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With the selected collection of well-designed templates, elements, and fonts, the Online Design System makes it easy to create your one-in-a-kind custom pins, coins, patches and more... Explore Now!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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The Difference Between Our Five Patches Styles

5 Custom Patches Style You Should Know

There are many different kinds of patches. We introduce our five different styles of patches. If you are interested in any patch style, Pls submit a quote, and our professional designer will help you.

Embroidered Patches

flower embroidered patches

If you are looking for "classic" patch appearances and want to create sophisticated images or logos with precise lettering, Embroidered Patches is the best choice for you. Embroidered Patches identify employees of businesses, add personalization for jackets or shirts, show off club logos and much more. our embroidered patches are made of the highest twills backing and Super Strength colorfast threads. The size and design of your patch determine the patch’s embroidery percentage. Since each embroidery patch starts with a piece of twill fabric, on the surface of this fabric was stitched by threads. And embroidery coverage means the amount of embroidery on the surface of a twill patch backing covered by threads. We offered 50% coverage,75% coverage and 100% coverage for chose.

Feature: Durable and Washable

PVC Patches

Christamas PVC Patches

PVC patches are a modern alternative to universal embroidery patches. They are made of plastic. It has a wide range of colors that can bring your custom design to life through the unfeasible feel and appearance of embroidery.PVC materials allow you to literally sculpt your patches, make some interesting designs, and use the textures and shapes to literally pop. PVC patches are a favorite of the armed forces, sports enthusiasts and outdoor enthusiasts.

Feature: waterproof

Printed Patches

princess printed patches

Printed patches using dye sublimation method is a great option if you need smooth sew on badges or cloth patches. Screen printed patches are slightly different than sublimated ones. Screen printed patches are good if a logo has one or two colors because we make a silkscreen frame for each color when we produce them. If a logo has four or more colors, screen printed patches are not an ideal solution. The setup cost is high if you need screen printed patches in low quantity.

Feature: diversification

Woven Patches

banana woven patches

If your design is too elaborate or complex to be completed with the embroidery process, Woven Patches are an ideal way. Because woven patches use thinner threads that are woven together rather than embroidered on a fabric. Woven patches can be used in any shape, and can reach 7" in size. The most important is that woven patches can achieve a large amount of detail and clarity, especially for small text, achieving and almost “photo-like” quality that will take surprise for you.

Feature: Have the ability to clean and smaller lettering

Bullion Patches

military bullion patches

Bullion Patches is hand-made by our professional craftsmen. Bullion Patches can be used on various occasions, such as teams, uniforms, clothes and so on. Bullion Patches can be stitched directly to the jacket, or optional attachments. All our Bullion Patches are made of gold and silver wire beads and can be placed on the jacket with butterfly buckles or Velcro fasteners.

Features: Made of gold wire and silver wire.

At GS-JJ.com, we have many different style patches for selection.we provide free shipping, free setup and a free quote for our patches. Pls call us toll-free at 18888644755 or email us info@gs-jj.com for more details.