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With the selected collection of well-designed templates, elements, and fonts, the Online Design System makes it easy to create your one-in-a-kind custom pins, coins, patches and more... Explore Now!

Fantastic Elements

Fantastic Elements

Your Names & Numbers

Your Names & Numbers

Upload Your Design or Photo

Upload Your Design or Photo

Various Cool Fonts

Various Cool Fonts

Design Your Own

Meet our enthusiastic team, find out why GS-JJ is a great place to work or contact us if you think we are a trustworthy partner.




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Finding answers to your questions about customization and resolving your concerns promptly.

We also offer you the fastest route to get a thorough understanding of the customization sizes, options, PMS colors, and embroidery thread colors...

Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions

Explore Our Top Selling Luggage Tags

Luggage tags can not only decorate your luggage but also prevent your luggage from being mixed with others. Now explore            our best-selling luggage tags with exquisite craftsmanship & excellent price here!

Hottest Styles

Leather Luggage Tags

Custom Luggage Tag with Privacy Protection CoverLuggage Tag with Privacy Protection Cover

Luggage Tag with Privacy Protection Cover

As low as $1.41 $0.70

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Customize PU Luggage Tag with Loop StrapCustom PU Luggage Tag with Loop Strap

Custom PU Luggage Tag with Loop Strap

As low as $1.47 $0.74

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Customize Round-shape Leather Luggage TagCustom Round-shape Leather Luggage Tag

Custom Round-shape Leather Luggage Tag

As low as $1.17 $0.59

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Customize Oval-shape Leather Luggage TagCustom Oval-shape Leather Luggage Tag

Custom Oval-shape Leather Luggage Tag

As low as $1.33 $0.66

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Plastic Luggage Tags

Round-shaped Plactic Luggage TagCustom Round-shape Plastic Luggage Tag

Full Color Round-shaped Plactic Luggage Tag

As low as $0.63 $0.31

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Rectangle-shape Plastic Luggage TagCustom Rectangle Plastic Luggage Tag

Full Color Rectangle-shape Plastic Luggage Tag

As low as $0.63 $0.31

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Heart-shaped Plastic Luggage TagFull Color Heart-shaped Plastic Luggage Tag

Full Color Heart-shaped Plastic Luggage Tag

As low as $0.63 $0.31

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Square-shaped Plastic Luggage TagFull Color Square-shaped Plastic Luggage Tag

Full Color Square-shaped Plastic Luggage Tag

As low as $0.63 $0.31

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Custom PVC Luggage Tags

Custom PVC Luggage Tags

Personalized PVC Luggage Tags

Fully personalized customization!
Any size, shape, and color are available, all components are designed according to your preferences!


Advantages of Our Custom Luggage Tags

Worried that the luggage tags may not meet your needs?
Choose GS-JJ.com, our luggage tags will meet your diverse requirements!

High-quality materials

High-quality materials

Leather, plastic, and PVC luggage tags are all
high-quality materials that are durable,
impact-resistant, of good quality, and high grade.
Convenient Writing

Convenient writing

Our cardboard has comprehensive information,
smooth writing, and is not easy to fade, making
it an excellent choice for travel.
Multiple Colors

Multiple colors

Beautiful and colorful colors, there is always one
that suits you! Prevent taking your luggage by
mistake and have a spontaneous trip.
Design for disassembly

Design for disassembly

Detachable design with embedded buckle design,
safe and sturdy, not easy to fall off.
Privacy protection cover

Privacy protection cover

Afraid of personal information leakage?
Choose a privacy cover design to protect
important information from being leaked.
Multifunctional accessories

Multifunctional accessories

Whether you are on a business trip, studying
abroad, flying, or high-speed rail, it is very
suitable for you.

Choose Your Favorite Imprint Methods

Luggage tags mainly come in these 4 different imprint methods currently. They can meet different groups' needs.



  • • The most basic printing method

  • • Ideal for PU, PVC, and plastic luggage tags

  • • Simple and elegant

No Color-Stamped

No Color-Stamped

  • • Suitable for leather luggage tags

  • • Elegant and not ostentatious

  • • High-quality leather

Gold Stamped

Gold Stamped

  • • Suitable for custom leather luggage tags

  • • No color-stamped + gold-plating technology

  • • Exquisite and gorgeous

Full Color

Full Color

  • • Suitable for plastic luggage tags

  • • Meet your large number of color needs

  • • Cost-effective & attractive

Customize Luggage Tags with Your Logo

Customize Luggage Tags with Your Logo

Trust us and customize your exclusive luggage tag at GS-JJ.com. You can design your
name, image, or logo on the luggage tag to make it different from others and showcase
your charm. Reasonable price, and professional designers are guaranteed for your
high-quality luggage tags.

 Now customize your luggage tags with your logo, and enjoy free delivery!

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Product Display

Take a look at the colorful physical display of luggage tags

Custom Cute Luggage Tags             Exquisite Leather Luggage Tag             Custom Canada PVC Luggage Tag             Popular Leather Luggage Tag             Personalized Round Luggage Tag
Premium Leather Luggage Tags            High-quality Leather Luggage Tag            Custom Plastic Luggage Tag            Custom Leather Luggage Tag
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How to Create Your Custom Luggage Tags

Have a temper to create your personalized luggage tags?  Now create your custom luggage tags in just 3 simple steps.

Choose Your Luggage Tags           Confirm Your Artwork           Production and Delivery

Choose Your Luggage Tags

Confirm Your Artwork

Production and Delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Order Custom Luggage Tags From GS-JJ?

Custom Luggage Tags Free Delivery and Custom Luggage Tags Lowest Price Guarantee!

Super Quality

Super Quality

High-quality materials
Fine workmanship
Waterproof and fade-resistant

Order Includes

Order Includes

Free delivery worldwide
Fast turnaround time
Cost-effective Products

Great Service

Great Service

Professional designer team
Free design & artwork
Excellent customer service

Ideal for Promotional Gifts

Ideal for Promotional Gifts

Luggage tags are also an excellent promotional gift. When you
want your friends, family, colleagues, or clients to travel happily,
you can customize exclusive luggage tags for them, and they will
feel that you are so considerate.

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