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Cadillac Custom Cufflinks
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Volvo Cufflinks
0.75" Custom Cufflinks with silver finish
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Ferrari Cufflinks
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Volkswagen Cufflinks
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0.75" Custom Cufflinks with gold finish
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Personalized Cufflinks
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Personalized Cufflinks

The Power of Personalized Cufflinks

There are a great many things that can be personalized in this world, but personalized cufflinks have a long history with some of the world’s most powerful and important men. For nearly 300 years, cufflinks for men have replaced ribbon in cuffs on men’s dress shirts. The have been made from wood, metal, rope, and just about everything else.

One of the most personal and interesting items that man can receive is personalized cufflinks.

Engraved cufflinks

For hundreds of years, men have their personlized cufflinks engraved, includinf engraving their initials in their custom cufflinks. It can be a monogram, with a surname as the large letter in the center, or initials.

Many men will even put their family crest onto their cufflinks to celebrate all of those that have gone before.

Engraving is a simple process, but it requires a talented hand to make sure that it’s perfectly center and look amazing.

Most often engravings are done in metals, like silver, gold, or an alloy. They can be done in a cursive script, block Roman letters, or nearly any other design. Engraved cufflinks are easily the very best way to give a man something distinctive.

Creating custom cufflinks

Initials or a monogram are an obvious choice. It’s easy to decide on, then it’s a matter of choosing the font.

There are other options, however. Important dates are perfect. They can be done stylized, in Roman numerals or in any of a number of fonts.


Birthdays of children

Wedding day

Date of opening a business

Retirement date

Date of diagnosis of cancer remission

The sky is really the limit.

Other engraving ideas

Cufflinks for men can be engraved with words that are important to that person. “Peace”, “love”, or “success” can be a great way to remind him that there is more to his life than just this moment.

The names of a wife, children, or parents are great too. Many men are most proud of their status as fathers. Engraving parents’ names is way of honoring those who brought them into the world.

Abbreviated phrases is another great source of ideas. “VVV” for veni vidi vici, Latin for “I came. I saw. I conquered.” is a legendary battle cry for men who want to be rainmakers and change the world around them. Liverpool Football Club fans will recognize “YNWA,” “You’ll never walk alone.” For a Marine, it might get cufflinks saying “Semper Fi” or just “SFi” as a reminder of the service and their brotherhood.

How to get great personal cufflinks engraved

The fastest way to get great engraved cufflinks is to order them through GS-JJ. We offer a huge variety of bases to work from and you can have anything added on them you want.

1. Choose a great base to work from. Colors like silver and gold are classic, but that’s just the start. Shape is everything. It seems odd, but choosing a shape that is the opposite of the man can make a statement. If he has a chiseled face, a round cufflink adds a softer image. If his a more round-faced, or round-bodied, choose square or rectangular cufflinks. It’s all about accenting and highlighting features and styles.

2. Choose the right phrase, words, letters, initials, or numbers. This might take a few minutes. It’s not hard to see what it will look like, but you want to make sure that it’s what you want it to say.

3. Choose the right font. There are a huge variety of fonts to choose from. If you’re unsure, see what the font feels like with the phrase. For example, “Semper Fi” is not nearly as powerful look in cursive as in block letters.

4. Review the style. Make sure that everything in the image is the way you want it. You can keep changing it until it’s perfect for you.

5. Complete your transaction. Use our secure payment system. You’ll receive email confirmations and update as the process gets completed.

6. Check your cufflinks. We guarantee our work to be just like the designs you sent us, so there’s no worries. We rarely have any problems.

7. Deliver your amazing gift. He will be thrilled that you took the time to make something that is 100% his and his alone.

Personalized cufflinks are a statement of class and style. Hollywood’s most famous and beloved male fashion icons have made cufflinks for men a part of their lives and wardrobe and there are many books about how to wear cufflinks. Often, men will have several pairs to choose from, letting them choose the right cufflinks for each event or day’s mood.

Customized cufflinks are ideal for every day. No matter the occasion, cufflinks that celebrate oneself and the love and caring that went into getting customized cufflinks are the ideal accessory. More visible than a watch or a necklace, they are the ideal accessory for the well-dressed man.

Why choose GS-JJ for personalized cufflinks? is the global leader in custom, personalized cufflinks. Their online ordering system is at the heart of their power. Using state-of-the-art technology, customers are able to design their own cufflinks, engraved and personalized. Then our factory in China makes the cheap cufflinks and ships them right to your doorstep.

There is no better way to get the most amazing personalized cufflinks and other high quality products, including keychains, lapel pins, belt buckles and lanyards than to use the platform.

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