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Hard Enamel Pins

Know Info: Hard Enamel Pins

Hard Enamel Pins are fundamentally metal pins that are made from enamel paint and plated metal. They are divided into soft enamel pins and hard enamel pins. To produce a beautiful enamel pin work, a dye is created to stamp the chosen or desired design on a high-quality metal sheet and this sheet is then cut in the desired shape around the design outline. The cut spaces are filled with the selected metals like silver, gold, gunmetal- black or gray.

We believe that high durability and great luster of enamel hard pins are two elements of this design marvel that require an art engrossed with meticulous handcrafting detail. When craftsmen hand fill the colors in the metals and then put them in elevated temperatures, polish and plate them with great details, then we get hard enamel pins of the best quality. We at GS-JJ.com, exactly know the art of producing hard enamel pins just for your needs.

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Hard Enamel Pins, also known as ‘epola pins’ or ‘imitation cloisonne’ is undoubtedly the highest quality pins available in the market. These pins enjoy the reputation of being a durable and long-lasting alternative to corporate pins, event pins, convention pins, fraternity pins, political pins or sorority pins. To prepare hard enamel pins, they are dye-struck and brush or needles are used to apply colors on the pins. There are thin, metal lines that separate each color on the pin. These specially dyed pins are heated to a temperature and then polished. This creates a smooth, bright, hard enamel finish. You can get an embossed look, feeling the rich texture of the design.

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The design experts, at gs-jj.com, are specialized in the designing and manufacturing of high-quality hard enamel pins which are blazing with awesome color combinations. Metals are present separating each design element with great details. We commit to deliver only the best quality pins with high durability having a hard and smooth finish.

We are happy to serve you with hard enamel pins because of the benefits it possesses. Such pins have a high-quality appearance and often attract people with their glittering finish. This is the reason why such pins have a high perceived value. These kinds are durable as the bright colors and smooth polish does not fade over time. We are highly proficient in designing hard enamel pins of any customized shape and size. We also offer screen printing at highly affordable prices.

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Key Features

These pins have an excellent quality glossy finish that gives the product a shiny and bright appearance. There is no need to go for epoxy painting for polishing hard enamel pins. These pins are 20% thicker than the other dye-struck pins, hence highly durable.

Popular Uses

If you are one of those who wish to celebrate the most commemorative events with grandeur, then our jewelry quality hard enamel pins can make corporate pins, event pins, convention pins, anniversary pins, significant service awards, fraternity pins, political pins or sorority pins.

How do We Work?

The manufacturing process depends on the hard-fired coating and its contemporary associated techniques. We stamp the custom designs on a base, that is preferably made of brass. The sunken regions are filled with enamel and fired at an elevated temperature. The process is carried out with utmost detailing and this is the reason why we offer premium quality hard enamel pins having some fantastic colors. Later, the pins are polished using the best quality solutions for smoothness and luster. As the production lot is checked thoroughly for the quality and precision, it is packaged and shipped directly to the customer.

We offer free design help with every order and make sure that our clients are 100% satisfied.

Everyone is guilty of it at some point, so why not own up to it, with this button that reads "I'm judging you." This custom lapel pins for I'm Judging You is made of the jewelry quality cloisonné process, and is smooth-to-the-touch polished with outstanding gold plating. It’s a great addition to your make-up bag, camera strap and backpack. Our custom made pins for I'm Judging You includes a rubber clutch back and each lapel pins for I'm Judging You is individually poly bagged.

Custom Lapel Pins for I'm Judging You

Custom Lapel Pins for I'm Judging You.jpg 077b9e88f7.jpg

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