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NFUSE Customized Lanyards
NFUSE Customized Lanyards
The lanyard,length is 34",width is 1",with dye sublimated.
Bear Good Lanyards
Bear Good Lanyards
The lanyard,length is 35",width is 1",with dye sublimated.
Custom Lanyards Experience Gleaners
Custom Lanyards Experience Gleaners
The lanyard,length is 34",width is 0.8",with dye sublimated.
Dog Days Custom Lanyards Cheap
Dog Days Custom Lanyards Cheap
The lanyard,length is 34",width is 3/4",with polyester.
New Day Cheap Lanyards
New Day Cheap Lanyards
The lanyard,length is 36",width is 0.8",with polyester.
Florida Custom Made Lanyards
Florida Custom Made Lanyards
The lanyard,length is 34",width is 0.8",with dye sublimated.
Cain Lamarre Lanyard Custom
Cain Lamarre Lanyard Custom
The lanyard,length is 34",width is 1",with dye sublimated.
Sled Bitch Customized Lanyards
Sled Bitch Customized Lanyards
The lanyard,length is 34",width is 0.8",with polyester.
Helicopter Personalized Lanyards
Helicopter Personalized Lanyards
The lanyard,length is 34",width is 0.8",with dye sublimated.
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Custom Lanyards

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  • NFUSE Customized Lanyards
  • Bear Good Lanyards
  • Custom Lanyards Experience Gleaners
  • Dog Days Custom Lanyards Cheap
  • New Day Cheap Lanyards
Custom Lanyards
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Cusotm lanyards

A customized lanyard is a common identification accessory worn around the neck to display an ID Card or other forms of identity documents in different places of work. Custom lanyards are also known as imprinted lanyards because of the printing process used for its customization.

Custom lanyards are mostly used as an easy way to improve security, allowing you to identify staff or visitors without stress, as they would probably be wearing your customized lanyards with your brand name, logo or any other custom imprints on them. 

When utilized to significant effect, custom lanyards are a perfect marketing tool. They help to promote your brand, business name or logo, which can convert to positive brand exposure

*** Why You Choose GS-JJ Custom Lanyards ***

 Types Of  Custom Lanyards.

There are so many different types of lanyards, but when it comes to promotional materials, Custom lanyards are the best. This is simply because they are very convenient when it comes to holding membership cards, keys or ID badges together.

Custom Lanyards can be made with different materials. And the most popular styles are polyester, woven, tubular,  and nylon. Let’s take a look at each of these styles and their uses;

Custom Flat Polyester Lanyard

Polyester lanyards are regarded as one of the most popular types of lanyards because of their great performance and reasonably low price. They are made of 100% polyester fabric and, are available in different sizes. Polyester lanyards are very comfortable to wear with a distinct quality of images and practical prices. The polyester lanyard is available in the form of imprinted or unprinted lanyards, breakaway lanyards, plain lanyards or promotional lanyards.

Polyester lanyards give a professional look to the lanyard because of its high-quality finish, and they glow because of its polyester material constituents. Polyester lanyards are available in the form of shock absorbing lanyards, tubular, tieback or as a pack type. The process used to imprint designs on polyester lanyards are Hot stamping & sublimation.

One of our most popular Custom lanyards, due to its simplicity, attractive looks and low price.

This process produces an cheap, high-quality product that can be used in a variety of situations. best choice for promotional lanyards

Polyeter Lanyards

Tie Dye Lanyards Custom / Dye Sublimated Lanyards

Dye sublimated lanyards are ideal for those special events and occasions. They are very durable, and possess good quality for custom printing of intricate logos. This style of lanyard uses a special dye sublimation process to ensure the artwork or imprint will blend colorfully well with the printed lanyard. 

Tie Dye Lanyard technique is the best for multi-colored designs Custom Lanyard. Whereas conventional printing is limited in the number of colors that can be produced per item, with heat transfer printing, you may specify any number of Personalized Lanyards colors you wish. this style lanyards for sale

Dye Subimated Lanyards

Personalized Woven Lanyards

Woven style lanyards are very much in high demand due to its cost-effective solution, especially when used for marketing campaigns. Woven lanyards are made of a special high-quality polyester material, and images of different styles, slogans, logos, and texts, as well as other forms of identification marks, can be easily woven into the woven lanyards. That is why it is called woven lanyards. The material of the polyester and the woven lanyards have similar qualities, but their processes are different.

