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Windshield Banner

Your Guide to the Custom Windshield Banner

A windshield banner is a decal or sticker placed on the front or the rear window of a vehicle. It is commonly sought by car sales companies but is also a popular addition for decorative purposes. Many car modifications and racing enthusiasts seek windshield banner to enhance the appearance of their vehicles or promote car club membership. Learn how and where to have your fully customized windshield banner designed and printed.

The Windshield Banner

A custom windshield banner is designed for any car, truck or bus. It can be large enough to spread across the front windscreen or small enough to remain fixed in a corner of the glass. Windshield banner has become more popular owing to the desire for car enhancement and the ease within which advertising is achieved.

The most common example of custom windshield banner includes the sales decals you find at car lots and among individual car sale advertisements. It is a versatile design that may include additional information about a car on the market. Custom windshield banner most commonly has a clear backing with bold print in color making it easier to view the details of an advertisement without obscuring the ability to see through the windscreen.

The Advantages of Investing in Custom Windshield Banner

The availability of car windshield banners incorporates a slim design placed on the top of the windscreen or lower-edge. It is meant to provide additional advertising information without causing the obstruction. Looking at the benefits of vehicle windshield banners can determine the suitability of these custom car banners.

Affordable: Your reputable and professional custom banners print company will deliver custom banners cheap, fast and with detailed design. All styles of window decals are created to suit promotional needs.

If you are selling a car, including the price and related asset information makes it easier for buyers to make a purchase choice. For car clubs and promotions, the ease of printing windshield banners delivers constant advertising and awareness.

Personalized: Purchase a fully customized windshield banner to suit your promotional interests. The designs are limitless and provide high quality finishes.

The Selection of Material: When creating custom banners for vehicles, learn of the best material incorporated. Stickers or windshield decals are most commonly applied because it adheres to the surface and proves weather resistant.

The technology included in its print and design delivers crisp clear images and a powerful add-on to the windscreen preventing rain or shine from causing disruptions and the removal of stickers. These styles of decals must be printed by a professional company to ensure only the most resistant and modern products are produced.

2 Types of Windshield Banners

Window Decals

The most common type of car windshield banners is the window decal. These adhesive banners are not as large as traditional or vinyl banners but fully customized to be secured to the front or back of a car windscreen. Not only can this decal be secured to the outside of a car but also to the inside of windshields. The versatility of windshield banner decals makes it the ideal choice of enhancement and advertising.

When positioning a windshield banner, ensure the location is correct. A failure to incorporate the proper placement will make it incredibly difficult to move once it is secured. Depending on the location of the banner and the style required, allow your professional banner printing company to create exceptional signage for all makes and models of vehicle.

Clear Banners

The clear windshield decal is the most commons style of the auto banner because of the versatility it offers. You can place a clear windshield banner on any point of the screen because the background of the signage is clear. It is not obscured by color and patterns making it easier to read and will protect against vehicle screen obscurity. These are most popular owing to its bold style and the ability to maintain a crisp marketing image without concealing any part of the windscreen.

Depending on the purpose for your window decal, it is important to determine which style of windshield banner is the best choice. These banner styles are applicable to vehicles of all makes and models. It must incorporate a high standard of graphics to best represent the advertisement, car club or phrase necessary. Only with professional print and design can such requirements be achieved.

Tips for Installing Window Banners

Your windshield banner must be specifically designed to ensure it curves with the shape of the car windscreen. This will provide a perfect fully customized fit. The slightly curved windshield banner will prevent any bubbles and warped effects in an application ensuring a smooth result.

If your banner is produced with a sticky consistency, it becomes easy to peel the backing off to place onto the motor windscreen.

Ensure you have the correct dimensions and position as the constant removal of a sticky banner will cause damage and not deliver a clear outcome. Once your windscreen banner is in place, you can continue to wash and maintain your vehicle as usual.

It does not require any special treatment. Be sure to thoroughly clean the windscreen where the banner will be placed before securing the signage to the glass. For businesses and the creation of fully custom banners, placing these advertising strips across the windscreen of vehicles can provide a multitude of benefits.

Call on GS-JJ for Custom Windshield Banners

GS-JJ is your custom banner design and enhancement company utilizing the latest print technology to bring your car banners to life. We determine what you are looking for and produce windshield signage that lasts. Our extensive range of styles including custom windshield banners ensures you find the banner you are looking for.

Only trust a highly reputable and professional business in the design and creation of windshield banners and other banner styles such as birthday banners, fabric banner and outdoor banners. This ensures every care is taken to produce a beautiful curved banner design that adheres perfectly to the outside or the inside of your vehicle.

With reliance on our guaranteed quality, businesses and private car windscreen banners are developed with precision results. We invest in the highest quality materials and styles of production to produce a well represented customized banner range.

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