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 Flag Lapel Pins
Flag Lapel Pins
1.3" soft enamel pins, die struck with silver finish.
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Lapel Pins
American Flag Pin

American Flag Pin

American Flag Pins

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What is American Flag Pin ?

Lapel pins have been traditionally used as an accessory to display their part of an organization or achievement. American flag pins are perfect accessories to show your pride in your country. There are a lot of reasons as to why you would wear an American flag lapel pin, primarily because of your patriotic sense of pride. If you want to learn more about this iconic accessory, read on to learn about the history and proper etiquette of wearing flag pins..

History of the American Flag Pin

It is believed that the popularity of the US flag pin became big when people started to fly the American flag at their own homes. The original idea of the flag pins could be dated back to the Civil War, when it was used as a way to distinguish between the different units. This led to a feeling of solidarity among the soldiers. This trend continued in World War 1, though the intention wasn’t the same as its original use. These were handed out to members of the military as a way of distinguishing the more accomplished personnel. This is a use that is still in practice today.

Most people credit the popularity of the American flag pin to when Republican politicians in the 60s and 70s wore this accessory, including President Richard Nixon who demanded that is aides followed suit with his trend. There have been some ups and downs in the popularity of American flag pin. During the Gulf War, this was very popular but it waned shortly after. When 9/11 happened, President George W. Bush started wearing these custom pins again and encouraging his staff to do so as well. Politicians across the aisle began to follow this trend as well. Now instead of being used as a way to mark solidarity during times of tragedy, these flag pins are an accessory that is worn regularly as a way to display patriotism.

There is a specific set of American flag pin etiquette rules that apply when wearing an American flag lapel pin. The American flag is a symbol that is widely revered among its citizens and even accessories like US flag pin should be treated with the same respect as the flag is shown. In general, you can find the etiquette rules regarding the flag by reading the United States Flag Code. If you are wearing a blazer, the proper way to wear your American flag lapel pin is to wear it on the left side, close to your heart. It should be tightly pinned down to ensure that it doesn’t twist upside down, which would go against the flag etiquette rules. The idea is that your patriotism should be shown closest to your heart.

If you are not wearing a blazer, there are still etiquette rules to follow with regards to your American flag pin. When wearing a tie, it is considered appropriate to wear your flag pin in the center of the tie close to your heart. This should not be worn with any other tie clip or tie tack. When you are wearing neither a tie nor a blazer, the pin should be worn on your shirt on the left side just above your heart.

Why Get a Custom American Flag Pin?

Now that you know all about the history and etiquette of the US flag pin, you may be wondering if you have to settle for the flag pins that you find in store. You can choose to do this if you find one that you like, but you may find that a custom flag pin is your best choice. When you are choosing a custom American flag pin, there are a few things that you need to remember. First of all, you need to be careful about the size of pin that you choose. You don’t want anything too gaudy, so be sure that you stick to the smaller side when designing your lapel pin. The general rule is that you should stick to something no larger than a ½ inch diameter. You could go a little bit bigger than that, but you do want to be careful about choosing something too big.

Next, you can choose the design for your American flag lapel pin. Do you want a pin with a single flag or 2 flags? Do you want any additional wording on it or a ribbon? Since you are customizing your American flag lapel pin, you pretty much have endless options as to what your pin will look like. You want something that shows off your patriotic side while also representing your style and personality.

You can also consider the metal and enameling on the pin. Some people may just want a simple all metal American flag pin. What type of metal do you want in this case, something more vintage and old looking or a shiny gold? If you want an enameled option, do you have a preference on the backing metal which can also be seen in the details of the enameling? These are all style preferences that can vary from person to person.

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If you are tired of searching for the perfect lapel pin, you should get a custom US flag pin at A lot of people are scared that custom-made automatically means “very expensive” but at, you can get a custom lapel pin that is as unique as you are without spending a fortune. The team at works closely with the client to ensure that the design is perfect before manufacturing begins on your pin. You can be a part of the process, deciding every little detail to guarantee you are going to love the pin. You will also get the pin quickly after you approve the designs. The process is painless and simple, allowing you to stop searching for the exactly American flag lapel pin that you want. Contact today to get starting on creating your own American flag lapel pin and other lapel pins such as police pin, flower lapel pins, antique pins,.

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