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Red Blank Cheap Lanyards
Red Blank Cheap Lanyards
Polyester Lanyard without printing, length is 34"; width is 0.5", Metal Key Ring Attachment
Mentors and Meals Awesome Lanyards
Mentors and Meals Awesome Lanyards
Polyester lanyard with one color single sided printing, length is 34"; width is 0.75", Metal Key Ring Attachment
Rhode Island Hospital Lanyards
Rhode Island Hospital Lanyards
Polyester Lanyard with three colors single sided printing, length is 34"; width is 0.75", Metal Key Ring attachment
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Key Lanyards

Lanyards are used for holding identification accessories, badges, name tags, flash drives, and even keys without having to attach them to any piece of clothing. More corporate establishments and organizations are making them a requirement for their staff/ employees to have their photo ID cards and badges visible at all times as a security measure. This has increased the use and demand for custom lanyards.

One thing we ought to know is, custom lanyards are multi-purpose accessories and can be used to achieve so many different things such as; holding keys and other important valuables which can easily be misplaced are some of the uses of lanyards.

Key Lanyards come in different types, sizes, and shapes, and they help us to hold on to keys for safekeeping. When making key lanyards, the lanyard cord is connected to a metal hook or attachment, which could be an O-ring or Bulldog clip with a short polyester strap that has your custom design imprinted upon it.

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How To Make Key Lanyards?

Custom lanyards are primarily a cord or strap sewn together in a looped pattern, and designed to be worn over the neck, with a hook or clip firmly attached to enable it to hold important valuables. Depending on your need and purpose for which you require a lanyard, there are lots of different clips and hook attachments to choose from when making your lanyards.

Key lanyards are very similar to the other types of lanyards; the only significant difference is that they are used for holding keys, and the choice of attachment being used is quite different from the other lanyard styles. To make lanyards for keys, you need to consider the following guidelines listed below and choose the customization features that suit you best.

· When making key lanyards for short-term purposes such as trade shows, conferences meetings, public gatherings e.t.c, select light-weight lanyards, and an O-ring key attachment for the badge case.

· For long-term use, choose durable lanyards with a safety breakaway attachment, and a detachable clip. This is suitable for members of the coaching staff, Janitors, security personnel, and maintenance/manufacturing teams.

· For personalized key lanyards, choose full-color lanyards with very detailed graphics designs imprinted upon them.

· For members of security teams and professionals who work at night or in low-lit areas, it’s highly recommended to use reflective materials for making the key lanyards.

Professionals Who Require Lanyards

Aside from being used for holding ID cards and badges by participants at trade shows, conferences or public gatherings, custom lanyards for keys come in handy for other purposes, let’s check out examples of places and professionals who make use of lanyards in their daily routine

Health Care Professionals:

Medical supplies are usually kept in secured places under lock and key. Doctors, Nurses, Supply managers, or any other custodian in charge of these supplies are usually handed keys to the place where the supplies are kept. Key lanyards come in handy for this purpose, as they help to safeguard the keys from being misplaced. For sanitary reasons, antimicrobial lanyards are highly recommended to be used in healthcare facilities.

Hotel Staff/Employees:

Hotel employees and staffs, especially those at the front desk in charge of checking in visitors who make use of their facilities have a lot of access to keys. This can be quite a task, as having too many keys can lead to confusion. Attaching these keys to a key lanyard can help ease the problems associated with carrying so many keys around.

College Staffs & Students:

College staffs and students are among the set of people who make use of lanyards every day, especially in schools with boarding facilities. The students can attach their locker room keys to key lanyards for safekeeping. While college staffs also require keys to gain entry into their respective offices.

Law Firms/ Financial Institutions:

Law firms and financial institutions keep a lot of records of transactions and case files. Some of these files can be highly confidential and contain sensitive information that is not meant to be shared publicly. Most of these organizations have facilities for storing these documents, and the individuals or security personnel tasked with keeping them safe usually have the keys used for gaining entry. Due to the importance of these documents, these keys are required to be kept safe at all times; a key lanyard solves this problem, you can be assured of its safety when using key lanyards to hold your keys together.


Teachers, especially those in charge of kindergarten and daycare units usually have needs for using keys. With a key lanyard, they can easily keep these keys safely hung around their neck at all times.

Prison/Correction Facilities:

Wardens and other officials who work in prisons/ correction facilities make use of keys. They need keys to secure the inmates in their custody and prevent them from escaping by securing their cell blocks at all times. Most times, an inmate might fall sick or be in dire need of medical attention, and since most of the cell blocks use different sets of keys, it is very important for the prison official in charge to keep these keys safely and well arranged, what another accessory would be perfect for this than a key lanyard holder.

The Reasons for Choosing Us

For your personalized and custom lanyards for keys, GS-JJ offers you the best quality cheap lanyards you can't find anywhere in the industry. Our cute lanyards for keys are made from high-quality materials, with your design imprints engraved or printed with fancy, and visible fonts to make it look beautiful. At GS-JJ, we have a passion for excellence and focus on customer satisfaction. These virtues have made our brand a leading name in the lanyard industry.

We offer a wide range of custom lanyard options for keys, lanyard keychains, cool lanyards for keys, cheap lanyards, and other items such as keychains, lapel pins, belt buckles, and patches. All our products are highly customizable, and you can choose a particular color, design imprint, attachment style, and design to suit your need.

Quality is our watchword, and we deliver with style. For your high-quality custom lanyards for keys, talk to us at GS-JJ today, we are well equipped to satisfy your needs.

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