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Outdoor Banners

If you want your business to get noticed or planning a party under the open sky, then the outdoor banners are the best choice. While custom banners have been around for some time, it has just recently been recognized for the powerful advertising it provides. Creating large hanging signs or flag banners attracts public attention. When promoting a brand, the bright colors, dimensions and position of modern banners will certainly grab the attention of consumers.

Banners are so versatile these enhancements are not only beneficial for business. If you are interested in hosting a party or event, why not create customized outdoor banners in celebration? For all events held outside, specific materials and types of outdoor banners must be incorporated. To achieve the recognition you need, investing in attention-grabbing and unique banner design is a must.

The Outdoor Banner for Business

Companies are constantly competing for customers, brand recognition, leads and sales. If you release a new product or service and do not incorporate multiple advertising strategies shown to capture consumer attention, these releases may not receive the recognition it deserves. A fundamental part of advertising is reaching the customer and getting the brand or products known!

Hosting major outdoor events should be accompanied by a professionally printed and well-designed custom banners. If you believe banners are outdated and no longer used, you could not be more wrong! Custom banners have become an integral part of modern advertising. Not only are the results immediate but banners are affordable and many styles can be reused.

Popular designs include outdoor banner flags that best promote the business. These flags are impressive features and easy to hang at an outdoor event. Outdoor flags and banners have remained popular choices when marketing because it is unique and impressive when placed on display. Whether you wish to create a traditional or flag banner, investing in professionally designed banners can generate the greatest returns. Learn how to benefit from customized banners.

Reasons to Invest in Outdoor Banners


Custom outdoor banners can be created in many types of materials but the most common is outdoor vinyl banners. Vinyl is selected in banner production because it is long lasting and allows for the presentation of images, information and color with a high-quality result.

Once a vinyl banner is secured, it is resistant to harsh rain, wind and frost. It will not warp or tear in the warm breezes of summer or winter downpours. You can use these outdoor styles of banners in all seasons. Most general designs created with weather proof features, may be used at another venue or event saving the business time and cost.

Fast Production

The design, print and production of custom banners are efficient and reliable. Your professional banner company can create vinyl banners for outdoor purposes within a short period. The fast rate at which these types of signage can be produced makes it easy to have additional orders produced to meet specific deadlines.


For businesses looking to save on their advertising costs while creating the greatest marketing impact, outdoor banners are the best solution. Cheap outdoor banners created from a selection of online templates will deliver the influence and attention a brand requires to appeal to its market.

Hanging your signage up high in the front of a store or at a trade show provides ongoing promotion. The more people who view the banner, the greater the interest generated. Before proceeding with customized designs, consult with your professional banner printing company. A quotation will determine the cost for the production of outdoor signage.


Owing to the design range your outdoor banner can be printed in, these advertising mediums can be used for multiple purposes. From new product releases to general marketing, invest in a style that is classic and valuable. The versatility of outdoor banners includes its production range.

You can decide on the size, color, placement of names, numbers and other relevant information. Every banner is unique based on the requirements of your business. Simply choose from available online templates or speak to a consultant in banner design to learn how to proceed with personalized banners. Companies can rest assured a specific marketing banner will uniquely and powerfully promote the brand.

Simple Installation

Whether small or large outdoor banners, these products are manufactured with all the attachments and anchor points you need to hang it professionally. Outdoor banners incorporating vinyl can be placed in a secure frame. This makes it easy to transport and position. All styles and sizes of banners are lightweight making its installation simple.

A professional banner print will provide ease of banner erection and disassembly for transport to the next venue. Rope, hanging clips and suction cups have been integrated when hanging outdoor banners. Ensure the proper materials and techniques are used to keep your promotional banners flying high.


High quality signage must incorporate professional outdoor banner printing. This ensures your banner lasts whether exposed to the elements or not. While vinyl is the most popular choice of material for outdoor banners, fabric banners and flag banners are incorporated for popular displays.

The fabric should only be used in warm, dry weather conditions. UV protective printing will minimize fade and expensive damages. The better the quality materials and printing incorporated in banner design, the greater the longevity and advertising cost savings.

Why Choose GS-JJ for Your Outdoor Banners?

GS-JJ is a professional print and banner design business dedicated to providing our customers the highest quality in signage and keychains, lapel pins and patches. When promoting an outdoor event, well-designed signage constructed from the best fabrics can create long lasting brand awareness.

We take pride in our efficiency, quality, durable products, and professional banner design. With custom banners cheap prints are determined by an estimate. At GS-JJ cutting edge technology and design innovation help us transform your custom outdoor banner ideas into a tangible and quality product. Outdoor banners are carefully constructed and weather resistant.

We include an exceptional template selection from which you can choose the banner style to best represent your promotional or celebratory needs. With an investment in our high definition banners and versatile designs, you can be sure to get your brand out there and experience the recognition it deserves.

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