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Cadillac Custom Cufflinks
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Volvo Cufflinks
0.75" Custom Cufflinks with silver finish
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Ferrari Cufflinks
0.75" Custom Cufflinks with gold finish
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Volkswagen Cufflinks
0.75" Custom Cufflinks with silver finish
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Lotus Cufflinks
0.75" Custom Cufflinks with silver finish
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Alfa Romeo Cufflinks
0.75" Custom Cufflinks with gold finish
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Swank Cufflinks

Swank cufflinks are the embodiment of style and class.

No one in modern history was more of an icon of style for men than Cary Grant.


Grant didn’t always wear cufflinks for men, but this photos, and thousands of others show him wearing them.

Swank cufflinks are a finishing style on an otherwise normal looking suit. In the photo above, Grant is wearing a nice suit, but the entrance of the cufflink draws the eye to that one element of ornamentation. Even his watch if covered, but his vintage swank cufflinks show.

Swank /swaNGk/

verb 1. Display one's fortune, knowledge, or success in order to impress others. For example,"swanking about, playing the dashing young master spy"

noun 1. Behavior, words or display intended to impress others. Foe example, "a little money will buy you a good deal of swank"

Swank cufflinks are more than simply a great way to hold a cuff together. They are the perfect way to display one’s taste and style.

Vintage Swank Cufflinks

Over the past 200 years, vintage swank cufflinks have been the accessory that many men would spend time and money on, seeing them as the perfect addition to a suit.

Gold swank cufflinks are a standard for any wardrobe. When added to a suit with muted color, like black or gray, they can add a bright spot that stands out. Swank cufflink Gold is a perfect accent on a brown suit as well.

Silver swank cufflinks work well with black suits and tuxedos. Bright, without the golden color, they add a sparkle and shine to an otherwise low key outfit.

Vintage designer cufflinks are one of the most interesting ways to add swank to your cufflink collections. Even simple Gucci cufflinks with the classic Gucci logo are a perfect addition to any suit or tux.

Gemstone cufflinks are the peak of swank. There are cufflinks that cost over $400,000 with canary diamonds that are available new, but there are thousands of less expensive cufflinks that can be found with precious and semi-precious stones of all sorts.

The Swank Cufflinks - Value

Cufflinks can be very valuable, not for the inherent value of the materials, but also the styles and designers.

Of course, any cufflink made from gold, silver, or platinum, or made with gems have their own inherent value, but even cufflinks that are not made from expensive materials have their swank cufflink value. It’s all about the style and design. Many cufflinks derive their value from the people who wore similar ones before. If there is a photo of Cary Grant or Humphrey Bogart or Rock Hudson wearing a particular style, they can be very valuable.

Some materials are no longer in use, like Bakelite, the first plastic ever invented. Even though they are plastic, they can be very valuable.

Limited edition cufflinks are also popular. A cufflink that celebrates the moon landing or a historical event will be in great demand.

Cufflinks, styles and materials, are statement of the times. Vintage swank cufflinks are a great way to share in the moments and styles of the past.

Custom Swank Cufflinks for Men

One of the nicest things that a man can receive is custom swank cufflinks. This is as true now as it has been for 200 years.

Today, it’s easy than it used to be. Using the services of GS-JJ, you can order some great value swank cufflinks in any style that you want.

Using our exclusive design system, you can create perfect personlized cufflinks and have them delivered in no time. We offer everything you need to make the cufflinks that you want for anyone in your life.

Buying Swank Cufflinks from

GS-JJ is the best place to buy custom swank cufflinks and other items such as keychains, lapel pins, belt buckles and lanyards. With our online ordering system, you can design your own swank cufflinks. There are swank cufflinks in gold or silver and style.

Let our business help the men in your life, or you, have the nice and cheap cufflinks.

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