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Cadillac Custom Cufflinks
Cadillac Custom Cufflinks
0.75" Custom Cufflinks with silver finish
Volvo Cufflinks
Volvo Cufflinks
0.75" Custom Cufflinks with silver finish
Ferrari Cufflinks
Ferrari Cufflinks
0.75" Custom Cufflinks with gold finish
Volkswagen Cufflinks
Volkswagen Cufflinks
0.75" Custom Cufflinks with silver finish
Lotus Cufflinks
Lotus Cufflinks
0.75" Custom Cufflinks with silver finish
Alfa Romeo Cufflinks
Alfa Romeo Cufflinks
0.75" Custom Cufflinks with gold finish
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Cufflinks for Men

Few items in a man’s wardrobe can be as stunning and classy as men's designer cufflinks. Everybody wears watches. Nice wallets are up against our butts. Rings can seem so gaudy. Cufflinks on a dress shirt, even when we’re just out to dinner with the one we love, that’s class.

For over two centuries, cufflinks have been a sign of sophistication. They started as something that only the wealthy could afford. In fact, only the wealthy needed them since everyone else was laborers. With the advent of the industrial revolution and positions of management, cufflinks for men became something that the common man needed.

Of course, most men’s shirts have buttons, but a truly gorgeous suite is set apart from all the rest with cufflinks for men.

Choosing the Right Cufflinks for Men

Suits are suits are suits. Honestly, other than a good fit, it’s hard to tell a $500 suit from a $5000 suit. They are only a few places where a man can set himself apart from the crowd.

Ties are fine, but ties that have any meaning to a man seem cheesy. Pocket squares can add a splash of color, but that’s about it.

Then there are custom cufflinks. They are the finishing touch of every fine suit.

The Link Maketh the Man

It might seem like a bit of a stretch, but cufflinks are the ideal way for a man to express his interests in a subtle, nonverbal way.

For example, custom cufflinks that look like a stag’s head would tell us that we are talking to a hunter. A ship’s wheel on a cufflink lets us know that we’re talking to someone who loves the sea. A feather quill, perhaps a writer. When we see the crest of one of the armed forces, we know that we’re speaking to a military veteran.

Cufflinks let us be a tiny bit like Sherlock Holmes, surmising from the clues in front of us the type of person that we’re dealing with.

Cufflinks in literature

'I see you are looking at my cuff buttons. Finest specimens of human molars.'- Meyer Wolfsheim, The Great Gatsby

In what is arguably the greatest American novel, Meyer Wolfsheim is wearing custom cufflinks made from human teeth. This is a pivotal moment in the novel where the main character, Nick, is suddenly shown the mix of class (cufflinks) and barbarism (teeth) in a single person.

This is a perfect example of how cufflinks for men can say a lot about the man who’s wearing them. Had Wolfsheim been wearing cufflinks made from rubies, it would have made us see him as a completely different man.

Custom Cufflinks for Men

The best way to ensure that a man has men's cufflinks that speak to his life and his interests is to order custom-made cufflinks.

Until recently, this was an expensive idea, but today, cufflinks can be had inexpensively and relatively quickly. By simply uploading the design that you want, GS-JJ.com can deliver cheap cufflinks right to your door, or his.

The process is a simple one. You choose the basic shape of the cufflink that you want. Upload the design that you want. Our team of North American designers takes a look to make sure it will all fit together. The order is then forwarded to the master craftspeople that do the work in China.

In just a few days, the best man cufflinks are shipped to North America and right to your door. They arrive at our guarantee that you will be happy with the quality and that your design will be right on.

Cufflinks for the Guy Who Doesn’t Wear a Suit All the Time

If your man wears a cowboys hat all day, he’s likely not the kind of guy who enjoys getting into a monkey suit. If his favorite shirt is the jersey from his baseball team, a two-piece suit can feel like a straitjacket.

When a man who normally wears his identity on his body suddenly has to look like everyone else, he’s not happy and, many of us will fight against it like little boys.

Cufflinks let him keep some of his identity. The Lone Star on a cufflink or the team logo in full color on his arm can make the whole ordeal just a little better.

Heck, you might even be able to get him to wear his suit even when someone hasn’t died.

Occasions to Give Custom Cufflinks

Most anytime is good, but there are a few very nice times to give a man custom cufflinks.

Wedding - Having cufflinks that he can wear on his wedding day is a nice gesture that will end up being a keepsake.

Graduation - Getting out of college is a big deal. Giving him a pair of cufflinks to wear to graduation and his first job interviews can make him feel like he has arrived.

Promotion - A set of custom cufflinks to commemorate a big promotion is a nice way to say, “Hey, we see you doing great!”

Retirement - A man’s suit-wearing days aren’t over when he stops going to work. Cufflinks for his retirement can give him something that shows his pride in the years that he worked to provide for his family and himself.

Designer Cufflinks for Men - Especially Young Men

Not to be forgotten, teenagers and even boys as young as seven may find cufflinks a nice gift, especially if the men around them are wearing them. They are a keepsake that can be worn for years and each time giving a small glimmer of the pride of that first day.

How to use cufflinks depends on your option. As a reminder, custom cufflinks for men are a cheap and easy way to say to someone, “You are a special man to me.”

Cufflinks for Men Cheap

Price is a reality. While we would like to be able to pay any price for cufflinks, we still need to look at the price. GS-JJ.com can provide cufflinks at a price that almost anyone can afford. Cheap is the price, not quality. We’re able to provide great quality cufflinks and other items like lapel pins, keychains and buttons at a low price simply because they are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of cufflinks.

Why to Buy GS-JJ Cufflinks?

GS-JJ.com can provide designer cufflinks at better prices and with more style than anyone else. We partner with China’s largest custom manufacturer to bring the world the finest premade and custom cufflinks.

Using our exclusive online design studio, customers can design their own cufflinks and create outstanding designer cufflinks at the best prices.

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