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Motorcycle Vest Patches

Motorcycle vest patches are not to be taken lightly. They hold a lot of weight in the world of bikers. From your achievements to your affiliations, they can tell a lot about the biker. Custom patches worn by bikers on their vests have become an identifying characteristic of seasoned bikers. These motorcycle vest patches have a rich history and a strong demand in the present.

History of Motorcycle Vest Patches

The custom patches worn by bikers came into existence a century ago with the birth of the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) in the 1920s. AMA meetings played an instrumental role in creating biker groups that started wearing their identity in the form of patches on their vests.

The original motorcycle patches for vests were embroidered. These motorcycle vest back patches only used to spell out the name of the group to which the biker belonged. These were usually formed by the bikers who belonged to the same area. That’s all it was to them. However, it all changed in 1947 with the riot at Hollister in California that was fueled primarily by the bikers. In response to this fiasco, the AMA issued a statement to the press. In the announcement, it conveyed that 99% of its members abide by the laws; it is just the 1% that were the outlaws. Since then, bikers whorelated with the outlaw image started wearing the 1% patch. It is one of the most renowned patches around.

As the motorcycle clubs grew, they started introducing custom motorcycle vest patches which the members had to earn to climb up the ranks in the group. It became a rite of passage. Today, there are hundreds of custom patches that have been created or even by individual bikers to reflect not just their affiliation to specific groups, but also to express their personal beliefs.

Types of Motorcycle Vest Patches

There are a lot of motorcycle vest patchesin circulation today. Some of them have been created by biker groups, while most of them are a result of the creative minds of the bikers. There is no formal categorization. However, the patches can be broadly placed into the following general groups.

1. Group Vest Patches

These are the original ones that reflect the affiliation of the biker to a particular biker group. They can be a straightforward name of the group or the logo used by them. Some logos are absolutely beautiful with intricate design and fantastic artwork. Some bikers nowadays also like to express that they are lone wolfs and do not conform to any particular biker group.

2. Military Vest Patches

Military motorcycle vest patches are one of the most popular vest patches out there. Veterans from all branches of the military and those who have served in war-stricken areas wear their patches with pride. Some of the patches also pay their respect to the fallen heroes and the POWs of the many wars America has fought. Apart from these military motorcycle vest patches, some patches are designed to thank the veterans for their service.

3. Opinion Vest Patches

Bikers are not a shy bunch, and their patches are no different. They have some new words to share with the world,and their motorcycle vest patches do that job for them. Most of them are absolutely hilarious. These patches usually come in a rectangular shape with nothing but words embroidered on them.

4. American Flag& Eagle Vest Patches

The American flag and the national bird make frequent appearance on many motorcycle vest patches. The bikers wear it with pride and celebrate their country with these patches. There can be a million combinations of these two elements. Some go for the plain American flag, while others get more creative and come up with majestic designs.

5. Skull Vest Patches

It is no secret that bikers love their skulls. From their bikes to bandanas, skulls are a rather common design element for a biker. So, it is not a surprise to find this beloved design on their motorcycle vest patches as well.

6. Custom Motorcycle Vest Patches

Some bikers make patches that showcase a personal achievement or a milestone in their life on their vest. Riding their bikes is a huge part of their life. So, it makes sense for them to put any special event in their life on their vest and carry it around with them.

Why Choose GS-JJ for your Motorcycle vest patches?

For the past two decades, has worked relentlessly to perfecting the art of patch making. You can utilize that rich experience to create a patch that is worthy of going on your biker’s vest. GSJJ provides various patches, including embriodered patches, iron on patches, biker patches, military patches, name patches and so on. There are many more reasons to choose us.

1. Impressive Designers

When you place an order with us, you can bring your own design or use our talented designers to make an outstanding motorcycle vest patch for you, which by the way, is totally free.

2. No Minimum Order Quantity

You do not have to worry about the number of patches you want before placing an order with us. We do not force you to order more than you need.

3. Premium Quality

We do not make products that we cannot stand behind. We use high-quality threads and long-lasting dyes to make sure that your vest patches stay with you for the longest time.

4. Highly Affordable

Our focus is on providing a premium product at a non-premium price. Our direct factory prices will surprise you. You won’t get a better deal anywhere else.

5. Free Shipping

That’s right! You only pay for the patches. Shipping is on us.

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