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Fantastic Elements

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Finding answers to your questions about customization and resolving your concerns promptly.

We also offer you the fastest route to get a thorough understanding of the customization sizes, options, PMS colors, and embroidery thread colors...

Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions

Contact Us

Contact us

We believe in the timeliness of customer service, and will do everything possible to satisfy our customers.

If you have any problems, comments, or suggestions, please contact: Tel: 1-888-864-4755 / E-mail: info@gs-jj.com

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM Pacific Time (PT)

Live Chat: 24 hours Monday through Friday

There are three ways to get a free proof and quote:

1: Submitting a quote/order through Email:

We do accept order & inquiry through email: info@gs-jj.com

2: Submitting a quote through Website:

Click the GET QUOTE button at the top right corner of each web page. Please see the tutorial about how to submit order and inquiry through our website

Please see the step of submiting inquiry

how to submiting inquiry

3: Placing order through Website:

Please see the step of submiting order

Step 1: Clicking "GET QUOTE" to start your customzied and get price.

Step 1 of  Submiting Order

Step 2: Choose your pin style:

You can move the scroll bar to select other pin style and then click the image to select your pin style.

Step 2 of  Submiting Order

Step 3: Choose your pin Size:

You can move the scroll bar to select more pin size, And if you don't know what size to choose or you have own custom pin's size, you can select first image "Let GS-JJ decide for me". We will suggest best size for your pin after we get your inquire.

And if you want to change your pin style, you can click right area like our green image shown to reselect your pin style.

Step 3 of  Submiting Order

Step 4: Choose your pin Finish:

You can click these images to select your pin finish.

Step 4 of  Submiting Order

Step 5: Choose your pin colors:

The color is for the enamel color of pins, not the electroplating color. You can check your logo or images that how many colors that need to be done with enamel. And if you don't know, you can select "Let GS-JJ decide for me".

Step 5 of  Submiting Order

Step 6: Choose your pin option:

This option is for glitter colors. if you want to add glitter color in your enamel color,

you can select it as image shown. Remind again, if you want to change the selection option, you can click right area like our green image shown to reselect your pin relection.

Step 6 of  Submiting Order

Step 7: Choose your pin attachment:

You can move the scroll bar to see more attachments of pins and then click image to select your pin attachment.

Step 7 of  Submiting Order

Step 8: Choose your pin package:

You can move the scroll bar to see more packging of pins and then click image to select your pin packaging.

Step 8 of  Submiting Order

Step 9: Choose your pin paper card:

You can select if you need paper card for you pins.

Step 9 of  Submiting Order

Step 10: Write your pin quantity and click "ok"

Step 10 of  Submiting Order

Step 11: Choose production time of your order:

Different production times correspond to different discounts, you can choose according to your situation.

Step 11 of  Submiting Order

Step 12: Choose Currency:

Choosing the right currency helps you see your price clearly.

Step 12 of  Submiting Order

Step 13: Click and submit your order and then go into the shopping cart:

Most Customers' Choice.

Once you submit your order, you will automatically be logged as a member of us. Conveniently, you can use this membership account to check your order status in the shopping cart. The product's artwork will be sent to you within 24 hrs after receiving your quotation.

Step 13 of  Submiting Order

Step 14: Complete your information in the shopping cart along with your other requirements and upload your artwork, and then click button "confirm and submit".

Step 14 of  Submiting Order

Step 15: When the order information is filled in and checked, click the button "Proceed to Checkout" to go to next step.

Step 15 of  Submiting Order

Step 16: Enter your shipping address:

Please note that when all the shipping address information is written, please click button"Click here to confirm Again" as image shown.Step 16 of  Submiting Order

Step 17: Check your shipping address and click button"Click here to confirm Again" as image shown to confirm your shipping address.

And also enter your billing address, If you billing address is the same as the shipping address, you can Select the box indicated by the icon arrow.

If your billing address is no the same as the shipping address, you need to enter your billing address there.

Step 17 of  Submiting Order

Step 18: Enter your billing address as image. Please check your address when you finish filling in and click button "Click here to Confirm Again" to go to next step.

Step 18 of  Submiting Order

Step 19: Select you payment method, we have Papal / Credit Card / Debit Card. And if you have other payment method, You can contact us by email.

Step 19 of  Submiting Order

Step 20: Clich button "Place you Order and GO TO PAY" to submit order and pay the money.

Step 20 of  Submiting Order

Step 21: If you do not have an account, it will be automatically generated after you submit the order. You can use your account to log into the shopping cart to track your order.

Step 21 of  Submiting Order

Step 22: Pay to close your order, We will contact your in 12 hoursor less.

Step 22 of  Submiting Order

Customer Service

For questions regarding order status and other after-sales support, log in to My Orders and click on the order you need help with. From the detailed order page, you can easily review order details, track order progress, and request help by submitting a Customer Service ticket. We normally respond to all tickets within