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Enamel Pins


You might not know what goes into the process of creating custom enamel pins; believe it or not it’s an extensive procedure involving many phases. The artwork for the enamel pins design must be sketched, the mold must be created, the metal needs to be stamped, welded, polished and plated, and then the enamel and color must be laid.

Incredibly, each enamel pins are individually painted. Enamel pins are a piece of art. Both enamel pin making machines and handmade components are involved in the process of time-intensive to create valuable custom enamel pins.

Enamel pins have always been a part of fashion and pop culture. Especially for those of us who grew up collecting and trading enamel pins, Pokémon cards, or even Pogs for a hot minute, they tap into the current wave of nostalgia for all things’90s.

Custom enamel pins are not only affordable art, but they’re perfect for our current generation that celebrates individuality and customization. They’re a very personal present you can give to someone, i.e. ‘I got you this pin of a bouquet of roses in a bong because I know what a romantic stoner you are.’ Aww, how sweet!

Today, because so much of our cultural conversations exist within the context of social media and internet memes, custom enamel pins serve as mini time capsules or wearable cultural snapshots.

There are also many companies to customize the enamel pins for staff, just like work card, which are fashion and practical. If you like enamel pins, you want to show it off, and it kind of becomes a part of your own ethos as a human being.

GS-JJ is the leader in enamel pin maker, and we’re invested in the creation of high quality lapel pins, so we are very professional. We are proud of the art that we create and we’d love to help you design and produce your custom enamel pins. Request a Free Quote for enamel pins today. We’ll help you design your enamel pins so that they’re tailored to your specific needs.

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