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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Privacy Policy
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Terms and Conditions
 Guitar Embroidered Patches
Guitar Embroidered Patches
The Fat City Band Embroidered Patches
The Fat City Band Embroidered Patches
The Fat City Band Embroidered Patches with Laser Cut Border. 4.4” diameter.
Funny Owl Custom Embroidered Patches
Funny Owl Custom Embroidered Patches
Funny Owl Custom Embroidered Patches with 100% Embroidery and laser cut border.
Gesture Custom Embroidered Patches
Gesture Custom Embroidered Patches
Gesture Custom Embroidered Patches are meaningful, with 75% embroidery.
Let Us Sing Iron On Embroidered Patches
Let Us Sing Iron On Embroidered Patches
Let Us Sing Iron On Embroidered Patches measures 2 inches, with 75% Embroidry.
30 Days in LA Embroidered Patches
30 Days in LA Embroidered Patches
Diameter is 2.25" with 100% coverage.
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What Are Band Patches?

Custom Band Patches

As the name suggests, band patches are custom patches that are either released by the bands, are inspired by them, or are popularized during a particular band concert.

Band patches have always been in vogue. The fact that someone has band patches pinned on them during a concert does not make necessarily them a super fan. Hardcore fans of music bands wear band patches to express their love for the band. However, the act of sewing it or placing it permanently on the garment denotes fandom.

With time, a plethora of band patches have been released for different bands and different genres of music. In fact, for many fans, band patches are part of their very identity and are collected by them all around the world. Band patches represent the history of the band and how it has been an innate part of the pop culture through the ages.

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Why Are Band Patches Popular?

Music speaks a universal language, which means that its fans are around the globe. There is a music fan in almost all of us. Some are more passionate about it than others, and they like to display their passion through custom patches. Why people love band patches so much? Let’s find out.

Types of Custom Band Patches

A Sense of Belonging

Band patches evoke a sense of belonging. Like football clubs, bands also have a fiercely loyal fan following. This means that each band also has fans that take pride in being part of a clan. Wearing a patch is a visual representation of it. At concerts, people wearing the band patches feel a sense of pride for being a member of fans.


From the first concert, you attended the college to the one that you are attending today, custom patches become kind of milestones that you have covered along the way. They remind you of the different times in life and bring with them nostalgic memories of the time you enjoyed listening to your favorite band players and their music.

Collector’s Item

For all practical purposes, patches are portable museums of bands and music history. They develop with bands and evolve as the bands do, which makes them valuable. Band patches are easily among the most valuable collector’s items. So, this is an undoubted reason that adds to their demand.

Popular Merchandise with Bands

It is not just the fans that make the band patches popular. Most of the original brand merchandise is in the form of patches for many reasons. They would like to order cheap band patches for which are relatively cheaper to produce, affordable for fans to buy, and easy to customize.

Choices of Custom Band Patches

When it comes to the types of band patches, there are many choices available. Some of them are original band merchandise, some are created by popular fan groups, while there are also personalized custom patches that are created by fans.





About the Band:
Different bands have their unique band patches. It can be a patch with just the name of the band or something more intricate. Band patches are created for a variety of events. These can be concerts, meetups, or something else. However, fans can create their custom patches to celebrate their favorite band in their way.

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Popular Bands in US

About the Genre:
Fan groups that follow a particular genre of music can also choose to create band patches. There are metal band patches, rock band patches, punk band patches, and more. These patches can explore the characteristics of a particular genre, the various bands in that genre, and so on. Pick the one you like and claim your place in the fandom.

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About the Size:
Band patches can also be categorized based on how the fans choose to wear them. Small band patches are worn on the sleeves. There is the full-sized band back patches that go on the back of the vests. There are band patches for jackets, jeans, t-shirts, and more. You can choose the size of the band patch depending on how you want to wear it.

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Patches for Clothes

About the Technique:
Band patches are usually given out during concerts and later worn by fans on their clothes. They can be sew-on band patches, which are the more permanent kind. Other temporary or semi-permanent options such as Velcro band patches and iron-on band patches can also be easily found. These are slowly becoming popular with the fans.

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Patches with Pernament Colors
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Why Choose GS-JJ.com?

Band patches are parts of the identity of fans. This means that they must be created with precision and with the best of materials. At GS-JJ.com, we understand this. That is why our customers choose to work with us. Here are some other reasons to work with us to create your beloved band patches.

Years of Experience

Years of Experience

With decades of experience behind us, we have created patches in all kinds of designs like Biker Patches, Military Patches, Morale Patches, and more. Therefore, trust us to deliver you your desired band patch.

No Minimum Orders

No Minimum Orders

GS-JJ serves all clients, whether they need one patch or a hundred. Whether you are a fan with a requirement of just one patch or a band with a requirement of a thousand, we can deliver.

Best Prices

Best Prices

We do NOT make cheap patches by compromising on quality. However, we make our band patches affordable to you by offering you direct factory prices. You get the best deal here, and we get an excellent customer.

Customer Support

Customer Support

We believe in giving you an end-to-end service. From the time you order, we will provide you with all the assistance you need until you are fully satisfied with the delivery.

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