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Square Button

Square Button: A Foreword

You know what they say, a round peg can’t fit into a square hole and similarly when you need a square button no other shape will quite do. Whether you need square buttons for your clothes, for bed sheets or sofa covers, for political events or supporting your favorite team we are here to fulfill your needs for custom buttons no matter what the shape.

Square Button in Advertising

Do you have an event coming up that needs advertising? Maybe it’s a politically significant art display. Or maybe you and your environmental group are trying to raise awareness about global warming. Or perhaps you’re at a game and you and your friends want to show your support for your team. Maybe you’re joining in with the pride march and proudly want to display your open minded support. Or are you joining in your high school student body elections and want to show your support for your favorite student candidate. Whatever your advertising needs buttons are the way to go especially the square button as it would truly look unique and stand out.

Pinning custom buttons into your lapel, tie, shirt, jacket or backpack is an easy and cost-effective way to advertise your event and gather more support. Political buttons have been in use since the time of George Washington and though their design has changed from shank buttons to pin buttons the purpose remains the same. Campaign buttons were used extensively in political campaigns from the late nineteenth to the early twentieth century. The most famous buttons among them were those manufactured for the political campaigns of Abraham Lincoln. Today, all of these old political campaign buttons are prized cultural and political artifacts. In recent years campaigning has seen a rise again in the use of buttons for showing and gathering support for political parties during election time.

Custom Square Button

Whatever your needs for custom buttons are or whatever shape you want, we can provide you with a variety of styles and sizes to choose from including the square button. If you want your buttons to really stand out, we can provide you custom buttons in glitter designs as well. The sparkle and shine will draw every passerby’s eyes and will be a truly effective way to advertise your event as the glittering colors will stand out from wherever you have pinned your button which is more clearly than other ordinary buttons. Since all our button designs are extremely durable and made with top quality materials they will retain their shine for years to come and will make truly great and long lasting mementos.

You’ll see the popularity of buttons if you go to any event. For example, in comic-con, there will be multitudes of people wearing button pins about their favorite shows, comic series etc and not only does this provide support to the media franchise, the buttons also serve as memorable keepsakes.

Value Line Buttons

If you are looking for something just as unique as a glitter button but different and more durable then our custom metallic buttons are also a good choice for you. Their unique, carved designs will truly stand out and they will last a long time as mementos. If your budget is limited we also offer a collection of value line buttons at economical prices but in no way compromising on quality or design. You can pick your custom button design and we will manufacture the square button according to your design and dimension specifications. The choice of value line buttons is also great when you are ordering a large number of buttons for example for a political campaign and these will get you a large number of custom buttons cheap in price without breaking the bank completely. Value Line buttons would work for basically anyone with a limited budget for example a human rights awareness group that may want to focus their financial resources more on their objectives, they could get a large number of buttons and therefore more of a chance at wider advertising without spending too much money on it.

Custom buttons can also serve as good memorial pieces for example for a wedding. Metal buttons etched with the bride and groom’s initials and the wedding date would be a fun and different idea to give as mementos and thank you presents to close friends and family.

Given the importance of buttons both in terms of design and functionality, it is no surprise that there have always been entire companies dedicated to button making and will continue to be. Among various companies, GS-JJ will be your first option to make your ideal custom buttons.

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