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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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TopAS3Club Woven Lanyards
TopAS3Club Woven Lanyards
Woven Lanyard with one color single sided printing, length is 36"; width is 0.75", Metal Oval Hook attachment
SEIU Healthcare Woven Lanyards
SEIU Healthcare Woven Lanyards
Woven Lanyard with one color single sided printing, length is 43"; width is 1", Metal Key Ring attachment
Cherry Creek High School Lanyards
Cherry Creek High School Lanyards
Woven Lanyard with one color single sided printing, length is 34"; width is 0.5", Metal Key Ring attachment
SU Sea Gulls Woven Lanyards
SU Sea Gulls Woven Lanyards
Woven lanyard with one color single sided printing, length is 34"; width is 0.5", Metal J-Hook attachment
Idaho State Police Woven Lanyards
Idaho State Police Woven Lanyards
Woven lanyard with two colors single sided printing, length is 34"; width is 0.75", Metal J-Hook attachment
Idaho HOSA Cheap Lanyards
Idaho HOSA Cheap Lanyards
Woven lanyard with one color single sided printing, length is 34"; width is 0.75", Metal Lobster Claw attachment
Taylor Lions Woven Lanyards
Taylor Lions Woven Lanyards
Woven lanyard with two colors one side woven, length is 36"; width is 0.75", Metal Key Ring attachment
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Woven Lanyard

Woven lanyards are also called embroidered lanyards because they are woven from polyester materials, including the text and the logo on the lanyards are embroidered. Woven lanyards look more textured than custom printed lanyards. This kind of lanyard belongs to the high end lanyard type and is usually used for more serious occasions.

The material that used to make custom woven lanyards is superior and durable. And design imprints of any shape, form, size, or texture can easily be implemented on your fabric or polyester material. Using woven lanyards for schools events, marketing campaigns and creating brand awareness has its advantages and can be very economical due to its cost-effective solutions.

For customers who require high-quality custom lanyards, the selected custom woven lanyard is perfect. It can use the embroidery effect program of design patterns and texts to achieve the effect closest to the design art. The custom woven lanyard is also suitable for metal clips, plastic clips, ID badge accessories. And we provide a variety of width and length sizes, used with multiple accessories. Custom woven lanyards can be stored for a long time without affecting their quality.

woven lanyardspersonalized lanyardscustom woven lanyards

Features Of Woven Lanyards

Just as the name suggests, the woven lanyards have a lot of characteristics and standout properties which make themselves quite different from the other lanyard styles. Let’s take a look at some of these peculiar features of woven lanyards below:


For simple design imprints, woven lanyards are the preferred option. They are quite similar to tubular lanyards, and noncomplex logos and fonts blend perfectly on this kind of embroidered lanyards. Having complex designs imprinted on woven lanyards might produce a very weird looking or blurred output. So weaving the designs onto the lanyards and making them thicker for improved visibility gives its appearance a lot more impressive.

Design Flexibility:

If you desire an outstanding design and want something to make you look different, then you might want to consider settling for woven lanyards. However, they might require you to spend a little more than your actual budget. Just like the name implies, your preferred logo, text, or design are woven onto the actual polyester fabric material that used for making the lanyard, with the aid of high-quality threads of different shades and colors to improve the aesthetic appearance of the design imprint.

This process used for woven lanyards is quite similar to what’s used in making patches or making embroidered designs on t-shirts. The final design output is a crisp, well designed woven lanyard, with a distinctive feel and texture.

Advert & Promotions:

If you desire to promote your brand name or slogan, or you want to advertise a particular product for your business, Woven lanyards provide the perfect platform for doing so. These kinds of embroidered lanyards are well suited for your promotion or advertising campaigns for companies, elections, business establishments, or even for charity, schools and nonprofit organizations. This is because woven lanyards are made from 100% top quality fabrics that can be washed and dried without you having to worry over the design imprints being affected or damaged.

Furthermore, woven lanyards have very durable properties, and if well maintained and properly cared for, their appearances and overall quality can last for a very long time.

For Identification Purposes

As a means of identification, woven lanyards are the perfect type of lanyards to do the job. They can be used as identification tags or carry the identification tags themselves. To utilize woven lanyards as a means of identification, all you need to do is simply embroidery your chosen text or logo directly onto the lanyard material. Take, for instance; if you’re organizing an event and you want your guests to be able to identify Ushers at the event in the midst of the crowd, you can have the word USHER woven directly into your lanyard in very bold and attractive letters to make it stand out.

Types Of Woven Lanyards

There are two types of woven lanyards, and you can choose which of the options suits you best. They include:

Executive Woven Lanyards:

Executive woven lanyards have a very professional appeal, and they are available in several multiple colors. Furthermore, they have striking similarities to a finished jacquard weave which enhances the look and feel of your woven lanyard.

Satin Applique Lanyards:

This style of the woven lanyard is obtained by applying a satin finish on a polyester makeup, with your brand name, logo, or text woven directly onto its surface.

Unique Woven Lanyards

If you desire the best lanyards, and you are comfortable with paying an extra amount for quality, then woven lanyards are the ideal solution for your lanyard needs. Woven lanyards are designed to last for a very long time, their durability being second to none, and that’s why it’s a very popular type of lanyard.

The design imprint process for woven lanyards is very different from other custom lanyards. Your text, logo, or special graphics is woven directly into the lanyard with the use of special colored threads to make it look beautiful and unique. When design texts, logos, or imprints are woven onto your lanyard, you can rest assured it will not fall off or fade away unlike other types of lanyards. This type of design imprint gives your lanyard a special textured feel when touched or felt with the hand.

Woven lanyards are very good for advertisements, promotions, or as souvenirs. They are also perfect for big firms, organizations, churches, or schools where badges or identification tags are mandatory. The woven design imprints make it durable and create a lasting impression on any eyes which comes across them. They also help you save costs if you need to replace misplaced, lost, or stolen Identity cards.

Why Choose US?

When it comes to producing high-quality woven lanyards with embroidered logo and text, GS-JJ is a leading brand. Our experience and professionalism are second to none, and we focus on customer satisfaction. Our collection of high-grade lanyards for sale are known to be of the best quality and best designs.

We offer flexibility in our designs, and our customers have the flexibility of choosing their preferred design imprints. Furthermore, we focus on customer satisfaction, and our service delivery is unequaled. When it comes to high-quality lanyard making, GS-JJ leads, other brands follow.

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