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Rectangle Button
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Rectangle Button


The button seems like a seemingly innocuous design detail but it is a very important detail nevertheless.

History of the Buttons

In fact, when buttons were first invented they were used only as ornamentation and had no functionality. The first discovered buttons were 5000 years old and were excavated from the Indus Valley Civilization, made of curved shells. The button really came into its own in the Middle Ages and then in the 13th century when it started serving to hold together clothes as they were made more tightly fitting to accentuate the lines of the body. This is also when buttonholes were invented. In fact, in France in 1250 the first button makers' guild was formed and buttons were considered so ornamental that their use was limited by the placement of sumptuary laws. When George Washington’s first presidential campaign ran it used campaign buttons among the general populace to advertise support for his political party.

Today’s button making is a far cry from the initial craft that gave birth to it. Substances like bone and horn have been replaced for the most part, perhaps permanently by imitations that may look like bone but nevertheless do not actually come from the remains of a living creature. We do continue to emulate our ancestors, however, in our use of wood, metals and cloth for making buttons along with the new addition of plastic.

Custom Buttons

Here at GS-JJ, we provide you with your choice of custom buttons no matter what your requirement, whether it is for the rectangle buttons, square button or round button. The uninitiated might think there is nothing more to button making than round buttons but there is actually an endless variety. The rectangle button for example, are very popular in campaigns and for advertising environmental groups etc because they are of the perfect size and shape for carrying quotes. Whatever the nature of your quote is, a rectangle button is the answer because it would stand out and fit the whole sentence.

Button Makers

To keep up with our custom button orders we have a large variety of button makers including rectangle button maker and the common round buttom maker. Our rectangle button maker has all sizes and we can just pop out buttons thanks to them and so fulfill even the largest rectangle buttons order faster than may seem possible.

Rectangular Button Pins in Use

Rectangular buttons are also manufactured with pins so that you can wear them on your shirt, collar, coat, windbreaker, jacket etc to inform the world of your affinities. For example, button pins supporting political parties or with political mottos have been popularized in America and are ubiquitous during the election season. One great way to use custom rectangular buttons is to get glitter buttons made with the logo or the manifesto of the political party you are supporting because they will truly stand out with a sparkly, shiny rectangle custom button.

There are endless advertising opportunities with rectangle buttons. Suppose you are part of an environmental awareness group, you could easily get rectangle custom buttons printed with awareness mottos for example; reduce plastic use, save the whales or anything else your group might be concentrating on. Here at GS-JJ we understand the importance of serving all our customers no matter what their budget or needs. We sympathize with the fact that not all customers have a massive budget to spend on advertising and so we have created a collection of value line buttons for those organizations which are just starting out and need more economical prices. The value line buttons are more affordable than our other collections but still combine great custom designs with goodquality buttons. This means that even with a limited budget you can get a fair number of custom buttons cheap than other burttons and advertise your group, business etc without breaking the bank.

Other button pins with logos of companies, designs made for supporting certain aspects of pop culture, political movements such as the LGBTQ movement, human rights and activism groups also rely on buttons among other ways to raise awareness and gather support. That’s right, buttons hold their own among slogans, posters, social media posts and pictures! And rectangle button are a great choice for any and every kind of slogan and quote as due to their shape they are perfect for fitting in sentences and phrases.

The Final Word

As you can now tell, from the ancient to the modern buttons have been an important part of fashion and design, not just as functional pieces but also accessories and ornaments. From their status symbol in the Roman Era to their use for political demonstrations, buttons have come a long way in how they are used both in terms of functionality and design. So go ahead and order up a big batch of buttons for sale from us for the best quality, durable buttons and let nobody tell you that you are stressing too much over a small detail.

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