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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Privacy Policy
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Terms and Conditions
Flag Pins
Flag Pins
1" Soft enamel pins with gold finish
Custom Flag Lapel Pins
Custom Flag Lapel Pins
0.9 soft enamel pins with gold finish
Party Flag Custom Pins
Party Flag Custom Pins
1.1’ soft enamel pins with gold finish.
State of Idaho Custom Pins
State of Idaho Custom Pins
1’’ soft enamel pins with gold pins
 Flag Lapel Pins
Flag Lapel Pins
1.3" soft enamel pins, die struck with silver finish.
Double Flags Lapel Pins
Double Flags Lapel Pins
1.2" Soft enamel lapel pins with gold finish.
Custom Pins for American Flag
Custom Pins for American Flag
1" Soft enamel lapel pins, die struck with gold finish.
Soft Enamel Lapel Pins for Canadian and Arabian Flags
Soft Enamel Lapel Pins for Canadian and Arabian Flags
1.2" Soft enamel lapel pins, die struck with gold finish.
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What is Flag pin?

Flag pins are a great way to carry your country along with you anywhere you go. It helps to serve as a reminder of where you originate from and is also the symbol to represent your home.

To show your patriotism and pride in your country, a flag lapel pin is exactly what you need to do. Flag pins can be worn by civic groups, veterans, and everyone who would like to display their national pride.

Crossed flag pins are perfect for displaying the alliance and friendship of a country with another.

For instance, to show the friendship between America and Canada, a crossed flag pin that displays the American flag pin and Canada flag pin.

So, are you traveling abroad soon? Why don’t you place an order for some crossed flag lapel pins?

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Why Do You Need Flag Pins?

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The History of Flag Pins

01 The Origin Story

The flag pin really took off during the late 1960s and the early 1970s culture wars and since then, it has become a big symbol of patriotism. In the congressional race of the year 1970, the Republican candidate wore the American flag pin as a sign of patriotic solidarity against the anti-Vietnam protesters.

02 Flag Pins Historical Process

However, Richard Nixon brought the flag pins to the country’s attention. It is said that the president’s chief of staff gave him the idea about wearing the flag lapel pins. Nixon then commanded every one of his aides to also wear the American flag lapel pin.

03 Flag Pins Today

At this point, the flag pins were already being noticed by the American citizens and lots of Nixon’s supporters started to wear a flag pin on the suit. Over subsequent decades, the flag pins sporadically became very popular. These flag pins then went ahead to sell briskly during the Gulf War alongside yellow ribbons and flag patches.

history of country flag pins

The Right Way to Wear Flag Pins

A nation’s flag such as that of America and Canada is a very powerful symbol that depicts the freedom and democracy of millions of people across the globe. Schools, private offices, and government buildings fly the country flags outside.

Citizens of the country proudly display the flag on vehicles, front porches as well as during parades. Wearing of flag lapel pins is also a display of patriotism. However, how to wear a lapel pin in the right way is a problem for many people. When wearing the flag lapel pin, it is essential to know the necessary etiquette. After all, a flag is a treasured symbol that is sacred to the citizens of a country.

flag lapel pin placement


The American flag pin, Canada flag pin, and other nation’s flag lapel pins, being a model of the flag should be worn close to the heart on the left lapel. As with every important cause, this follows a pretty simple logic; patriotism should be worn close to the heart!

flag pin on a shirt or tie or suit

On a Shirt/Tie/Suit

If perhaps you are putting on a tie but not a suit, the flag pin should be placed right in the middle of the tie and it shouldn’t be used with another tie pin. If you putting on only a shirt with neither a tie nor a jacket, then place the flag lapel pin on the left side of your shirt right above your heart.

flag pin on uniforms

On Uniforms

As clearly stated by the Flag Code; every military personnel including firemen, policemen, and personnel of any other patriotic organization can include the flag pin as part of their formal uniform. As with others, it should be attached to the uniform’s left lapel.

flag pin on costumes

On Costumes

Because of the symbolic significance of the Flag lapel pin, its use is prohibited on sports uniforms and costumes. we have seen it on athletes during after-game. In situations like these, it is the intention of the individual wearing the custom lapel pins that counts.

flag pin size


Although there isn’t any official rule about the size of a flag lapel pin, it is however a great idea to pick a pin with a diameter below half an inch when shopping for pins. Wearing a flag pin that is too large might not really appropriate for business environments.

flag lapel pin etiquette


When putting on the American flag lapel pins as well as the Canada flag lapel pins, always ensure that the pin is tightly fixed to your clothing. Asides from this being not acceptable under the law, inverting a flag could as well be seen as an opposition to the country.

Every Custom Flag Pins Order Includes

FREE Design and Artwork

FREE Design & Artwork

with Unlimited Revisions


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Delivered via DHL or FedEx Air Service

FREE Full-Color Proof

FREE Full-Color Proof

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100% Satisfaction

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FAST Production

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Why Should Order Flag Pin From GS-JJ?

Leading Makers

Leading Makers

1. At GS-JJ, we are very proud to produce great flag pins and other pins such as biker pins, holiday pins, and food pins that meet both the etiquette standards as well as the quality standards.



2. Well, it is also about wearing quality lapel pins. This is exactly what we guarantee you at GS-JJ as we completely understand that a nation’s flag is a permanent symbol of its strength.

Lowest Price

Lowest Price

3. We offer custom enamel pins with a minimum discount of 30%. Let you enjoy high quality while enjoying discounts, our custom lapel pins no minimum order requirements

Free Art Design

Free Art Design

4. We will send a full-color certificate for your approval. If you are not satisfied with it, we will immediately redesign it for free upon your request.

Friendly & Reliable

Friendly & Reliable

5. We require strict and fast delivery and delivery on time. And has always been friendly and responsive customized services.

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