company that celebrates and immortalizes the sacrifices and achievements of our finest men and women. We are grateful for the great lengths they go to ensure that we sleep peacefully at night. It is a matter of great pride for us to contribute to their joy in our own small way. Needless to say, we take our job very seriously here at GS-JJ.

When custom made coins leave from our premises, we make sure that they are so breathtaking that their recipients always carry them, brimmingwith pride.

Need Custom Challenge Coin Designs? Let Us Help!

If you have a custom design for your Marine Corps Challenge Coins or want us to create a magnificent design based on your vision, our designersare always ready to listen to your ideas. Call us toll free at 1-888-864-4755 or email info@gs-jj.comand be as detailed and expansive as you like. We promise you that we will offer you custom coins cheap and with the best of designs. Our designers will patiently listen to you and assist you in realizing your vision for the coin. Whether you want us to reproduce your existing design or coordinate with you to create a unique and delightful custom design, we will get it done.

If you have a unique requirement that involves a rare plating or design element, then don’t worry. Our designers and craftsmen are skilled and fully equipped to handle the most complex of designs. There is a reason that we have so many custom made Marine Corps challenge coins for sale. Their designs are a hit and they are all a work of our talented designers. Their exceptional attention to detail will ensure that you get a coin that 100% matches your expectations.

You don’t even need to have a design. You can share a seal, an image, or even a hand-drawn picture with our designers. If you don’t have any such things, then go ahead and just explain your vision to our designers and they’ll turn it into reality.

Get Marine Corps Challenge Coins Quote Today!

Our purpose is to ensure that your Marine Corps challenge coins exactly meet your needs and reciprocate the same commitment, honor and readiness as the Marine Corps. We offer Free Shipping - delivered via DHL or FedEx air service. All the products we sell provide the lowest price and 100% satisfaction guarantee. We make every effort to ensure you get what you ordered - fast, easily and hassle-free. If you want to turn your idea, concept or design into a Marine Corps challenge coins, reach us toll free at 1-888-864-4755 or email Get Marine Corps Challenge Coins Quote Today!

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