Woven lanyards are the best option to enhance the look of your message or logo on the lanyards. As the name suggests, these lanyards usually carry a logo or message woven into them through the use of threads. Woven lanyards made from polyester are highly durable products. They ensure that things remain safe hanging by the lanyards.

Woven lanyards are made of a strong polyester material. These lanyards Custom have your text and/or logos embroidered into the polyester material. Woven polyester lanyards can have single or multiple colored logos and text and, as with all our lanyards, can be used with any type of attachment

Woven Lanyards

Nylon lanyards

Nylon lanyards are often used to hold ID badges, security cards, ID cards in most organization. Due to its durability and quality,  nylon lanyards can be used for various purposes, and they are available in different colors as well. If you desire to have a detailed screen print on your lanyards, Custom Nylon lanyards are best suited as they are the strongest and offer you a wide range of customization options to suit your marketing needs.

Tubular Lanyards

Tubular lanyards are the best alternative if you desire something stylish at a very reasonable price. These style of lanyards are made from tube stitched polyester which gives them that shoelace like appearance. The stitched tubular form provides comfort to the user. Tubular lanyards are the best choice of lanyards when it comes to marketing. As they are made from polyester, and they are very reliable and an excellent choice.

With Custom tubular lanyards, you can get different designs, and you also have the option of different colors with imprints of text, logos, images or slogans also available on the entire lanyard. You can also find a lot of attachment option with tubular lanyards.

Differences Between Types Of Custom Lanyards & Their Advantages

Though most styles of Custom Ribbon Lanyards have similarities, however, there exist some bits of differences between the styles. Let’s take a look at the major differences and advantages of each type of custom lanyards

·      Polyester Lanyards

Polyester imprinted custom lanyards are the most popular style of custom lanyards. The materials used in making polyester lanyards are of the best quality, and your logos or text can easily be printed on it. The process used in making polyester lanyards can also be utilized for several other purposes

·        Woven Lanyards

The materials used in making woven lanyards are very strong and made from polyester. This style of lanyards involves having your logos or text beautifully embroidered onto the polyester material. Just like most other lanyards, woven lanyards can be used with any style of attachment and can have various texts or logos woven into it

          ·        Dye Sublimation

Dye sublimated lanyards are quite different from the other types of custom lanyards because of the process it requires. Of all custom lanyard print methods, dye sublimation is the best option for custom orders with very complex graphic designs and/or logos. Dye sublimation offers highly superior print quality, dye-sub lanyards are more durable than other custom lanyards. When personalizing your order, you can specify colors, cord width, card attachment style, closure type, and other customization requirements.

          ·      Nylon Lanyards

Nylon Lanyards have so many similarities with polyester lanyards; the only significant difference is that they are much thicker and shinier. This shiny nature allows the text or logo imprints to stand out from the background, thus creating a highly appealing look.

However, one thing you ought to note is that woven lanyards use an embroidered process and as such, they do not translate complex logos well. Polyester style lanyards are the preferred option to include logos on lanyards.

          ·         Tubular Lanyards

Tube lanyards are our best low-cost solution for your custom lanyard needs. This style of lanyard is fabricated from pieces of loosed patched polyester and tacked at the end.

Choosing the Right Lanyards

There are so many options available for promotional lanyards,  at GS-JJ, we can help you handpick the perfect design elements to suit your organizational needs.

Our Customized lanyards are designed  according to customer specifications. They are usually made to include a company, color scheme or specific attachment.

We design ideal custom lanyards, suitable for security purposes or member identification at public events and gatherings. Our collection of highly affordable options for custom lanyards include; Nylon, Dye Sublimation, Polyester, Tubular and Woven.

At your request, we also include customized features to your lanyards by adding specific attachments like ID Badge Holder, Ball Chains, Zip Badges e.t.c.

Our vast printing options and an abundant stock of lanyard materials gives you the luxury of choosing the style which suits your need. If you desire high quality customized lanyards at a very affordable cost, then GS-JJ is the place to be. Our experience is second to none and customer satisfaction is our watchword. Get in touch with GS-JJ today, don’t delay.

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