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Festival Custom Pins
Festival Custom Pins
1’’Soft enamel pins, die struck with rose gold finish.
Chirstmas Cup Custom Lape Pins
Chirstmas Cup Custom Lape Pins
1.5”Soft enamel pins, die struck with dye black finish,with glitter in white color .
Goth GF Enamel Pins
Goth GF Enamel Pins
1”Soft enamel pins, with shinny purple and black glitter, die struck with silver finish.
Holliday Express Custom Pins
Holliday Express Custom Pins
2’’ soft enamel pins with dye black finish
Custom Pumpkin Pins
Custom Pumpkin Pins
1.25" Hard enamel pins, die struck with gold finish.
Witch Custom Lapel Pins
Witch Custom Lapel Pins
1” Soft enamel pins, covered by epoxy, die struck with dye black.
Tulip Festival Custom Pins
Tulip Festival Custom Pins
0.7 hard enamel pins with gold finish
Zombie Lapel Pins
Zombie Lapel Pins
1.5''Soft Enamel Lapel Pins,Zombie Lapel Pins with dye black.
Christmas Tree Lapel Pins
Christmas Tree Lapel Pins
1.25" Soft enamel pins , die struck with dye black finish .
Halloween Pumpkin Custom Lapel Pins
Halloween Pumpkin Custom Lapel Pins
1" Custom enamel pins. Halloween Pumpkin Custom Lapel Pins with black dye finish.
Custom Lapel Pins for Tree
Custom Lapel Pins for Tree
1.5" Soft enamel lapel pins, die struck with silver finish.
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Lapel Pins
Holiday Pins

Holiday Pins

Holiday Pins Gallery

Click Here to Shop Holiday Gifts

I believe creativity is usually at its peak during the holidays, don’t you think? This is popularly considered the time for giving out gift and with the global economy being as bad as it is, everyone is definitely looking for affordable but classy, valuable and durable gifts to purchase. The solution to this big dilemma is simply Holiday Pins which is more satisfying because you could have custom holiday pins personalized to suit your taste.

Holiday pins are a great way to celebrate the spirit of the holiday season. These custom lapel pins include Christmas lapel pins, Halloween pins, Santa pins, St. Patrick’s Day pins, Valentine’s Day pins and many others. These holiday pins are great inexpensive gifts for friends, families, employees, acquaintances and basically everyone you know. Of course, large presents most likely gets the most attention however, smaller clever gift are pretty awesome as well.

Family Holiday Pins

Amazingly, a lot can be done with custom lapel pins! Some families create custom enamel pins with their family crest engraved on it while some create annually commemorative holiday pins which features the particular year in which they were made. However, a lot of families just place order for many custom lapel pins with different designs which are then sent out with the holiday greeting cards. It is important to note that a greeting card with a custom lapel pin attached to it is a perfect message which focuses on details. This is also a way to ensure your holiday card stands out from a pile of other cards. Custom holiday pins could have traditional images, sayings, inside jokes, family emblems among many other ideas designed on them. To go all out, you could have custom made holiday cards to match your custom lapel pins!

It is always great to get the whole family involved in the design of the custom pins. The size, color, message, image and other details should be deliberated on. This is definitely a fun activity and it brings about a sense of creativity during the holidays.

Business Holiday Pins

Would you like to increase the popularity of your business? Participating in celebration of holidays and giving out quality lapel pins that bears your company logo as gifts is perfect! A custom pin is more likely to be kept and worn by the receiver than any other form of advertising thus; making the receiver remember your business even after the holiday is over. Regardless of the nature of your business, a custom holiday pin helps keep up promotion for months.

Employees are what make a business a success and a holiday gives the perfect opportunity for workers appreciation party to be hosted. Some companies invite their staffs as well as their families for a picnic. A small goodie bag which could contain tickets to a local park, coupons for restaurants, of course, a custom enamel pin and many other items is then presented to commemorate the event.

