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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Privacy Policy
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Bikes Custom Pins
Bikes Custom Pins
1”Hard enamel pins, die struck with black nickel finish.
Bike Days Lapel Pins
Bike Days Lapel Pins
1.1" Custom Antique pins
Toy Run Lapel Pins
Toy Run Lapel Pins
1.25" Lapel pins, die struck with silver finish.
Lapel Pins for Motorcycle
Lapel Pins for Motorcycle
1.25" Soft enamel lapel pins, die struck with gold finish.
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What Is Biker Pin?

biker pin

Motorcycle owners and enthusiasts have commonly been referred to collectively as bikers. They often have a sense of community and will form clubs of varying sizes depending on their population within a particular location. Bikers tend to have such well-knit associations that they belong to either for fun activities such as racing competitions and stunts or much deeper causes such as creating awareness over social issues.

To be honest, bikers quite literally put the uniqueness in cool bikers, who are often set apart first by their motorcycles that are often well pimped up, then by their distinctly unique fashion sense. Part of this fashion includes biker pins that they pin all over their vests which are ever so cool. Biker lapel pins can be worn by literally anyone that appreciates the metallic edge that comes with them. Bikers are generally viewed as daring adrenalin junkies with daredevil tendencies going by their preferred means of transport.

Having biker pins on your chest gives one a sense of fearlessness that is often depicted on these kinds of custom lapel pins. Regardless of whether or not you are a biker, these pins will give you allure of a swanky rock star that is hip and carefree to some degree.

These pins are also an indication of one’s hobbies. You could be an actual biker; helmet and motorcycle to boot, or just an enthusiast with a passion for all things motorcycles or just a huge fan of motorcycle races. Whatever you are, having one of these custom biker pins will give you a huge sense of belonging to this community in a way.

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What Are The Uses Of Biker Pins?

biker pins are used for fundraising

As part of our catalog, we offer options for customized biker pins for such organized groups of bikers or even for single bikers looking to spice up their experiences or pledge their allegiance.

Other than the coolness or identification factors, biker pins have also been used for fundraising purposes.

popularize bicycle culture

With the popularity of the biking culture, a lot of fans and curious onlookers are drawn in.

Organizing a fund drive towards causes such as human rights advocacy and getting custom made lapel biker pins is a sure way to get more people involved in such a drive as many will want to own a cool souvenir, like cool lapel pins to hold on to.

biker pin as team logo

We also have biker pins for organizations that keep growing in membership and need a symbol of their membership for the purpose of branding at their events.

Such organizations get to choose their desired symbol and have it made into custom lapel pins to identify their riders.

bike blessing

Bike blessing is also another biking activity for which we provide lapel pins. This is an important ritual in almost all biking communities where new motorcycles are commissioned by clergy of their choice depending on their religious affiliation.

Using custom lapel pins to mark such an auspicious occasion would be of value to all attendees.

biker lapel pins

Custom biker lapel pins will enable a biker community to grow in numbers not just in membership but also in the fan base. The mysterious nature of most biker pin designs draws in many curious people who find mystery intriguing.

It is after all human nature to want to know more about something.

Why Choose Custom Biker Pins?

Custom Biker Pins with No Minimum Order

custom biker pins

Custom enamel lapel pins are the go-to choice for biker pins. This is because the pins are often designed to communicate particular information.

This gives room for more intricate designs to be made. Bikers take pride in their slogans and intricacies and most of them prefer custom biker pins that are straight-up mind-blowing.

Most biker pins tend to have a rugged edge, we are open to give you the texture you want for your pins, and in whatever color captures your mystique is best.

Durability is also vital in making custom biker pins thanks to the risks involved in biking. For this reason, we are committed to providing the most durable biker pins possible.

Our pins are also affordable and so we can easily make large numbers; like in the instance of biker blessing rituals or membership, without worrying about the cost going through the roof. This ensures you get quality lapel pins at the best possible market cost.

Every Custom Biker Pin Order Includes

FREE Design and Artwork

FREE Design & Artwork

with Unlimited Revisions


FREE Shipping

Delivered via DHL or FedEx Air Service

FREE Full-Color Proof

FREE Full-Color Proof

Delivered via Email

no minimum order

FREE Duty and Tax

Custom Pins with No Minimum Order

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction

for Materials & Workmanship

FAST Production

FAST Production

Ready to Ship in 5 Days or Less

Why Choose to Work with GS-JJ?

Leading Makers

Leading Makers

1. Other than our reputation spanning 20 years, GS-JJ is an expert lapel pin maker affiliated as one of the leading providers of promotional gifts and merchandise in China which are, the home of nearly all lapel pin makers in the world.

Other Products

Other Products

2. We also pride ourselves on having the best graphic designers. We have a catalog of biker pins and other lapel pins for sale like American Flag pin, Food Pins and Police Pin for your perusal in case you have no idea where to begin from.

 Unlimited Revisions

Unlimited Revisions

3. As the customer, we also endeavor to ensure that all your needs are well addressed from the point of conceptualizing designs to the actual delivery of the lapel pins. We don’t compromise on the quality of our customer service.

Best Supplier Awards

Best Supplier Awards

4. we value each one of you and we’ll undoubtedly take you up regardless of the number of pins you require or the complexity of your designs. We are in a position to rise to the occasion thanks to our vast experience making these custom biker pins.

Fastest Production

Fastest Production

5. we are dedicated to taking the shortest period of time to deliver any orders from enamel pins to other items. And we will take at least 7-10 days to process and ship your order inclusive of free DHL or FedEx Priority Shipping.

Stock Lapel Pins

Choose from our selection of ready to ship lapel pins!

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