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Promote Your Custom Pins by Popular Add-ons

Promote Your Custom Pins by Popular Add-ons

Add-ons will help add value, collectability, and importance to your new custom pins.

Whatever unique ideas you have for your customized pins, we want to give you some further thought of add-ons. By those varies of Add-ons for you custom pins, you can promote your products to make a good profit.

“Kick it up a notch”

“Kick it up a notch, “is a famous saying by Chef Emeril Lagasse, which mean to adding ingredients that make a dish extra special. Add-ons is just like the ingredients, purpose to make lapel pins more attractive, unique or interesting. You would be still feel that there’s something missing when custom design finish done, so GS-JJ offer several add-ons to meet you special desire.


Glitter paint adds the shimmer literally in case of attract your eye in the sunlight. Light up your lapel pins with the sparkly gleam of glitter! This popular sparkly glitter turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. Glitter is great for accentuating specific areas of your custom pins. We also can make enamel words and images via use glitter.

Epoxy Dome

Epoxy dome add-on will give your lapel pins a smooth, jewel-like finish. Our process covers the face of custom pins with layers of clear epoxy, creating a dome shape that is pleasing to the eye. Epoxy provides an extra layer for pin designs that aimed to protect the lapel pins don't fade for many years.


Gemstones can be added to a custom lapel pin to signify years of service, achievement level or just to dress up the look and feel of custom pins. Gemstones always as a convey class and sophistication. We can create a dazzling effect by Gemstones, that mean can be added small, colored gemstones into your custom pins because of they have high fashion with sparkle brightly and reflecting angular of light.

Sequential Numbering

Making your custom pins into limited edition! If your lapel pins are going to be a limited edition, numbered for each custom pins is an easy way to increase their collector value. Sequential numbers equate to the number of custom pins created in a batch. For instance, pins can be numbered from one to 100 or one to 1,000.

Specify design

Normally, you can have us include the name of your company, organization or event as a surface of lapel pins. By the way, company logo also can engrave to the back of custom pins. Your request images or word will easy to appear as an excellent look. Perfect for promote, it can be as a gift to your customers for leave deep impression.

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Add-ons are a good way to spice up your custom pin's appeal. We’ve given you a few more exciting ideas for lapel pin creation; contact us now to find out how to make custom pins more unique and popular.

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