Special holiday pins could even be designed for long-term employees, simply to celebrate their years of service or some other milestones. Employees, customers and others would look forward to every year’s design and would enjoy showing off their growing collection. Doing this helps to build loyalty while also improving customer service.

Motivational Holiday Pins

These holiday pins are a great way to give someone encouragement and support. These custom pins can be used in academics, athletics, business and so many more. The New Year holiday is one of the best times to make use of motivational pins as this holiday brings about new beginnings and new resolutions. However, only few people achieve the goals they have set for a year. A motivational custom lapel pin, helps remind a person of their goals thus, giving them a renewed willpower to achieve those goals.

How to Incorporate Custom Holiday pins into the Holiday Celebrations

To celebrate the holidays, holiday pins can be incorporated in several different ways. Below are some of the ways they have been used by different people;

· Make a Holiday Pin Tree

To do this, get a solid foam which you can trim and shape into the form of a tree. Cover the tree shaped foam with green fabric or any other color that suits you and keep it in place with hot glue. Once this is done, you are set to go, start pinning! Pieces of holiday pins that mean something to you are usually a treasured collection just as much as Christmas ornaments. When all these pieces are pinned together, they tend to make a pretty cool collage.

· Custom Holiday Pins Encompass the Holiday Spirit

It might surprise you that everyone who attends your holiday get together will be delighted with your thoughtfulness. Collectors would be attracted to your event as they will be able to obtain another custom enamel pin.

· Used as Gift

Custom holiday pins certainly make an amazing giveaway gift at your holiday get- together which tends to be remembered by the recipients.

· Redesign a Picture Frame

From a secondhand shop, you can get a quirky, ornate picture frame and rather than a portrait, add cork board inside it. With this, you can attach mementos, small keepsakes and holiday pins which will make the recipient think of you or perhaps make you think of the recipient.

· Use the Custom Holiday Pins for Your Secret Santa!

Rather than the usual unexciting name draw for the family or the office Secret Santa exchange of gifts, you can have participants select themed holiday pins. Everyone should be assigned a specific custom pin, and then everyone picks a pin different from the one assigned to them. So, when the gifts are then exchanged, everyone puts their pin on the pin they selected in order for everyone to know who their Secret Santa is.

· Use Custom Holiday Pins to Decorate Your Decorations!

This might sound a little bit strange but trust me, it is amazing. During the Christmas holiday, when you are hanging out stuffs like the Christmas stockings, try to redesign them with custom pins that show hobbies, spell-out namesandshare the important details of the owner of the stocking. You definitely do not have to limit this decoration to just the stockings, you can also add them to the Santa hats and the other lavish holiday decorations!

· You Can Create a Unique Advent Calendar

Begin with feltcut to form a large rectangle shape, and then with glitter pens or fabric paint, draw the days/week lines for the calendar. After doing this, gather 25 of your custom holiday pins and pin one to each day on the felted calendar. This simple redesigned calendar can be used for many years and can also be used as a gift for family and friends.

Why GS-JJ?

Regardless of how you celebrate the holidays, making it memorable is the most important thing. At, an experienced lapel pin maker, we try our very best to make this happen by providing you with the best custom holiday pins and animal pins, cool pins, food pins to suit your taste as well as your wallets. We pride ourselves in providing our esteemed customers with high quality and cheap lapel pins incorporated with superior customer service making us the manufacturer of choice.

Embrace the holiday seasons with holiday pins customized solely for you by our top-notch and experience designers. Regardless of the holiday being celebrated, be it Halloween, New Year, Christmas or Easter, our stylishly customized holiday pins and custom lapel pins smal order will definitely be a topic for discussion.

Do not worry, you do not have to be a talented artist to design holiday pins for your guests.All we require from you is your idea of what you want and we will turn it into reality. The outcome of your idea would be a collection of attractive, affordable custom holiday pins for every one of your guests.

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