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Round Button

The Most Common Button Design

The most ubiquitous and prevalent of all the button designs, the round button is the one you’ll see everywhere from coats to shirts to skirts and pants to round button pins for promoting events. The list is pretty much endless. The round button was probably the first type of button to be invented and it continues to be the most commonly used one though other shapes and designs are also popular depending on the design of dress and purpose of use.

Buttons in Antiquity

Buttons are a testament to human kind’s love of fashion and adornment since the beginning of civilization. Buttons have been discovered in Turkey as far back as 10,000 BC (yeah when farming was just being developed people were already making buttons to decorate their clothes), in the Indus Valley Civilization and in Ancient Rome both as decorations and as accompaniments to brooches and clasps to hold together their clothes. Reinforced buttonholes were invented in the 13th century as clothing was designed to be tighter fitting and needed more reinforcement to hold it together.

Today, we carry on the traditions of our ancestors in making use of buttons both for functionality and for decoration on clothes to give them a more unique and stand out from the crowd look.

Buttons for Advertising

One of the ways to make buttons extremely functional is not just to hold clothes closed but also to use round button pins for advertising purposes. Here at GS-JJ, we make a range of custom premium buttons that are of the best quality available, highly durable, and with a special polished service so that they are resistant to breaking and scratching. We also provide buttons for sale so you don't need a huge budget. Long after your event is done you can keep these as mementos. The custom premium range also includes glitter buttons so that if you want the sparkle and shine and color of your custom buttons to make them stand out but also have amazing quality, we provide both. Whether you are promoting an environmental group and its activities, supporting your favorite team at a football game, showing your political affiliation during election time, or just love displaying random buttons on your backpack, round button pins are a great cost-effective way to get your advertising done on a wide scale.

Many round buttons are also made for pop culture fans with different references. For example, Star Wars buttons and Star Trek Buttons have always been hugely popular amongst Sci-Fi fans and can be seen pinned on backpacks, purses, jackets, etc. Many media franchises cash in on the button craze among their fans by bringing out custom, limited edition buttons and these are always hugely popular. Not only do they generate more money for the franchise, but they also serve as reminders and ways to raise excitement among fans for upcoming movies, video games, etc. So among other methods of creating hype for a media franchise the button proudly holds its own.

The use of round button pins in political advertisement started when George Washington was first inaugurated as president. At the time, of course, custom buttons were made huge since they were to be pinned on coat lapels and breeches. Since then custom buttons have been used regularly in political campaigns to advertise support for different parties. Some of the most famous political buttons made were those made for Abraham Lincoln and his political campaigns. Today, these political buttons are valuable cultural artifacts for Americans, a testament to the fact that buttons should never be underestimated.

Quality Custom Buttons

When making our buttons we ensure that they are of the highest quality and extremely durable so that they do not crack or chip during washing or everyday use. Our metal buttons are carefully polished so that they do not rust or stain with time..

As part of our customizable buttons range, we make whatever the customer requires with regards to shape and dimensions. Whichever designs, patterns, and logos that are picked by the customer are added to the buttons and finished off with a beautiful sheen that prevents any chips and scratches on the button. Whatever event it is you want to promote and advertise buttons are an easy way to go as there is no telling how far the person wearing the custom button will wander and curious people will ask about it and learn more about you and your organization.


Surely, with all the detail buttons provide and how functional they can be, we can now understand why there is an entire guild in France, created during the 13th Century, centered on button making and why the button industry continues to flourish. So go ahead and button up your designs and let us handle the button making for your satisfaction.

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