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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Privacy Policy
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Terms and Conditions
Black and White Custom Medals
Black and White Custom Medals
1.35" Black and White custom medals with gold finish.
irun4 Custom Medals
irun4 Custom Medals
3" irun4 Chocolate Custom medals with silver finish.
Wheat Decoration Custom Gold Medals
Wheat Decoration Custom Gold Medals
2.8" Wheat decoration custom medals with gold finish.
Festival Custom Antique Medals
Festival Custom Antique Medals
2" Festival custom award medals with antique brass finish.
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What are Fiesta Medals?

Fiesta Medals

The Fiesta Medal was born for the Fiesta Festival. The first medal born at the fiesta was awarded by King San Antonio and can be called the San Antonio Fiesta Medal. Fiesta medals are awarded to people who have outstanding achievements in all walks of life participating in the Fiesta Festival.

As a direct maker of custom medals, Custom San Antonio fiesta medal is definitely indispensable. In our company, custom fiesta medals can be designed in any form and color. There are no special restrictions, only fiesta medals can fit the holiday theme. So you can use your ideas to design. Fiesta medals are designed to make people remember great experiences without complimenting them.

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Motivate your medal making spirits and play with your medal design. Be Your Own Designer!
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Take pride in giving out medallions you created yourself!
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What is the Colorful
History of Fiesta Medals?

As we know it today, fiesta medals date back to 1946. Soon, children were wearing those custom medals as emblems. Then an industrious Cavalier had a flash of wit and produced a shiny new one. In 1971, the first fiesta medals were issued by King Antonio XLIX Charles G. Orsinger.

Gradually, fiesta medals expanded in the 1970s as military groups. The '80s saw an increased interest in medals by various groups, especially military medals. Then, thanks to cheaper and easier ways to mass-produce the medals, fiesta medals blossomed in the '90s. Actually, fiesta medals were existed prior to 1971, but these were not available to the public and only worn by the upper class. Nowadays, fiesta medals become more popular in people’s life.

Colorful History of Fiesta Medals

How to create custom San Antonio fiesta medals?

There are many ways to make your fiesta medals attractive. Just choose GS-JJ.com as your fiesta medals manufacturer, we will show you the first-class products and how to make fiesta medals easily. There are two professional medal customization online systems on our website. Every step of our medal customization system is very brief and easy to understand. You can choose the medal size, plating, accessories, packaging method, etc. to make your medal according to your preferences and the audience. And as for the online medal design system, amazingly, you are free to create any medal style you want.

Exquisite Design for Fiesta Medals

Exquisite Design

● Our unmatched medal design has attracted countless customers. The biggest advantage of our company is not just the convenient custom online systems, but more importantly, we have a smart team of professional designers.

● They will design fiesta medals for you for free until you are 100% satisfied! Of course, if you have any design ideas for your custom fiesta medals, welcome to discuss it with us. No matter what kind of style you want, we will cast the perfect fiesta medals for you.

Pretty Fiesta Medal Plating

Pretty Plating

● When you see a beautiful custom medal, what is your first impression of it? It is most likely the plating of the medal! The choice of plating can be said to be the cornerstone of custom medals. Proper plating can better show the characteristics and design sense of your personalized medal.

● Our company offers a wide range of plating options for all our customers. For example, brightly colored shiny gold, silver, copper, mysterious black nickel, classic antique series and so on are all nice choices for your cheap fiesta medals. Trust us and make your own medal now!

High Quality Fiesta Medal Raw Materials

High-Quality Materials

● Our company has more than 20 years of valuable experience in the professional field of making medals and has won praises from countless customers. We specialize in manufacturing various types of customized medals, such as award medals, running medals, graduation medals and more.

● We always use the best quality raw materials to make medals. The elegant medals produced by our company always exceed customer expectations. As long as you choose our company, you will get the best-customized medals at amazing prices.

Why Choose GS-JJ Fiesta Medals?

Why Choose GS-JJ Fiesta Medals

Here at GS-JJ, we just want to have the opportunity to assist you to create your own collection of fiesta medals for your group or association. We have been making medals for over 20 years and have a team of highly specialized craftsmen who take incredible pride in creating the most conventional to the state-of-the-art designs for medals that are ordered by our customers.

We can answer any questions you might have and tell you what plating and edging options are the most popular for medals and explain the differences between them. Everything we do is to make sure you get the custom medals that look and feel exactly you want. We will try our best to make your products look much better. If you are interested in our fiesta medals or fiesta pins, contact us at 18888644755 or email info@gs-jj.com. We look forward to discussing your needs in-depth! And if you have other custom medals requests, we can also do.

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